Hazarda and Timothy Elhue

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Hazarda and Timothy Elhue


Fixers for Hire[edit]

Hazarda and Timothy are casual flip guys with a wicked past, ready for anything. Friendly, tough, musical, nearly always medicated.

Hazarda is a beach blonde thin madman with tight muscles and a quick talkative wit. Musical, he prefers the drums and the piano, but both are hard to carry. So he usually has a mandolin. He packs heat but also wears a long wide broadsword that is a no non-sense weapon. It glows with a reddish-yellow rippling flames when drawn. He is clearly the brains of the operation.

Timothy Elhue is a product of heavy shaking and bad genetics. He is quiet but can be funny. He eats a lot. He carries a samurai sword that looks like he bought it at a garage sale. He seems to have an endless supply of herbal cigs.

Their ride is a gray Shelby Cobra GT 500 with some serious power boosting under the hood. It seems to shimmer when driven and can hit serious speed. It seats 5 but seems to be roomy. The trunk is large and seems to hold a respectable amount of survival gear. There is a beer tap on the dashboard and a laser-beam to light smokes.

It mounts twin linked Antitank guns forward over a ram plate. It packs twin linked 50cal to the rear over a ram plate. It mounts oil reserves to the left and right. They are armed to the teeth and ready to rock.

H&TE Stories[edit]

    • Slow Running-An H&TE story. A conversation after a road rage incident.
    • Things Happen Fast -An H&TW story. Road racers with bad manners and bad hygiene.

Cosmological Connections[edit]

Closely associated with the York circles, they have a deep connection to Tolknor.

While vocal about not being members of CHAD they are often found in the company of many of the CHAD notables and others with connections to York.


Timothy Elhue is a grandson of Tolknor of York.

Hazarda is of the shadow-viel that York in now the primal pattern of. Once upon a time, he was King Random of Amber-Now Fallen. It effected him somewhat to be the loosing King of Amber, though gratefully he thinks, he was not the last king. Tolknor had the last stand to save the pattern in the assault by King Koob of Chaos. It was Tolknor who erased the last vestige of Amber and in defiance of Chaos carved York on the black scar on the rock Kolvir.

The Shelby mounts more then guns. It is powered in many ways, some normal, some nuclear, and some of a deeply magical nature. What looks like steel is a metal of a far different nature. Its weapons change shadow to shadow. Its paintjob is perfect.