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This is for our PBP game of Savage Worlds AE Hellboy/B.P.R.D.

Basic Rules and Setting Rules are found [Here]

BPRD intro.4.jpg


Hero Played by... Origin Role Parry Tough
Agent Henry Dorgan @Talisman Deep One Hybrid Field Agent 4 7 (2)
Investigator Magnus Colgrave @Max Merged Soul Private Investigator 7 10 (2)
Agent Frederick Holmes @stinkyfool Cursed: Vampire Field Agent 6 12 (4)
Agent Vesper @HardKore Keltoid Fae Born Field Agent 8 9 (4)
Special Agent Doctor Möbius @fireinthedust Fringe Scientist R&D Agent 2 7 (2)
Special Agent Esther Carrington @shadowsaint007 Witchbreed R&D Agent 4 7 (2)


Three months ago, B.P.R.D. agents discovered a cult of monstrous frog creatures in the hidden basement of Uxley Hall. The dilapidated structure has been scheduled for demolition. Calling in favours in the House of Lords, the Osiris Club were given sole custody of the site until its destruction. Under their instruction, a team of cave divers—who just so happen to be members of the Special Boat Service (SBS)—were sent into the depths of the pool to discover what treasures might be found.

Two of the three divers returned with tales that only those with truly open minds or insane could believe—lands of vast and dangerous jungles dotted with ruins of impossibly old machines, all inhabited by strange ethereal beings. The Osiris Club, whether unwilling to risk their own or enacting some secret machination, has reached out to its old partner, the B.P.R.D. The B.P.R.D. has once again agreed to investigate.


Standard Gear for this mission for each agent or operative)
B.P.R.D. HEAVY DUTY BACKPACK: Taking an item from the backpack takes an Action.
Wt. 2lb and can hold up to 40lbs (but only counts as 20lbs or half carried weight for Encumbrance due to load bearing design). Generally the maximum size of any item place into the pack will be LARGE. You might be able to fit more the one such item into the pack, depending on what it is.
B.P.R.D. SIDEARM (SMALL): The standard-issue 9mm sidearm of the B.P.R.D.
Treat as Glock (9mm) from SWADE pg. 73 with the 3 extra clips totaling an extra 1lb. each. Each clip is also TINY
B.P.R.D. TACTICAL VEST: The iconic B.P.R.D. tactical vest (or TacVest). B.P.R.D. proudly printed on the back.
The tactical vest has 4 pockets and one Pistol Holster. Each pocket can hold 2 Tiny items or 1 Small item for a total capacity of 8. The holster can hold one Small firearm and 3 Tiny clips.
POCKETS: The agent is able to access equipment in their TacVest’s pockets as it were at hand. As part of an agents turn, they can produce 1 item from the vest’s pockets. They could instead as a limited action stow 1 item and replace it with another item from their tactical vest. Any items not in the tactical vest but in an agent’s inventory are in their backpack, which requires an Action to open and retrieve an item. The tactical vest does not have a size as it is a means of organising an agent’s inventory.
TACVEST (torso) grants AP 2 with a ST Min of d4 and Wt. 5lbs. Can add advanced matierial ceramic inserts (torso) that will increase the AP to 4 but also ST Min of d6+ and Wt. 12lbs.
Also serve as acts as either a 'Stab' or 'Ballistic' Vest (choice one of the following)...

  • STAB VEST: subtract 2 damage from stabbing or slashing weapon (not blunt melee weapons) include bows, crossbows, swords, daggers, claws and bite attacks, etc.
  • BALLISTIC VEST: subtract 4 from ballistic damage before it applies to her Toughness.

HIGH-POWERED FLASHLIGHT (SMALL): it casts bright light out in a beam to 10" (20 yards) and dim light out for another 5" (15" total or 30 yards). Wt. 1lb
FIRST AID KIT (SMALL) Wt. 1lb (see SWADE pg. 96)

Total Wt. Carried: 16lbs with standard TacVest. 23lbs with inserts for TacVest

Plus STUPID PROOF SCUBA GEAR (full mask helmet, oxgyen tank, wet suit, swimming fins) Wt.40lbs. (does not count towards Encumbrance when in the water). The oxygen tank lasts for pne hour of use.

Base Clearance Level: 1
Threat Level: 1
Requistion Points Per Agent: 3 points that can be spent on other weapons and/or Other & Specialized Gear