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Odion Robair[edit]

Otter Warlock


If not for his clothing the first thought people would have about Odion is Savage Warrior (well as much as an otter can be), and if his father had his way that is what he would have been, but the clothes on his body and his friendly speech put end to that. From the family of a Pirate that gained a noble title in exchange for turning in his rivals, The Robair's family motto is "seize by strength and from the sea". Odion's childhood was a focus training in the skills of a seagoing warrior but as the third born son he was not a closely watched as his older brothers and was able to learn more noble skills from the keep's scribe. The other stroke of luck for him was the library, a left over from the displaced family that owned this land before the Robaire's. It was in this library that Odion learnt of magic and it's secrets and once his father learnt of this study, indulged his son dreaming of how arcane might would bring more strength to their paltry forces. It was during this study in the library and scribe that he learnt of the philosophy of Noblesse Oblige and in his late teens put it in to practise using his elemental magic to help make drainage ditches for the workers of the land. It was this fundamental difference in philosophy that drove a wedge between him and his father, after a violent fight with his father he was removed from the family home to prove that the real world was a place where such dreaming thought holds no real strength.

family's Land[edit]

Odion's Family land is almost just a small dock, keep and a few miles of near useless swamp. If not for the fact they were located on the border and a sly capture of a town or 2 from the neighboring country, They would have had no income and lost their tile and lands before they had began. The Robair's run this land as close to petty tyrants as allowed by law and their disregard for the common man.



Habitat Shore
Cycle Twilight
Diet Carnivore
Senses Listen, Smell
Weapons Claws, Teeth
Age 23
Gender Male
Height Tall
Weight Bulky
Eyes Green
Pelt Dark Brown
Distinguishing Characteristic Friendly speech
Distinguishing Characteristic Warrior's body

Personal Motto[edit]

My family is wrong Noblesse oblige is a strength


  1. To get my metaphorical bearings


Species: Otter d8
Career: warlock d6
Body d10
Speed d6
Mind d8
Will d4


Name Favorite Use Marks Species Career
Academics Geography /// d8
Brawling /d4 d6
Climbing Rigging / d4
Digging Swamp /// d8
Dodge Vs. Melee // d6 d8 d6
Gossip With busy people // d6
Inquiry Vs Those low my station / d4
Melee Combat
Ranged Combat
Stealth d8
Supernatural With elemental magic // d6 d6
Swimming Fighting in water / d4 d8
Vehicles Boats /d4
Weather Sense Sailing /d4


Type Name Exhausted Refresh? Description
Personality kind [] Respite After any roll that is somehow relevant to the personality, exhaust this Gift to roll a bonus d12.
Language Calabrese Permits speaking this language (reading/writing requires Literacy). Without this, Gossip and Negotiation are impossible, Inquiry is limited, Presence is unaffected.
Local Knowledge Bonus d12 to know where things are, gossip with the natives, elude pursuit, and otherwise apply knowledge of the area.
Initial Combat Save [] Respite After rolling Soak & Armor from a failed attack/defense, exhaust this gift to negate results of Unconscious, Dying, or Dead. Or reduce Overkilled to Dying.
Species Contorionist Action "squeeze through tight spaces"

You can fit into spaces other people of your size cannot - the general rule is that if you get your head through the opening, you can get the rest of you through too, given enough time. For really tight spaces the Game Host may call for rolls of your Speed & MindTraits vs. your own Body Trait.

Retreating without moving

You may still Retreat without moving one pace, by contorting your body to move out of the way of the attack.

The contortionist ability allows you to claim a successful Retreat when Knocked Down, when dodging against Ranged Weapons without Cover, and when grappled.

Action "attack: brawling attack to break free"

When using the Brawling Attack "Break Free", you may claim a bonus d12.

Species Deep Diving [] Respite Swimming Dice Resist Suffocation

Include your Swimming dice with your Body dice when rolling to see if you suffer suffocation.

Hold Breath 1Ox as Long

You hold your breath for ten times longer than characters without this Gift.

X (Respite) Trigger: when suffocation sends you Reeling

When you are sent Reeling because you cannot breathe, negate that Reeling.

Species Fast Swimming Improved action "swim"

For you, swimming is just an action, not a stunt. (Other characters are sent Reeling after a "swim" stunt.)

