Henry Dorgan

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"I know what you're thinking."

male psychic BPRD agent and Deep One hybrid


  • Agility: d6
  • Smarts: d8
  • Spirit: d8
  • Strength: d6
  • Vigor: d6

Derived Attributes

  • Rank: Novice
  • Bennies: 4/4
  • Parry: 4
  • Toughness: 7 (2)
  • Pace: 6"


  • Melee: Knife d4, damage d6+d4
  • Ranged: Shotgun d6+2, damage 3d6-1d6
  • Ranged: Pistol d6, damage 2d6


  • Anemic (minor) [-2 on Vigor rolls vs Fatigue]
  • Obligation: the BPRD (major)
  • Ugly (The Innsmouth Look) (minor) [-1 to Persuasion]


  • Lucky (+1 benny) [human bonus]
  • Super Powers (30 PP, max 15/power) [free]
Skill Rank Notes
Academics d6 Free reroll (Genius)
Athletics d4
C. Knowledge d6 Free reroll (Genius)
Fighting d4
Language: English d8 Free reroll (Genius)
Language: Arabic d6 Free reroll (Genius)
Language: Deep One d6 Free reroll (Genius)
Language: Egyptian (Ancient) d6 Free reroll (Genius)
Language: Latin d6 Free reroll (Genius)
Notice d6 Free reroll (Genius)
Occult d8 Free reroll (Genius)
Persuasion d6 -1 (Ugly)
Psionics d12 Free reroll (Genius); super skill (+2 ranks)
Research d6 Free reroll (Genius)
Shooting d6
Stealth d4

Power Cost Notes
Aquatic 2 Can breathe and swim at full Pace underwater.
Genius 2 Free reroll on Smarts rolls and Smarts-based skills.
Mind Reading 5 (strong) Read a subject's surface thoughts. Range 12"; opposed by Smarts at -4.
Mind Shield 5 (strong, area effect) Mind reading and mind control attempts take a -4 penalty; on a failure the enemy psychic takes Fatigue (and is stunned if Henry gets a raise on the resistance roll). Can protect all allies within a MBT.
Scan 1 Can sense psychic powers or beings within 1 mile.
Speak Languages 1 Can speak and understand all languages.
Super Skill 2 +2 ranks to Psionics.
Stun 7 (strong, MBT) Range 6"; foe must roll Vigor at -2 (-4 with a raise) or be stunned. Covers a MBT.
Telepathy 6 (range, switchboard) Can mentally communicate within 1 mile; can link friendly, intelligent minds to communicate with each other.
Item Cost Weight Notes
Sawed-off shotgun 150 6 Range 5/10/20; fire both barrels: +4 damage. Medium.
Shotgun shells (25) 15 1.5 25 shells, damage 3d6/2d6/1d6, +2 Shooting
BPRD-issued pistol - 3 Range 12/24/48, damage 2d6, 17 shots
9mm clips (3) - 1 Tiny
Large knife 25 1 Damage Str + d4, range 3/6/12
BPRD Tactical Vest (ballistic) - 5 +2 armor, -4 damage from bullets. 4 pockets [1 Small or 2 Tiny], one holster (pistol + 3 clips)
Flashlight - 1 Small
BPRD Tracker - 1 Tiny
First Aid Kit - 1 Small


Henry Dorgan is a 24-year-old man who looks five years younger than he is; he is often carded at bars. Although there’s nothing obviously wrong with him, his overall visage is slightly off - eyes a little too big and too widely set, mouth unsettling to look at, skin a shade too gray to be healthy. In fact, Henry is (or believes himself to be) a Deep One hybrid, child of one human parent and one Deep One parent. He believes he may metamorphose into one of the fish-frog-humanoids as he ages, a prospect he does not relish. In fact, he has made it clear to his superiors at the BPRD that if he ever becomes a threat to security, he would prefer to be put down.

Born in Massachusetts, Henry was raised as one of a number of children in a very strict, traditional family. He was always aware that the father of the house was not his father, but no one would ever explain exactly who his parents were. The household was very strange, with many arbitrary rituals and unfair punishments, which young Henry simply accepted as how the world works.

Henry knew there was something different about him. An older man named Father Theophilus would visit on occasion, and always made time to play “thinking games” with Henry (which he now recognizes as efforts to train his psychic powers). When Henry asked if Theophilus was his father, the man replied “I am one of your fathers.”

When Henry was seven the house was raided by BPRD agents as part of an operation against a Deep One cult in the area that was responsible for a number of murders. His caretakers, all cultists, ended up dead or arrested and the children placed in foster care. The BPRD kept a close eye on things, especially after some of the foster parents were killed and the children kidnapped - presumably by agents of the cult. Henry found himself in the care of Daisy and Miriam, a pair of former BPRD agents who provided him with both protection and the first genuine, selfless love the boy had ever experienced.

As he grew up he became curious about his history. Through a combination of BPRD information and his own studies, he learned that the cult who originally had him was raising and training him for some as-yet-unknown purpose; he was known as both The Dreaming Child and The Son of Three Fathers. His burgeoning psychic abilities were the obvious reason why, but what specifically they wanted him to do remains a mystery. Regardless, after learning the truth of the cult - and after living with his adoptive mothers - Henry decided he wants nothing to do with the Deep Ones.

Once he became old enough, he offered his services to the BPRD. He was already “in the know,” and his psychic powers made him a great asset to the organization.

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