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A character in the PbP game War of the Burning Sky (13th Age) played by Sam I Am.

Race: Droalesti (Dark_Elf)

Class: Ranger 1


Strength 16 (+3)
Dexterity 16 (+3)
Constitution 15 (+2)
Intelligence 11 (+0)
Wisdom 12 (+1)
Charisma 9 (-1)


Ragelesian Spy +3
Droalesti Refugee +2
Tracker +3

One Unique Thing[edit]


Icon Relationships[edit]

Mythological Beasts / ??? / Gate Pass (see the sidebar on page 5) 2
Emperor Dracus Coaltongue (deceased) / Ragesian Army / Ragesia 1 ??

Powers and Talents[edit]

Dark Elf: Cruel - Once per battle, deal ongoing damage to a target you hit with a natural even attack roll as a free action. The ongoing damage equals 5 times your level. (For example, at 3rd level you would deal 15 ongoing damage against a single target.) As usual, a normal save (11+) ends the damage. A critical hit doesn’t double this ongoing damage.
Dark Elf:
R: Lethal Hunter - Once per battle as a free action, choose an enemy. The crit range of your attacks against that enemy expands by 2 for the rest of the battle. A mob of mooks counts as a single enemy.
R: Animal Companion Situva Panther - Situva panther L0 | AC 16 | PD 14 | MD 12 | HP 20 | Atk before Isil +5 (19-20) 1d8. Adv. Feat, uses escalation die.


Adv: Your animal companion adds the escalation die to its attacks.


Melee: Greatsword +4 atk | 1d10+3 dmg (Spear +4 atk | 1d8+3 dmg) (On even nat roll, Cruel - 5 ongoing dmg)
Ranged: Longbow 1d20+4;1d8+3 dmg (Thrown dagger +4 atk | 1d4+3 dmg)
Initiative: +1
Armor Class: (lt base 14 + 2 + L1) = 17
Physical Defense: (11 + 2 + L1) 14
Mental Defense: (10 + 0 + 1) = 11
Recoveries: 10 x 1d8+2 Used:
Hit Points: 27/27


Leather armour (AC14)
Greatsword (2H) 1d10
Spear (2H) 1d8
Longbow 1d8
Throwing dagger 1d4
20 arrows 2 gp
Money pouch (11sp)
  • 10 x Candle
  • Crowbar (iron)
  • Flint and tinder box
  • Grappling hook (iron)
  • Iron spike x 10
  • Lantern (common)
  • Lantern oil (8 hrs)
  • Mirror, small
  • Prayer book
  • Rain cloak
  • Road rations (5 days)
  • Rope, 50 ft good
  • Sleeping roll
  • Water skin

Notes & To Do[edit]

  • Icon(s)
  • Equipment - check what other PCs have
  • Where from?
  • Answer GM questions
  • Post IC exposition here as background
  • One Unique thing
  • Feat (Poisoner´s Aim?)
  • Combat atks etc
  • Increase Charisma?
  • Reread player´s guide

Just so you know - Drow are very rare in this setting so you'll probably stand out. For that reason, you may know or be related to the few that do show up. Do you have any feelings about that one way or another?

Where did you come from and why did you leave?

Why are you at Gate Pass & why do you care about it's fate? (it may be your home)

Why do you need to leave Gate Pass now? (If you're a magic user, the Scourge is after you for some reason)

How do you know of the Resistance and who let you know about the meeting at the Poison Apple Pub?

I've got one more thing for you all to consider about your characters. I want you to think about what your personal character's story is. I'd like to have this not be about your characters going through the story of War of the Burning Sky, but about your characters' stories who happen to be set in the background of War of the Burning Sky. Your One Unique Thing is probably the perfect place to drop this. Some examples:

Vengeance - Were you wronged by someone and are seeking justice? (any 80's action flick)
Redemption - Have you wronged people and are working toward redemption? (Xena: Warrior princess)
Martyr - Your destiny is to sacrifice yourself for the greater good. (Jesus?)
Would be King - You look to regain your rightful throne somewhere.
These are just examples - come up with whatever you want.

Consider it optional, but if you have anything I'll see if I can work it in. Try to leave the specifics of it unknown so I can fill in the people/places/things and tie it all together.