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Beyond the names of specific spells and feats, there are several terms that crop up repeatedly in the D20 System Reference Document that support and reinforce the standard fantasy theme.

The Terminology Conversion Guide is a reference point for converting said terms to the Virtual re-skin. It is recommended that editors also take a look at The Waker Dictionary before posting.

D20 SRD Horizon: Virtual
Spell(s) Rewrite(s)
* Spellcraft * Codecraft
* Counterspell(s) * Counterwrite(s)
* counterspelling * counterwriting
* dispel * undo
* dispelling * undoing
* dispelled * undone
* spellcaster * rewriter
* spellcasting * rewriting
* cantrip * macro
Magic (generic noun) (no direct conversion yet)
* magical * rewrite-based
Cast(s)/cast Execute(s)/executed
* caster * executer
* casting * executing
Poison Codeeater
* poisoned * codeeater-inflicted
* poisonous * (no direct conversion yet)
Disease Microvirus
* diseased * infected
Gold Piece Resource Unit
* gp * RU