You can travel over swampy terrain faster than those who don't have this Gift. (See "Hiking", page 148.)

Career Elementalist Tappings [] New session X (Special)

Action "replace your missing trappings"

If you are parted from your items, ask the Game Host for a plot twist to return or to replace them. Once exhausted, you cannot recover this Gift until the next game session.

Career Elementalist Apprentice [] Battle (takes an action) Stunt "reason with elemental"

You may speak with elementals, the manifestations of universal energy, by taking the "Reason" action. You cannot force an elemental to manifest, but you can talk to one that is still dormant. If you roll well with your Gossip or Negotiation skills, the elemental might deign to speak with you. (Elementals are notoriously emotional.) While people without this Gift may talk to elementals, their words are not understood, and they receive no intelligible reply.

Stunt "minor elemental effect"

Your knowledge of petty elemental magicks allows you to perform minor little feats of wizardry to manipulate the physical world. You can call forth a misty fog, spark a candle or a gun, lift V.. stone or less of unattended physical materials and move them around within Near range, freeze or boil one liter worth of liquid, or any other petty feat of magic involving the physical world. The Game Host is the final arbiter of what is petty elemental magic and what isn't.

X (Battle)

Action "ready Elemental weapon"

Exhaust this Gift, then use the ready action to draw forth an Elemental weapon. The spell remains in your hand, your rod, or your wand until you cast it forth (with the Attack action), until you drop it (as a free action), or until the end of the Scene (five minutes).

Elemental weapons are Magic Attacks. Your Gift allows you to ready the following magical weapons:

  • Create Air
  • Create Earth
  • Create Water
  • Ignite Fire
  • Move Air
  • Move Earth
  • Move Fire
  • Move Water
Career Literacy Can Read and write
General Nobility [] Influence Bonus d12 with Noble Matters

You are a noble. When gossiping with other nobles, when negotiating special favors appropriate to the upper class, or when asserting your noble presence, you may claim a bonus dl2.

You have the rights and privileges of the noble class. You are entitled to "high justice", and different laws will apply to you, most favorably.

You begin the game with a signet ring, a pewter or gold ring that you wear with the seal of your noble house on it. You may press the ring into wax to put your noble seal on official documents.

X (Influence)

You may invoke your noble status for special favors ... even after failing a roll! Refer to the Influence rules for more details.

General Sailing Bonus dl2 for sailing craft

When making rolls to identify a sailing craft's type, operate a sailing craft, or basically for any roll involving a boat with sails, you may claim a bonus dl2.

General First Aid New action "improved first aid"

For you, first aid is no long~r a stunt- it's a standard action. You are not automatically sent Reeling after performing First aid.

Also, you may claim a bonus d12 with a first aid attempt.

General Brawling Fighter Parry with Body & Brawling Dice

You can use your Body & Brawling dice to Parry against attacks! (Characters without this Gift can't Parry with Brawling attacks.)

Brawling Attacks Threaten at Close Range; Counter with Brawling Attack Your body is a lethal weapon. If you're not disadvantaged or otherwise out of it, you constantly threaten other foes within Close Range of you, just with your bare hands or your natural weapons.

Because your Brawling weapons now threaten at Close Range, you may now Counter with Brawling!

General Landslide [] X (Respite) Action "ready Landslide"

Exhaust this Gift, then use the ready action to draw forth a "Landslide" weapon. The spell remains in your hand, your rod, or your wand until you cast it forth (withthe Attack action), until you drop it (as a free action), or until the end of the Scene (five minutes) .

Make a note of where the Landslide's center point. Evezything near that point is covered in rubble, and is now bad footing until the end of the Scene (about five minutes).

