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The player characters[edit]

Green, the Anointed - Civil Savage

Iassica, the Mystic - QuZi

Samahe, the Child of Battle - AndersGabrielsson

Simos, the Strongholder - Atlictoatl


Highlighted stats are bold/red.

Name Playbook Cool Hard Hot Sharp Weird
Green Anointed +2 -1 +1 +1 0
Iassica Mystic +1 +1 -1 0 +2
Samahe Child of Battle +3 0 +1 +1 -1
Simos Strongholder +1 +2 +1 +1 -2


Column has Hx on Row, as listed

Green has... Iassica has... Samahe has... Simos has...
...on Green N/A +1 -1 +2
...on Iassica +3 N/A -1 +3
...on Samahe +1 -1 N/A +1
...on Simos +1 +2 -1 N/A

Connections between PCs[edit]

NPCs and their groupings[edit]

People of Dreampool[edit]

Green's crew[edit]

People of Plenty Town[edit]

Simos' crew[edit]

Hard, towering men and women all, a pack of bloody hyenas escaped from the forces of the collapsed Empire of Roads. We're all from the North, worshippers of elemental gods, from a land of water, rock, and trees. We know boats, not these damned camels, and the sun scorches our skin. The Ravens are all women. The other three packs, and the leaders, are all men. None of us are under 183 cm / 6'0" tall, with the women mostly 188-190 cm (6'2"-6'3"), the men 196-198 cm (6'5"-6'6"). Simos towers over them all, a bear of a man at 208 cm (6'10").

Uaid, Simo's second

Lorcan, sergeant of the Boars and Jackals


  • Áed
  • Caomh
  • Fedelmid
  • Haerviu


  • Bradán
  • Drest
  • Fáelán
  • Luigsech

Cathal, sergeant of the Lynxes and Ravens


  • Brennus
  • Eógan
  • Máedóc
  • Suibhne


  • Aine
  • Casidhe
  • Etan
  • Laoise




Plenty, the market[edit]

Plenty Town[edit]

Inspirational Materials[edit]

  • Veteran of the Psychic Wars, by the Blue Oyster Cult
  • El Vuelo de los Niños Pájaro, by Jorge Reyes
  • The Silk Road: A New History, by Valerie Hansen
  • Under Heaven, by Guy Gavriel Kay