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Sway A term used in the Jeweled Amber game.

Sway is a term meaning a number of shadow veils away from some distinct and powerful shadow. The shadows that this important world holds in its Sway. In general there are worlds with similar cosmologies, interactions, physical laws, magical functions, and political influences. There are usually shadow trails, waterways, and merchant trails as well.

The term is important for a large number of reasons and areas of Sway exist in an infinite number of ways. But the ones that are most important are Amber Sway, Black Zone Sway or Chaos Sway, and Green Sway.

The Sway of these Primal Realms is important for a lot of reasons. They mark the level of influence that exists in the straightline roadway of the Jeweled Road From Amber, to Mandalay to Chaos. Avalon has a Blue Sway, but Avalon is a distinct Primal Realm. You can’t shadow walk into Avalon or its shadows. It does not have a border onto the Abyss and the Courts of Chaos. This makes it separate from the political battles of Amber and Chaos.

Amber Sway[edit]

The Amber Sway consists of the Shade Realms of Amber, the Golden Circle Kingdoms, and a large swath of Veils around them on the path toward Mandalay. These worlds tend to be stable, inclusive, with reasonably logical reasons for all actions and interactions, as would make sense for worlds close to the center of Order.

Chaos Sway or Black Sway[edit]

Chaos Sway is the regions near to Chaos that are either BZPI signatories or realms with reasonably easy access to Chaos. While the crossing of the Abyss at the Fane of Zilla is the most traveled route into Chaos, there are in fact a great many ways and Ways that cross between the Black Zone and Chaos.

Green Sway[edit]

Green Sway is the collection of regions near Mandalay. Many are realms with little or no sentient life forms and with vibrant plant and animal life. Since Mandalay does not have a treaty system such as Chaos and Amber have, yet, there is little in the way of political connections. However, a great many of the Lords of Mandalay come from these worlds. They come as individuals, not as Kings or rulers of nations in shadow.

Tosa/York Sway[edit]

Azcala Sway[edit]

The Squiggle of Azcala is an active realm stepping out from its long seclusion to actively mingle in the Shadows surrounding it no matter whether they want them to our not.

Regor Sway[edit]

  • Regor is an isolated squiggle and does not eagerly deal with the shadows outside of its direct influence.
  • One collection of nearby shadows, New Brunswick, have a magically symbiotic relation with Regor.
  • Prince Borlak of the Flowing Horde haunts the shadows of the Regor sway cutting bloody paths.