Heart of the Dark Side (FAE Star Wars pbp)

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Player Characters[edit]

  • Kisanis Ro: Female Echani Jedi apprentice. Played by MarianLH.
  • Kraile Nodah: Male Draethos Jedi apprentice. Played by Hadokenchild.
    • Graax: Male Nexu fuzzball. Retired pit fighter and loyal companion to Kraile Nodah.
  • Mace Darklighter: Male Human Jedi apprentice. Played by Gamer940.
  • Tyra Szdanor: Female Human Jedi apprentice. Played by Stormraven.


Good Guys[edit]
  • Jaxo Lebuf: Human male rebel. Leader of a cell of the Corellian resistance.
    • Jez: Human female rebel. A member of Jaxo's resistance cell, along with Mikel and Lenora.
  • Mozo Naawab: Male Ithorian Jedi master. Silais Smoo's old master. Believed to have survived Order 66, his current whereabouts are unknown.
  • Nalla Tavar: Female Twi'Lek Jedi apprentice. One of the orphans previously under Silais Smoo's protection. Currently missing.
  • Silais Smoo: Male Twi'Lek Jedi master. The PCs' long-time mentor and protector. Killed by the bounty hunter Sarvak.
  • Suri: Female Human child. A young girl living with her parents Dabo and Naima, in the town of Fortune's Folly, on Aeten II.

Bad Guys[edit]
  • Krussku: Male Trandoshan gangster. Connected with Black Sun. Involved in illegal arms dealing.
    • Bakko: Male Toydarian gangster. Lieutenant to Krussku.
  • Jurai Cass: Female Human Jedi knight: Veteran of the Clone Wars. Originally believed to have died whilst aiding Silais Smoo, and his orphan charges, escape Order 66. Now known to have become an Imperial Inquisitor.
  • Sarvak: Male Barabel bounty hunter.
    • Lidia: Female Arkadian bounty hunter. Sarvak's partner.

  • Del Vondo: Male Human freighter pilot. Former captain of the Foxy Lark.
  • Madame Zaza: Female Hutt 'entrepeneur'. Town boss of Fortune's Folly, on Aeten II.
    • TC-23: TC-series protocol droid serving as personal translator to Zaza the Hutt.
    • Zelma Vassel: Female Clawdite mercenary. Shape-shifting personal bodyguard to Zaza the Hutt.


  • Aeten II: A mining world just beyond the boundaries of the Outer Rim that was formerly an important source of valuable Stygium crystals. Home to the PCs for many years.
  • Gyndine: A partially industrialized world within the Expansion Region, it maintains a number of advanced orbital shipyards.
  • Kal'Shebbol: Capital of the Kathol sector, in the Outer Rim Territories. Connected to the Core Worlds via the Trition Trade Route, it is a thriving commercial outpost.


  • Black Sun
  • The Correlian Resistance


  • Compulsor: An Imperial I-class Star Destroyer.
  • Dragon Bird: A highly modified Lambda-class T-4a shuttle co-owned by the bounty hunters Sarvak and Lidia.
  • Foxy Lark: A YT-2400 light freighter that has seen better days. Currently under the control of the PCs.