Kael and The Cabal

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Kael'Thas Nicodemus Urdansa Cannith

Lawful Neutral Half Vampire/ Half-Elf

Wizard 4/ Warlock 4/ Eldritch theurge 3/ Magehound 2


Kael is often, and quite rightly so, considered strange in appearance. his hair and skin are white, and his eyes are pale blue. his body is slim and lightly build with a well toned and sculpted muscles. he moves with an almost predatory and unearthly air, which unsettles people as much as his appearance does. Kael possesses an Exotic beauty, though most people are put off by the unnatural aura about him. Kael possesses no scars, but does have a runic tattoo beneath his right eye, and similar ones along the outside of his right arm and both legs as well as along his spine.


Kael is quiet, reserved and polite. he always remains calm and controlled no matter what the situation, and his patience is almost inexhaustible. Kael never lets anyone get too close to him, and if they invade his personal space he draws back. Kael also draws away from other peoples touch, and finds it extremely uncomfortable. Kael keeps to himself and his studies a lot, but takes to the outside world to earn money and to do his duty as a Magehound. He takes intrusions on his quarters seriously. Kael is unperturbed by Violence and gore, he fears nothing and is utterly merciless.


Kael never talks about himself, and if someone does ask he merely replies. "I don't want to talk about it". what ever has happened to him, like his age is a mystery. all files on him were destroyed before the wars end. this doesn't stop rumours circulating about him of course and there are a few facts known about him, the first is that he was in Cyre during the Day of Mourning. and that he disappeared for almost two years before stumbling out of the Mournland half-dead and babbling incoherently. Since then Kael has worked for various patrons and has continued his duties as a Magehound, collecting bounties and then mercilessly fulfilling them. Rumours whisper of his parentage, though Kael never discusses it, is not exactly mortal. some state that he is part demon. others that his Father was a creature from the Spirit world.

Whether any of the rumors about him are true or not, Kael still is unsettling for most people. either because of his reputation, his job or because of his supposed ancestry.

Kael was raised as a foundling by House Cannith, who found him as a ten year old boy, frozen on the steps of Whitehearth. Kael can't remember anything from before then and the only thing found with him apart from his clothes was his sword, Kerokash and a Ring.

It has been recently discovered Kael's age is somewhere around 150. Kael was thrown out of the Arcane Congress at 21, for using dark magic to try and resurrect his dead girlfriend. needless to say the attempt failed, mostly, and almost killed Kael. he then traveled for around two years, evading magehounds and bounty hunters, until Marcellus Pye, renowned Magehound picked Kael up and offered him a home and an apprentice ship.

Kael flourished under Marcellus's teachings until he was around 30, at that point Marcellus was horribly wounded in the battle against Strahd the first vampire and barely able to do active duty. Marcellus soon died in a battle against the forces of the lords of dust. Kael then traveled and has joined many things since, He served as an Armourer for House Cannith, Body Guard for Queen Mishan, A Soldier, A member of The Cabal (an elite magical soldiery) and finally a magehound under arch-mage Travern.

Presently, Kael serves as one of the more prominent members of the Watchmen and as the current Arch-Magius after the death of Archmage Travern, Kael was also the one wielding the blade that severed Adals head. And because of this there is more resentment between the Arcane Congress and the Monarchy of Aundaire. In his role of Arch-Magius, Kael is currently helping rebuild the numbers of the Arcane Congress and foster peace between the many Mages Guilds. Because of this, Kael has shifted the learning side of the Arcane Congress to Saint Maries while repairs at the arcane congress are underway.


Other known members of the cabal, and Kael's friends, include

Raelandra Tallarin

Lawful Neutral Female Half-Elf/ Half-Nymph

Sorcerer 8/ Fighter 2/ Eldritch Knight 3

Appearance: "On the left side of him was a female half-elf, with mid length black hair, emerald green eyes and features that mixed Fey and elven. She was dressed in upper middle class clothes, with Darkwood armour consisting of a Breastplate, shoulder , thigh and shin guards and bracers. A long wooden staff was strapped to her back, and besides that an elegantly curved longsword, no doubt with a silver blade. "

Raelandra usually dresses in mens clothing, and disdains skirts or dresses.

Personality: Raelandra is almost the opposite of the Introverted and emotionally distant Kael, Raelandra is outgoing, Charming and excitable. she enjoys conversation and interaction with others and is much more personable.

She's just as old as Kael, as like him she is nearing half-way through her second century. Of course, Unlike with Kael, one couldn't tell that she is really as old as she is.

Raelandra is one of Kael's closest friends. if not his closest living one. having known Kael for over thirty years she quite experienced at being able to understand whats going on beneath the emotional mask. Her presence also means that Kael usually displays a lot more of his emotions, and is often caught with a slight smile on his face while with her.

Background: Raelandra was raised in Cyre before the war, and grew up in an isolated farmstead with her many brothers. she showed a Talent for spell casting at an early age, and when her sorcerrous abilities manifested, her Father sent her off to be apprenticed. After a long apprenticship Raelandra then Joined the Magehounds, because her master said that her skills and abilities would be most useful in this area.

Rae and Kael met when they both applied for a Organisation known as The Cabal, their friendship struck up when they were put into a sqaud to fight their way through the various harrowing trails said organisation holds. Rae has since been Kael's right hand woman during the war, since they were both part of the same regiment and the two have maintained contact since the end of the war.