Gear and cash[edit]

Cash: 6 Denarii


Weapon Hand Range Roll Effect Notes Carried Price Weight
Rod (Gilded) 2 hand Close Body, melee combat Vs Defense Damage +2 Parry d12, Truncheon, E Trappings on body Extravagant (3000D) Rare 1/2 Stone
Wand (Rowan) Good Hand Close Body, melee combat Vs Defense Damage +0 Weak Can't Parry,Truncheon, E Trappings on body Extravagant (75D), Rare 1/8 Stone
Knife Good hand Close Body,melee combat Vs Defense Damage+1 Blade, Concealable, On Body Cheap (1/2D) 1/8 Stone
Cestus Offhand Close Body, Brawling vs. defense Damage+1,Parry d12 Rare, Truncheon On Body Average (3d), 1/8 Stone


Armour Effect Notes Carried Price Weight
Robe (Brown) E Trappings on body 1/2 Stone
Leather Armor Soak d6 On Body 1/2 Stone


Item Notes Carried Price Weight
BOOK Extravagant (On Elementalism) E Trappings In Bag 1/2 Stone
Hematite Necklace E Trappings On Body 1/4 Stone
Backpack In Bag 1/4 Stone
Commoner’s clothes on body 1/4 Stone
Lantern, hooded In Bag 1/8 Stone
Oil, Lantern (24 hours) In Bag 1/8 Stone
Blanket travel In Bag 1/8 Stone
Tent (2 man) In Bag 1 Stone
First aid kit In Bag 1/4 Stone
BOOK chap (Bisclavret, an quick guide) In Bag 1/16 Stone
BOOK chap (travelling without coin a Noble's guide) In Bag 1/16 Stone
BOOK chap (Noble trend’s, last years edition) In Bag 1/16 Stone
Cutlery (wooden) In Bag 1/8 Stone
Signet Ring pewter with image of frigate on Body 1/36 Stone
Various Smoked fish Travel rations 8 days in bag 2 Stone
Water 6 days In pack 1/4 D per day 1 1/2 Stone
Hat, serviceable on head Average (1D2f) 0 stone?


Total 8.1875 On Body 2.375

Note: Burdened (two sets of armor)


Initiative: d6, d10


Stride: 1

Dash: 4 (1/2 Max Speed +1 if Body>speed)

Sprint: d6 (Speed die)

Run: 20 (Max body + Max speed + Dash)


Attack Hand Range Attack Dice Effect
Generic per attack Close 1d4,1d6,1d10 per attack
Attack Hand Range Attack Dice Effect
Teeth Head Close 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10 Vs Defense Damage +1 Grapple
Claws Off-hand Close 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10 Vs defense Damage +1 Critical
Attack Hand Range Attack Dice Effect
Rod 2 hand Close 1d10 Vs Defense Damage +2
Wand Good-hand Close 1d10 Vs defense Damage +0 Can't parry
Knife Good-hand Close 1d10 Vs defense Damage +1
Attack Hand Range Attack Dice Effect Descriptor
Create Air Off-Hand Medium 1d4,1d6 vs defence Damage + 2 Critical Counters Earth, Magic Air Apprentice
Create Earth Off-Hand Medium 1d8 1d10 vs defence Damage + 2 Critical Counters Air, Magic Earth Apprentice
Create Water Off-Hand Medium 1d4, 2d8 vs defence Damage + 2 Critical Counters Fire, Magic Water Apprentice
Ignite Fire Off-Hand Medium 1d4 vs defence Damage + 2 Critical Counters Air, Magic Fire Apprentice
Move Air Off-Hand Medium 1d4 1d6 vs. 3, Resist with Speed Dodge vs. 3 Damage +0 Push 1 Counters Air, Magic, Air, Apprentice, Environmental
Move Earth Off-Hand Medium 1d8 1d10 vs. 3, Resist with Speed Dodge vs. 3 Damage +1 Counters Earth, Magic, Earth, Apprentice, Environmental
Move Fire Off-Hand Medium 1d4 vs. 3, Resist with Speed Dodge vs. 3 Damage +0, On Fire, Counters Fire, Magic, Fire, Apprentice, Environmental
Move Water Off-Hand Medium 1d4 2d8 vs. 3, Resist with Speed Dodge vs. 3 Damage +2 weak Counters Water, Magic, Air, Apprentice, Environmental
Landslide Off-Hand Medium 1d8 1d10 vs. 3 Explosion: Near

Resist with Speed, Dodge vs. 3;


Magic, Earth, Journeyman, Loud


Defense---Defense Dice---Effect

Speed & dodge dice---3d6,d8---dodge

Parry rod --- D10 d12

Parry brawling --- 1d4,1d6,1d10, 1d12

Soak and armor[edit]

Soak d8 and Armor Leather d6