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In character events

IC post OC post Time & Place Events
#1 #1 Enclave, spring The City Council briefs the party and outlines its strategy. The party debates strategy and agrees to start by scouting No Man's Land.
#20 #38 NML (F) The party encounters 12 goblins. Negotiations ensue.
#42 #58 NML (F) The party hires the goblins as guides and porters for a fee of 1 GP per goblin per month. The goblins share information about No Man's Land and the Farmer's Quarter. They mention spiders living upstairs and a goblin chief based in the Farmer's Quarter.
#51 #72 NML (F) Azure Sky and Barstuhl scout the upstairs area and discover four giant spiders.
#61 #92 NML (F) The party engages the spiders.
#79 #103 NML (F) They discover that giant spider web is highly inflammable.
#114 #135 NML (F) The last spider dies.
#121 #140 NML (F) The party leaves Starion with a guardsman(?) Roth to guard the loot. This is the last post in which Starion appears.
#121 #141 NML (J) Giant rats ambush the party from under some crates. Geris, Quarta and Tival are injured.
#127 #146 NML (J) The last of the giant rats is despatched.
#137 #158 NML (J) They disturb and kill a nest of giant centipedes.
#137 #158 NML (J) Upstairs in the same building, they destroy five more giant rats.
#137 #158 NML (K) In the course of clearing the new building, they corner and kill ten more giant rats. The way is clear for the watch to guard the river crossing. They inform the city watch.
#137 #160 NML (L) Approaching the building they are hailed by someone inside.
#142 #160 NML (L) Androb introduces himself, claiming to own the street. The party retires after exchanging threats.
#153 #178 NML (J) The party camps overnight at the new watch post near the bridge. They talk philosophy.
#160 #178 NML (J) Azure Sky, on watch at midnight, witnesses six 'lightly armed man-sized beings enter No Man's Land across the bridge and head toward (L). Barstuhl is annoyed that they passed unmolested.
#167 #188 NML (L) While Geris, Quarta and Tival approach at road level and engage Androb and his men in conversation, Azure Sky and Barstuhl sneak in over the rooftops to spy on the strangers.
#623 #605 FQ (L) Goblins subchief is slain and supporters scattered. Krarth supported by party.
#666 #632 FQ (L) Geris returns to Dockside to learn Invisibility.
#750 #877 FQ (L) Goblins chieftain is slain and supporters scattered. Krarth is setup as chieftain by the party.
#780 #877 FQ (L) Goblins shaman Bresh agrees to return to the compound and not undermine Krarth.
#863 # CI (L) Find remains of red elf Haslos and description of how a powerful item reanimates the dead into skeletons and zombies. Other more powerful undead are also on the island.
#1076 #1476 CI (L) Destroy the wraith of the fort commandant in melee.
#1086 # CI (L) Destroy the shrine casting the pall over the island.
#1226 #1786 LI (L) Library - Barstuhl gets the horn!
#1236 #1782 LI (L) Explore the Library and encounter the guardian ghost - 1000xp per character 500 to Kerrash
#1320 #2055 LC (L) Battle and Xuag and his bodyguards, winning when Barstuhl beheads Xuag