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Patrice de la Rocque - Codename: CYRILLE[edit]


Overt Occupation: Political Historian

Covert Occupation: Liaison officer between NATO/CIA and Gladio (Plan Bleu) stay-behind cells Odette and Dubois.

Nominal NATO rank of Captain.

Date of Birth: 11th August 1910 (age 51, looks 71, Revelation: Hard Experience)

Motivation: Patriotism

Military Service: Intelligence Officer, Soldier (Captain)

(12 Investigative / 40 General Points, Captain rank pre-requisites) (Template for Jeanne d'Arc company, Spanish Civil War).

Department: CIA Political Action Division Officer (14 Investigative / 32 General Points)

(Template for Gladio (Plan Bleu) field liaison officer)

Revelation: Hard Experience (Karotechia skirmish)

Investigative Build Points: 27 (2 Initial + 24 Assigned + 1 Revelation)

General Build Points: 92 (22 Initial + 65 Assigned - 2 Revelation + 5 Revelation +2 xp) (2 experience points - 1pt on Stability, 1pt on Sanity)


Born 1910, nephew of Francois de la Rocque, Patrice helped his uncle to run the conservative Croix-de-Feu political party (later the Parti Social Français).

At age 26, along with many others from the CdF, Patrice joined the Jeanne d'Arc company of the Spanish Foreign Legion. He was initially motivated by the atrocities committed against Catholic clergy in Spain. Most of the 300 strong French Jeanne d'Arc company which fought in the Spanish Foreign Legion were from the right-wing Parti Social Français party, although it was more Conservative rather than Fascist. Patrice stayed in Spain until the German invasion of France, and immediately returned home to join a Maquis group located within Vichy France, which later partnered with the Klan Network run by his uncle to bring photos of the Atlantic Wall and information about the Nazi atom bomb project to the Allies.

His liaison with Jedburgh and OSS units placed him in good stead to work with CIA after the war, and his brushes with the Karotechia in WW2 meant that his file received a DG-Friendly green triangle sticker.

Since the war Patrice has dabbled in politics, history, and journalism. He remained close to the Western intelligence services, as well as multiple former service associations. In 1957 he was recruited by the Allied Clandestine Committee to be a liaison between two Gladio cells and the ACC.

Patrice is an idealist, but not a fanatic or extremist. His patriotism is no longer solely to France, but now to the whole of Mankind against the threat that these Hypergeometric horrors present.

Patrice is generally respected for his service against the Nazis (Inspiration 2), even if his early conservative leanings and participation in the Spanish Civil War are well-documented.

"It was a long time ago, another world." His writings are cross-political and mostly historical, and he has actively worked to downplay his personal political preferences.

He lives at Apartment 7 (top floor), 142 Rue Victor Segalen, 20th Arrondisement. He receives a small war pension that covers most of his rent.



Accounting: 0

Anthropology: 0

Archaeology: 0

Astronomy: 0

Biology: 0

Criminology: 0

Foreign Language: 2: English (native French speaker) 1; Spanish 1

History: 1


Law: 1

Library Use: 1

Medicine: 0

Military Science: 1

Occult: 0

The Unnatural: 0

Interpersonal Agency: 2 (NATO’s Allied Clandestine Committee) / (Gladio Networks Odette and Dubois)

Assess Honesty: 0

Cop Talk: 0

Flattery: 0

Inspiration: 2

Interrogation: 0

Intimidation: 0

Negotiation: 1

Reassurance: 1

Streetwise: 2

Tradecraft: 2


Architecture: 0

Art: 1 (writing)

Chemistry: 1 (home-made explosives and poisons)

Cryptography: 1

Data Retrieval: 1

Forensics: 0

Fringe Science: 1 (Karotechia technology)

Notice: 1

Pharmacy: 0

Photography: 1

Physics: 0


Survival: 1

Traffic Analysis: 1


Athletics: 4

Bureaucracy: 4

Conceal: 4

Demolitions: 3

Disguise: 4

Drive: 6 (Voiture / Camion / Moto)

Filch: 2

Firearms: 5

First Aid: 1

Health: 7

Heavy Weapons: 2

Mechanics: 0

Melee Weapons: 3

Network: 8

Pilot: 0

Preparedness: 6

Psychotherapy: 1

Ride: 0

Sanity: 8

Sense Trouble: 8

Stability: 8

Stealth: 6

Unarmed Combat: 2



(Conceal 4)

Wehrmacht (actually Karotechia) officer's Luger. Nominally deniable as a licensed collector's item. "I _earned_ this, comprenez-vous?!"

Switchblade, jacket pocket. "Paris is a dangerous place, no?"

Garotte in belt loop. " <shrug> "

Concealed at home / vehicle:

(Conceal 4)

SOE Welrod Single shot assassination pistol (perfect condition)

SOE suppressed Mark VI Sten (perfect condition)

Fairbairn-Sykes commando knife with Free French Commando insignia, belonged to Captain Charles Trepel, a gift from Philippe Kieffer.

Patrice also has access to four Gladio stashes within the city (Agency 2 / Network 9), and four more stashes in the surrounding countryside.

Access requires some logistical and/or network hassle, and likely a breach of Gladio protocols.

The caches contain a wide range of small arms, grenades, plastic explosives, M20 Bazookas with HEAT rounds, plus a considerable amount of general stores and communication equipment.

The cells have also stocked the caches with remnants of their WW2 arsenals both from SOE and Wehrmacht stocks, useful when deniability and distance from NATO is required.

CYRILLE's Connections (Network 8)

Joe Hamidou: Le Taxi

"Oui, c'est ma vie."


Henri Mereilles: Le Coutourier

"This might sting a, bite down on this."


Rosalinde de Lansac: L'artiste

"You will have the impossible by tonight. As always."


Giselle 'La Bibliophile' Serin: La Bibliophile

"Get me the ladder, it's on the high shelf."

Occult, Research


Patrice generally dresses in a smart but "well-loved" jacket and slacks combo, with highly-polished leather shoes. Patrice will deign to wear a tie when required, and keeps one boxed in his jacket pocket for such emergencies. He wears a trilby on even more formal occasions, but otherwise his head braves the elements.

Patrice keeps a variety of clothes and wigs, with appropriate accessories, in a couple of secure locations. (Conceal 4, Disguise 4)


Patrice is fond of walking, and takes the Metro or city bus as needed.

As circumstances demand he can call upon Joe "Le Taxi" Hamidou for discreet transit or deliveries. (Network 9)


Roger Walcott Hall - OSS / Maquis / author mentor (3)

Jean Borotra - French tennis hero, WW2 captain, former inmate of Castle Itter (3)

[strike]Edith de La Rocque - ageing aunt, widow of Francois de La Rocque (3)[/strike] (destroyed by Revelation)

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