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Band of Explorers[edit]

Migd the Daunting[edit]

Currently on the run from slavers, Migd the Daunting is a savage sellsword who just wants the material comforts of a palace or two. (roryb) | Armor 1 HP 12/12

Linea the Snake[edit]

If Linea discovers some secret her home city in the Regency can use to neutralise Uru's trade advantage, the magistrate will drop the price on her head and she can return home to her family.

Kúlùl the Uncoverer[edit]

A wizard who seeks entry to the Aetheric Order of the 777 Mysteries, and to prove to his sister that he is not the charlatan she claims. (Atlictoatl) | Armor 0 HP 6/6

Priestess Danae[edit]

Fleeing a marriage arranged despite her vow of celibacy, she is an oracle following a vision of wealth and power--and freedom. (Lamashtar) | Armor 0/1 HP 6/6


Uru, the Purple City of the Moon[edit]

A cosmopolitan trading hub which sits at the edge of the Great Desert.

The stench of death hung over the city of Uru. This was, of course, natural. Before it became the city of the caravanserai, before it dominated the land routes from the Imperium to the Islands, before the rule of the Katars, before it was the City of the Moon, or the City of 99 Demons, Uru was the Purple City. Here was the sole place that the fragile purple lotus grew. Specifically it flourished in the Avenue of Pleasures, to be harvested and transformed by skill and art into a dust that brought lucid, estactic dreams to users across the corners of the world. But the nocturnal flowering lotus fragrance was like that of a rotting corpse, a nightly signifier that bemused locals and plagued visitors.

Temple of the Crescent[edit]

A quiet, foreboding place in the center of Uru where slaves and infidels are brought, never to return. Something about it makes the skin crawl.

The Avenue of Pleasures[edit]

The Pentad[edit]

The wearing of weapons and use of magic is forbidden in the Pentad, the old fortress section of Uru that houses the Katar, the monarch of the city and her household.

The Foreign Quarter[edit]

Back when Uru was less urbane, it was the law that foreigners could only live in the designated part of the city, and there was a nightly curfew. Since trade enriched the city the laws have been relaxed and foreigners can live where they like, but it's still law that except for the city's guards, armed forces of men must be housed in the quarter, and it's here where mercenaries are hired. Nowadays foreigners only get crowded into the quarter under guard when a plague has been declared.

The most magnificent sight in the Foreign Quarter is the great stone arena -- truly a marvel, a showcase for gladiators, monstrous beastmen, and the strangest creatures caught from the wilds. But the most fantastic of all is a magical construct in the form of a huge brass suit of armor. The local pit fighters won't step up to a match anymore because no one ever survives.

The Goblin's Armpit[edit]

Sandwiched between two warehouses just off the market district, the joke goes that this tavern used to be a stable and the proprietor didn't bother to sweep it out before setting up the bar. Cheap drinks, watery stew, and you can probably get your skull cracked for free. There's a small yard behind it with cock fighting.

People of the World[edit]

  • Kúlùl's sister
  • Elpheri the Blind, a man with knowledge of a spirit that governs three domains
  • Mistress Mykiri, a blackmailer who owns a House on the Avenue of Pleasures. There's a rumor that she led an expedition into the ruin a fortnight ago and has not returned.
  • Astricus the Blighted, a hermit who is said to be over 5,000 moons in age, may yet live in the Necropolis of Jiadi beyond the Seven Steeples. He lives alone in a cursed ruin but is thought to possess the treasures of his conquests from half an age ago. He is considered by many who adhere to secrets to be the richest person in the region.
  • The Katar, the monarch of the city
  • The Mad Sage Al Kwarizm is said to have tamed 72 demons with the help of his magic ring. In the streets of Uru, which used to be called the City of 99 Demons, they joke "Al Kwarizm had but 72 demons, while Uru has 99." Among the scrolls of the House of Wisdom were fragments referring to his writings, copied by an apprentice who ran away, named there The Law of Reckoning, but known in some lands as Al Kitab al Shahuub, or the Book of Falling Stars, after he went mad. He is, nonetheless, considered the mightiest wizard in the land.


Cult of the Moon[edit]

This enigmatic Cult is the main religion of Uru, and is centered in the Temple of the Crescent, a marble tower that stands in the Avenue of Pleasure. The ways of the cult are enigmatic to all outsiders but are thought to be the font of the City’s fortune and success.

The Aetheric Order of the 777 Mysteries[edit]

The Regency[edit]

The Patient Blades[edit]

A conspiracy to replace the current ruling house of Uru with what they claim are the descendents of the true line of succession. They believe the crown went to an illegitimate heir two centuries ago and work to return the current scion from exile in another city. If there's evidence of their claims, no-one has seen it. Their detractors claim the Blades are a lich cult. They certainly borrow the trappings of a dusty and half-forgotten sect from before the city adopted a single religion.


  • Sandworms, sometimes known as silt nagas, are malicious desert tyrants sometimes banding into loose harems under a single queen to become a real menace to caravans crossing the deserts. Currently, a number of attacks near oases have worried the holy council of Uru. Were someone to stop their threat, that person would become celebrated throughout Uru.