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Per the main guide, it is recommended that editors also take a look at The Waker Dictionary before posting.

Development Discussion[edit]

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trey_palmer of the horizonvirtual Yahoo! Group provides the following resources for computer terms:

Some standard D20 terms I'm looking for Virtual equivalents for at the moment are:

  • Magic (in the sense of the single generic term for rewrites and rewriting).

Suggestion: "Hax" - suggests an illicit alteration to ongoing system functions.

  • Poisonous (as in something that is naturally dangerous to programs; term needs to relate back to the Virtual term for poison, "codeeater". The term should reflect "poisonous" in the sense that a nightshade berry can be poisonous to humans, not because someone added a poison to it, but because poison is formed naturally within the berry as part of its processes.)

Suggestion: "Fluctuating" - suggests that incorporating it (as in eating) may pass a certain amount of instability to the consumer. --IMAGinES 17:15, 10 Jun 2005 (PDT)

Solved Terms[edit]

Igtenio's brilliant suggestion of replacing "Dispel" with "Undo" hs been incorporated into the conversion guide. He's also suggested "Corrupted" as a replacement for "Undead", which makes sense to me.

Also, after Igtenio and I batted some suggestions for a replacement of "cantrip" back and forth, including "Quickie" (his idea) and "One Liner" (mine), both of which had obvious drawbacks, I went with "macro". It doesn't appear to be used anywhere else in Program Space, and its computing-based definition, an easily-usable string of code that executes a complex command, seems equivalent with what a D&D cantrip does.

--IMAGinES 01:18, 14 Aug 2005 (PDT)