Jeweled Tenderloin

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The Jeweled Tenderloin is an unofficial district dedicated to pursuits of the flesh. Officially called Nelson's Quarter.


In the Northwest quadrant of the city up against the North Riding wall.


While this part of town has always had a few brothels and bawdy houses, a few ribald entertainment clubs, strip joints, and streetwalksers, it didn't become a district till after the creation of the Jeweled Road.

The Jeweled Road sent a small two lane side street through Nelson's Quarter to the Street of Spires. This branch is traditionally a shortcut from the Main Concourse to the Street of Spires and had a collection of large multifamily townhouses, apartment buildings, and a number of butchershops. The butchershops were supplied whole beasts prepared in the Bloody Angle and rendered them into usable portions for thousands of years. Minor preservation magics as well as traditional curing and preserving methods such as drying, smoking and jerking were commonly. This was not a market area exactly though some shops existed. Mainly the butchershops supplied restaurants and markets across the city of Amber. However since Nelson's Quarter was a shortcut to the Street of Spires many people attended church then bought meat on their way home. "Visiting the Tenderloin" was a common term for going to church and then buying meat on the way home.

The area was a long route for people in North Riding to attend the Street of Spires and many people would "Visit the Tenderloin" on their way home. North Riding has easy access to the Street of Spires but almost no commercial businesses like

The apartments and townhouses in this area were of lower class residences and would have been considered a fairly dangerous at night. A fair amount of crime existed in the area though passing through it in the day time was as safe as anywhere in the city.

Jeweled Road[edit]

After the creation of the Jeweled Road the ample availability of apartments and large group homes, the influx of population to Amber at the start of King Random's reign and after the coming of the Jeweled Road led to an influx of new residents. New residents often took care of the criminal element themselves.

the development of a more pleasure oriented service.

Prostitution, officially legal in Amber, erupted with the influx of people. Enthusiastic amateurs became professionals quickly.