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Iassica the Touched[edit]



  • Woman - Not that I use those bits much
  • Fair Skin - From the Horse Tribes in the Northeast
  • Face - It's a face, pretty to those in the North, plain to those here
  • Calm Eyes - My eyes do not see what yours do, and little surprises them
  • Wiry Body - I have the muscle that comes from having no one to do my work for me


  • Cool +1 - With the things I see and hear, I am less reactive than most
  • Hard +1 - Labor rewards you with the ability to do more labor
  • Hot -1 - I see people rushing around with so much passion in their hearts, and I... just do not get it.
  • Smart 0 - I'm sorry, I was listening to the story of this rock. You were saying?
  • Weird +2 - Did you think someone called "the Touched" would be normal?


  • Things Speak (Roll + Weird to obtain information from items. On 10+, 3 questions; On 7-9, 1 question) - And what stories they tell!
  • Wisdom (When a character asks for advice, and the Mystic tells them their opinion of the best course, the character gets +1 to any rolls made in following the opinion and Mystic marks XP.)- People may whisper that I am crazy, but I am an outsider and touched by the broken goddess of the moon, so they listen to what I say


  • Staff (2-harm, defensive, reach, 2-handed)
  • Offerings worth 6 goods
  • Light Robe with a hood for protection from the sun, dress split for riding, short pants, sandals