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This is the Wiki page for the IronClaw Fur and Fury, Play by post game using the mythic Gm system and Ironclaw 2nd edition

Running the game[edit]

Dramatic Theme[edit]

1-16 move toward PC thread (PC thread a personal thread for a single PC, move towards -> make profess)

17-32 Move away from PC thread (move away lose progress)

33-40 Drop a Bomb (Learn an NPC's secret)

41-48 Escalate thread (Take a PC or normal thread and hit it up a notch)

49-52 Remote event (an event that shapes the wider world)

53-56 NPC action (A Main NPC does something)

57-60 New NPC (A New main NPC added)

61-68 move toward thread (make progress)

69-76 Move away from thread (lose progress)

77-80 Close thread (end a story early for better or worst)

81-84 PC negative (A bad event for 1 or more PCs)

85-88 PC positive (a Good event for 1 or more PCs)

89-92 Ambiguous event (an event happens)

93-96 NPC negative ( a bad event for a NPC)

97-100 NPC positive (A good event for a NPC)


Main Threads

  1. Deliver message to Squil Morkelson

PC Threads

  1. Family complications/opportunities (Xote)
  2. Courting Celeste (Xote)
  3. Proving and improving himself (Xote)
  4. Simply family politics (Odion)
  5. A tour of Calabria (Odion)
  6. Improvement of academic and magical studies (Odion)
  7. Attend a play in a forested village where Hayip's family member has a role (Hayip)
  8. Find the ancient library in the abandoned tower to discover the nature of Hayip's birth (Hayip)


Random table of current NPCs in Mythic groups can count as NPCs

  1. Robair family
  2. Hayip's family
  3. Master Cawn
  4. House Hawl (Coyote House)
  5. House Fin (Rabbit House)
  6. Destin
  7. Celeste
  8. Xote's Uncle
  9. House Chauveau
  10. House Robair
  11. Master Kwh
  12. Negotiating Bisclavret House
  13. Negotiating Doloreux House
  14. Squil Morkelson
  15. Baron von Raushauser

Current Combat[edit]

List of Mythic Questions and Answers[edit]




Potential plots[edit]

  • Rival house invading
  • Revolting serfs
  • Rebelling guards
  • Dashing rogue (and beautiful daughter of the lorf)
  • Evil cult
  • betrayed by the lord himself
  • House civil war brewing
  • House leadership succession crisis
  • Part of House engaged in smuggling or other illegal activities
  • Assassination/Kidnapping attempt on visiting diplomat
  • A festival/tournament, in which the House's lord has bet more than they can afford and cheating may be afoo
  • delivering a message along the Phelan border





Friends and allies[edit]


Enemies, Rivals and Threats[edit]