Kúlùl the Uncoverer

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Wizard 1[edit]

Core Attributes: CON +1, INT +1, CHA +3
Skills: Deception, Lore
Special Abilities: Cantrips, Summon
Hit Dice: 2
Current HP: 6
XP: 10

Equipment: elaborate clothes, light weapon, lockpicks, quicksilver x1, chalk, dice, wineskin, parchment, pen & pot of ink, 2s


  • Aasilumarixil, the Last Tentacle of the Mad God, shadow & secrets
  • Garkexok the Anger-Riven, stone & fire


  • Candle
  • Shadow
  • Throw Voice


How do you know each other?

Why did you come to Uru? What do you seek, desire or wish to accomplish?

Elpheri the Blind has knowledge of a spirit that governs three domains. That Mystery shall be mine!

What is the most prominent or unusual feature of Uru that you know, love or hate?

The Avenue of Pleasures knows the secrets of all men. Mistress Mykiri seeks to entangle me with blackmail, but before the season turns, I will own her House and all of the secrets within it!

Where are you going? Immediately, eventually or as a goal for your life/career?

I seek entry to the Aetheric Order of the 777 Mysteries. I will prove to my sister that I am not the charlatan she claims!