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A character in the Belstead PBP Burning Wheel game.


What everyone knows[edit]

Of the old gang that ran around together, no one fought more than Hannah and Bowan. So it may be a surprise that they've been happily married for twelve years, and have a young son who's just started in the Guard. Hannah's quite the bustling wife, always helping the neighbors with a pie or the loan of blanket, and settling disputes with calm tones and the occasional boxed ear. To those who've travelled, her name is sometimes heard up and down the Old King's Highway as someone who's always kind to strangers, and she has prospered somewhat thereby.

What some people know[edit]

Hannah's still got the rough-and-tumble streak. When there's not enough to go around, she's been known to take her bow into the woods and bag some venison; technically, this is poaching, but it hasn't been enforced in ages. And to a band of smugglers that uses the old highway and forest trails, she's "Mother Hannah," who can always hold goods for a few days, or help a "cousin from abroad" lay low. She knows damn well they're criminals, but doesn't think the less of them for it; indeed, she enjoys the rush, and the little kickbacks she gets always help in lean times. Her husband suspects, but doesn't intrude.

What no one else knows[edit]

Hannah killed a man ten years ago. He didn't like that Hannah wouldn't split someone else's goods with him, so he tried to take her boy. It was night; Bowan was away on his apprenticing; Joachim was two. Hannah shot the man twice in the back before he got ten paces from the door. She retrieved and cleaned the arrows, dumped the body off a cliff, put Joachim to bed, and then curled up in a corner and stared at the wall in shock until Bowan came home the next morning. Then she got up and made him breakfast. She hasn't given it a thought since.


Age 28 Stock Human


  • Village Born
  • Tomboy
  • Smuggler
  • Wife of Bowyer


Will B5
Perception B4
Power B4
Forte B5
Agility B4
Speed B4


Health B5
Steel B5
Reflexes B4
Resources B1
Circles B2 C


Bow B3
Brawling B3
Child-Rearing B2
Cooking B3
Falsehood B3
Hunting B2
Husband-wise B2
Inconspicuous B3
Mending B2
Persuasion B3 R


  • Aura of Innocence
  • Familiar Face
  • One of the Guys
  • Paranoid


Superficial B3
Light B5
Medium B7
Severe B8
Traumatic B9
Mortal B10


Fate 2
Persona 2
Deeds 0


  • Relationship (minor, family, love): Bowan Bowyer– My wonderful husband, age 27 (4 LP character: Village Born, Good for Nothing Kid, Apprentice, Bowyer)
  • Relationship (minor, family, love): Joachim – My brave son, age 12 (1 and 1/2 LP character: Village Born, working on Village Guard)
  • Affiliation: The King's Smugglers (1D) - A smuggling chain that runs along the Old King's Highway.
  • Reputation: Helpful Hannah (1D) – The woman Hannah, in Belstead, will lend a hand to anyone in need.
  • Gear: My Own Things - Clothes and shoes. Hunting bow. "Jarl", a big dog.
  • Property: The Bowyers' Home - Half-share in a house, along with her husband. They both use it for their work.


  • I will do anything it takes to keep my family safe. Anything.
  • Every soul deserves a chance at peace, warmth, and sympathy; if you're in trouble, my roof is yours, no questions asked.
  • Belsteaders must stick together through this; we're good people, and I'm sure I can convince everyone to come, sit together, and talk things out.


  • Always have some food prepared, in case a guest or neighbor turns up hungry.
  • If someone is asking questions about me or anyone I know, listen inconspicuously.
  • Whenever we part, tell my husband I love him.