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Description: Fighters are experienced warriors. They can be trained knights, barbarians from the wastes, swashbuckling pirates, unemployed mercenaries, or any other martial character you may wish to play. They are able to utilize all weapons and all armor in the game. Fighters are the toughest characters in combat with the best ability to hit foes, the best damage, and the best ability to absorb damage. Fighters with good Dexterity make excellent ranged characters, while those with high Charisma develop into exceptional leaders of hirelings and henchmen.

Levels Title Experience Points Hit Points Combat Bonus Other Abilities
1 Veteran 0 5 +1 Skill
2 Warrior 2000 10 +1 Multiple Attacks on lesser foes
3 Swordmaster 4000 15 +1 Style
4 Hero 8000 20 +3 Immune to Fear, Morale Boost
5 Swashbuckler 16000 25 +3 Skill
6 Myrmidon 32000 30 +3
7 Champion 64000 35 +6
8 Superhero 120000 40 +6 Enemy Morale Check to Face
9 Lord/Lady 240000 45 +6
10 Lord/Lady 360000 47 +8
11 Lord/Lady 480000 49 +8
12 Lord/Lady 600000 51 +8
13 Lord/Lady 720000 53 +10
14 Lord/Lady 840000 55 +10
15 Lord/Lady 960000 57 +10


  Set Spear: Set a spear against a charging opponent.  This attack happens just prior to the charger's attack, regardless of rolled initiative.  The spear does double damage. 
  Lance Attack: Mounted warriors employing a lance do double damage.
  Multiple Attacks:  Warriors receive a number of attacks per round against lesser foes (<= 1/2 Fighter's level) equal to the warriors's level.
  Morale:  Heroes and higher boost morale of followers.
  Fear Immunity:  Heroes and higher are unaffected by all normal and magical fear-based effects.
  Morale Check to Face: Starting at 8th level, any lesser foe (less than half level) must make a morale check or immediately break in the face of a Superhero, or higher.
  Fighter Style: At 3rd level, the Fighter selects a fighting specialty.  Alternatively, they may chose a noncombat specialty.  Details to come on this and will be character-by-character.

Barstuhl and Quarta: you both were supposed to get specialties at 3rd level. This is there to let your fighter-types expand out a bit in some way that appeals to you as the character develops. The straight-forward approach is to get a combat specialty that appeals to you. Here are some ideas there:

Two-weapon specialist: you can parry with that off weapon for an AC bonus (like having a shield) and take advantage of either weapon when it makes sense, or in a normal case you roll damage like with a 2-handed weapon (1d10).

Split-move and attack: this is a ranged weapon specialty that really works better in person with mini's. However, I'm will to help with it here. Basically, you can do your full movement in a round and launch a missile at any point with no negative. This is bigger than it sounds as you can start complete under cover, run across the field, fire, and be back under cover before the other side can react.

Two-handed weapon: Reach and skill allows you to always resolve all of your attack before the enemy. You can potentially keep the enemy at bay with this. Also, you get to bump damage up to 1d12, mostly because I like to roll 1d12. It's great at taking on large groups of lower level creatures than you with your multi-attack ability.

Sword and board: You can choose to sacrifice your shield after the enemy rolls damage dice to absorb all the damage from one attack. (I think some form of this has become common in the OSR community now.) It's powerful, very defensive in concept though.

Feel free to come up with something that fits your concept. Feel free to come up with something non-combat specific that fits your concept if you want. If you don't know yet, then put it in your back pocket for later. I won't take it away if you don't do it.

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