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Shade Realms in the Jeweled Amber game.

‘Shade’ is a term that has recently begun being used in Amber that has had considerable currency amongst sorcerers for centuries. It refers to shadows of the Pattern of Amber that are imperfect but are potent within their realms of origin. It is said that an Amberite can walk to a shadow where each of them is King of Amber or none of them are, or where other things have occurred. In theory there exist uncountable copies of the Pattern of Amber in these lesser realms.

Sometimes the denizens of these worlds find their way to realms the primal Amberites inhabit in Shadow. The theory is that each pattern in Shade contains a percentage of true pattern segments, reflecting the proximity to the reality of Amber. Practitioners of Sorcery from Shade kingdoms can become very powerful. Many can go toe to toe with those from the real Amber. The difference between Fiona of Amber and a Shade Fiona may be very small in practical terms and may matter even less if the Shade Fiona takes a disliking to someone.

  • Caine is known to have slain one of his own Shades. He also has at least two as members of the Amber Intelligence Service. It is rumored that Shade realms of Amber that have Caine as Spymaster of Amber have begun cooperating with each other at various levels.
  • Benedict is known to have at least 9 of his Shades on his general staff. Each commands considerable forces from their own realms, as well as for the Primal Realm. Training activities, weapon orientations, training wars, and a wide variety of other interactions have begun to develop.
  • Bleys is often found with one of 3 of his shades, having become good friends with them. One, upon learning that he was not the primal Bleys, changed his name to Buddy Fish. Apparently many Bleys' had their own issues with their destroyed ambitions.

Shade Realms and Sorcery Shade Realms have sorcery of course, based on the patterns and sigils of their level. In conflict or cooperation with sorcery bassed on other patterns the important interaction is the percentages of the True Realm in contact. So a Shade Realm of 35% is weaker then one of 50%, of course.

Shades of other realms then Amber The Shades of Amber are of the highest order but other patterns and sigils have their shadows as well. The Shade Realms of Avalon have not been explored deeply unless its being done by Corwin. Mandalay, being a Mark, is a different type of artifact and current research implies that it may not cast its own shadows but effect the shadows in place. If this reasoning pans out it is highly unlikely there would be Shades of Mandalay.

Known or Rumored personages of Shade Ambers. Hazarda and Timothy Elhue are a pair that travels shadows at will. H&TE Hazarda was once Random King of Amber in the shade of Amber that York now exists as a primal pattern.