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Shade Realms in the Jeweled Amber game.


Shade is a term that has recently begun being used in Amber commonly that has had considerable currency amongst sorcerers for centuries. It refers to shadows of the Pattern of Amber and other High Order Constructs that are imperfect but are potent within their realms of origin. It is said that an Amberite can walk to a shadow where each of them is King of Amber or none of them are, or where other things have occurred. In theory there exist uncountable copies of the Pattern of Amber in these lesser realms.

  • Caine is known to have slain one of his own Shades. He also has at least two as members of the Amber Intelligence Service. It is rumored that Shade realms of Amber that have Caine as Spymaster of Amber have begun cooperating with each other at various levels.
  • Benedict is known to have at least 9 of his Shades on his general staff. Each commands considerable forces from their own realms, as well as for the Primal Realm. Training activities, weapon orientations, training wars, and a wide variety of other interactions have begun to develop.
  • Bleys is often found with one of 3 of his shades, having become good friends with them. One, upon learning that he was not the primal Bleys, changed his name to Buddy Fish. Apparently many Bleys' had their own issues with their destroyed ambitions.

Levels of Shade[edit]

Sometimes the denizens of these worlds find their way to realms the primal Amberites inhabit in Shadow. The theory is that each pattern in Shade contains a percentage of true pattern segments, reflecting the proximity to the reality of Amber. Practitioners of Sorcery from Shade kingdoms can become very powerful. Many can go toe to toe with those from the real Amber. The difference between Fiona of Amber and a Shade Fiona may be very small in practical terms and may matter even less if the Shade Fiona takes a disliking to someone.

The way such Shades are described is by a percentage of correlation and proximity to Amber. A Shade would be described as 97~90. This example says that a Shade has a 97% correlation meaning that the state of affairs, lineage, history, and physical features and structures, cultural developments, and diplomatic relations are 97% the same as the true Amber. it is also very close to Amber at 90% meaning natural laws, functioning magics and sorcery, and expected cosmological constants are 90% the same as True Amber.

  • Correlation: This means that a person coming into the shade can see the stated percentage of familiar features, people, services, and activities.
  • Proximity: The greater the proximity the more natural laws match the True amber. High order sorcery, availability of low order magics. etc.

Shade Realms and Sorcery[edit]

Shade Realms have sorcery of course, based on the patterns and sigils of their level. In conflict or cooperation with sorcery based on other patterns the important interaction is the percentages of the True Realm in contact. So a Shade Realm of 35% is weaker then one of 50%, of course.

Known Shades[edit]

The Shades of Amber are of the highest order but other patterns and sigils have their shadows as well. The Shade Realms of Avalon have not been explored deeply unless its being done by Corwin. Mandalay, being a Mark, is a different type of artifact and current research implies that it may not cast its own shadows but effect the shadows in place. If this reasoning pans out it is highly unlikely there would be Shades of Mandalay.


The Agoliths are members of a Shade of Amber that managed to arrive at the True Amber.[[1]]

The Correlation Value is 99~40. Nearly everything about the Agolith Amber is the same. But natural laws made everything half sized. The main distinctions about this version of Amber, with representations of all the royal and noble families. The main distinction between Amberte and Agoliths is that Agoliths are one half the size of Amberites.


York is a primal realm, forged using the Jewel of Judgement from a Shade of amber. This shade was a 99.5% Proximity to the True Amber. However, as documented in the entry for Tosa/York the Shadre realm of Amber there was destroyed, its primal pattern erased with Amberite blood. This left York and the Squiggle of Plymouth as existing Prial Realms to hold the level of Shade together.

Forged by Tolknor Scripter, a member of the Shade Amber royal family, York and Plymouth were allowed to remain after the War of Destruction waged by Koob, the High Lord of Chaos on that Shade Level.

The Amber of this shade was 95~99 until the High Lord of Chaos became Koob, who then forged a war that ultimately destroyed Amber. Now the Correlated value is 5~70. This represents the absence of Amber, the exitance of unrelated Patterns and Squiggles, and a general similarity of naturals laws.


Known or Rumored personages of Shade Ambers. [edit]


Hazarda and Timothy Elhue are a pair that travels shadows at will. H&TE Hazarda was once Random King of Amber in the shade of Amber that York now exists as a primal pattern. Others of this particular shade that are known to exist are those of the Chaosian line such as Dara of the Line of Benedict & Lintra, who met and mated in Koob's War and her son of Corwin, Merlin, and with Gamble Sawall, Despil and Jurt. Coral, known as Carol. Brandir, a shadow of Brand that convinced Koob to destroy Amber. Llewella, one of the wives of Tolknor's wives and mother of Timothy Elhue.

Big Jim Torrio[edit]

Big Jim Torrio runs the Newstand[[2]] in Nenton, Antheris. He is the shade of Osric in the shade of Ambir. He knows the Shadow of Finndo called Flint and the shadow of Borlak named Birtik both live someplace.

Elvis Beam[edit]

Elivs Beam is a thin, wild guy who dresses like Elvis Presley, a musician in shadow, and who laughs easily and fights hard. Once he was King Random of Ambior. He is the owner/manager of jack rabbit Slim's [[3]]. He also knows the whereabouts of Flori, a frequent customer of JRS's. Llewellen is a beach bum in that world' Polynesia.

Shade Patterns[edit]

Shade Patterns are shadows of a pattern, containing a complete, but imperfect reflection of the pattern it is below.

  • Shadows Patterns of the Pattern of Amber that are true representations are like the ones in Rebma, Fantalin, Tir Nogath, and others.
  • Shade Patterns are referred to by their percentage of correlation with the true pattern.
  • Broken Patterns are shadows of a pattern that have partially correct images of the pattern but are missing segments.
  • Distorted Shade Patterns are shadows of a pattern, containing a complete, but imperfect reflection of the pattern but does not conform the expected shape of the pattern. These exist mostly closer to Chaos.