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Welcome to the Annals of the Justicars Universe.

Justicars is a Fate Accelerated game run by SilvercatMoonpaw. Justicars has been restarted as an ICONS game, still helmed by SilvercatMoonpaw

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The Science Five

  • Alison "Alligator" Tsukuda
  • Demyan "Demo" Wolanski
  • Hjordis Armannsson
  • Adamas Ozolins
  • Avra Raskoph

LANTERN (League of Allied Nations' Taskforce for Encounter, Response, and Negotiation)

  • Setting's world super-police analogue.
  • Miss Olivia Mandale, director
  • The Silver Fox, aftermath clean-up, office gossip




  • Biestfurher, Nazi Master of the Wild Force
  • Lorelei, Hydrokenetic Nazi Supersoldier
  • Grendel, Animalistic Human Tank, The Butcher of Normandy

Modern Villains[edit]

  • Doc Abominable (Mentioned Only)
  • Kracken (mutant version): Parrot-headed, squid-skinned with tentacles. Took over Downtown City's mutant mystic population and through coercion and intimidation forced them to commit crimes, including stealing the experimental Gene Jacker. Fought the Justicars and was presumed dead when the ceiling of the crypt collapsed.

Beings from Other Realms[edit]


  • Nuru: Space empire of human offshoots who think they're descended from an ancient advanced empire from Earth's prehistory, i.e. "Atlantis". Massive racists against non-humans. Even gave a "ancient advanced humans' burden" justification for trying to invade Earth. Ruled by philosopher kings. Their best soldiers are the result of breeding programs to produce superhumans.


  • Horned Ones: Live in D'yavol'skiy Polyy (Devil's Floors), ruled by king Wels.


  • Nyonia:

A world where the Roman Empire never fell. The Empire does not cover the entire world, but all of Europe and most of the North and South American continents are under its control. Currently ruled by the Empress Gaius Justinian Theodora. Members of her Praetorian guard have been known to come from there to test this world's fitness to join the Empire. They've all gone without major incident, and none have ever said what their conclusions were.

  • Nilait

Nilait is an Earth Dimension, peopled by an evolutionary offshoot of humans, who call themselves the Jeodane. Theirs is not a nice world, unless you're born into the High Caste, the Theel. The Theel, through breeding programs, magically guided evolution, and superscience, have gained superpowers for themselves, and rule over the Vomoor - the unpowered commons - with an iron fist.

Or so they did until a generation ago. Some Vomoori stole notes on the process. They aren't very good at it, and many die. Those who do survive aren't usually as powerful as the Theel, but they outnumber the Theel badly. There is civil war in Nilait, a long and bloody civil war that has been more or less constant since then.

  • Sky People:
  • Land People:

Cosmic Entities[edit]

Superhuman Types[edit]


  • "Atlantis"
  • Wild Earth