Xavier and Xia

LN male Half-Fiend (fire based powers) and CN Female Half-Fied

10th level Duskblade 10th level Hexblade


Xaiver appears to be like a typical person, he's tall, standing at almost six foot, with a muscular build from years of training at the hands of soldiers. Xavier wears his coal black hair short and properly trimmned and dresses neatly. Xaviers eyes are the colour of ash and he doesnt display any overt demonic apperances. Xavier wears a fire blackened suit of metal half-plate armour, which when he gets angry becomes red hot from the heat of his skin, his clothing is specially desined so it doesnt combust.

Xia appears to be a female version of Xavier but rather than wearing metal armour Xia wears leather armour and wields a serrated cutlass coupled with a buckler as a weapon.


Moody, brooding and generally bad tempered. Xavier was raised by his mother, who was terrified of him. in fact, the first chance she got she sent Xavier into the army, where he thrived in the bloody front lines, manifesting his sorcerous abilities as the powers of a Duskblade. Because of this Xavier has a firm hatred for parents who abuse their children and a brutal fighting style. Xavier is harsh, driven and stubborn but desplays kind tendencies from time to time.

History Xavier's never met his Father, but has expressed an dire wish to do so, just to put a sword through his head. Xavier practicaly raised himself, spending his time looking after his twin sister Xia who is well known for being an absolute hellion. The two of them had a falling out many years ago when Xavier got tired of always helping her out whenever she fell into trouble, cleaning her up and helping her break various adictions only to have her fall back into the same kind of trouble. Recently Xavier and his sister made up when Xavier tracked her down in the demonwastes and brought her back to Shadowfast.

Currently, Having been reunited with his twin sister Xia, Xavier and her run the new Arcane Congress Outpost in Caershadowfast. with the two of them being in charge of 'breaking in' the new regiment of battle mages that have been posted there, so far Xaviers harsh methods followed by Xias intimate knowledge of the Demonic tribes of the demon wastes and various beasts coupled with plenty of opporunity to practice their new tactics.


LN Male Aasimar

Beguiler 10

Apperance Domdaniel is short for a man, standing at 5ft 10, he has an athletic dancers build and golden skin. His hair is silvery white in colour and held at a length common to academics and artists, Domdaniel has an exotic efforless beauty appearing slightly effeminet. but its his golden eyes that tend to draw attention as they glitter with no small amount of mischeif.

Personality Charming, laid back and generally fun to be around during his civilian time. Domdaniel becomes serious and cold on the battle field, Domdaniel and Mar are a couple, who have said they would get married. If "All the other stuff wouldn't get in their way", which most of the others believe is just an excuse to cover the fact that both of them are afraid of settling down.

Now of course, with Zengi dead and the political scene having relativly cooled down Domdaniel took the time to marry Mar, the two of them now run the hidden Wardens garison in Caer Shadowfast, With Domdaniel remaining in the headquaters most of the time to organise the Wardens in their duties.


LN Female Changeling

Spell Thief 12

Appearance: Mar never uses her own appearance, she's almost always subconsciously shapeshifting into someone else. usually the person she's talking to. which at times tends to creep people out. The only person to see Mar in her Trueform is Domdaniel so no one else is really sure what Mar looks like. aside from the changeling basics.

Personality: Mar is one of those people who is constantly happy, a side effect of her Aberrant Mark, which gives Mar the ability to manipulate emotions. Mar is easily excitable and very clumsy. bad luck seems to just surround her at times.

In battle, Mar is the complete opposite of her normal cheery and laid back self.

History: Mar is the youngest member of the remaining Cabal operatives. She was raised with her family in Metrol, who were members of one of Cyre's black ops units. Mar was trained by various mentors and teachers in various combat arts, and as such is quite a skilled combatant with various light weapons.

Mar's real skill is fighting spell casters, so naturally she was sent to join the Cabal when she came of age. She was then placed in Kael and Rae's unit and has been considered a part of their group ever since. Kael and Rae see Mar as their little sister, and as such are extremely protective. Xavier sees Mar as an annoyance. and spends most of his time ignoring her. Mar is now second in command of the Underground Wardens headquaters in Caershadowfast. She's currently opperating under deep cover as one of Mallorys assistants around the shop, serving to pass information onto contacts and other hidden Wardens in Caershadowfast.

Mallory Tallarin

CN Female Half-Elf / Half-Pixie

Spirit Shaman 5/Witch 5/ Arcane Hierophant 2

Appearance: Mallory appears to be a woman in her mid-twenties, with flowing blond hair, glittering blue eyes, a mischievious grin and a substantial amount of bosom despite her small stature Mallory wears simple peasants garments with ribbons in her hair and a few rune bones dangling from her belt.

Her familiar Bert, a big ginger cat with only one working eye, wears a red ribbon around his neck.

Personality: Mallory would be described as energetic and wild by a kind viewer and uncontrollable and crazed by an unkind one. Xavier would describe her as a crazy b*tch. Mallory has a motherly personality, and tends to mother each one of the cabal. referring to them all with pet names Mr. Scowlsalot for Xavier ( her favorite), Angel for Domdaniel, Mar as 'my little apperentice', Little Rae for Rae (despite Rae being six foot) and Kael as Kae.

Mallory is a incorrigible gossip and meddler, but despite this she gives excellent advice and is known for her ability to cure any illness. be it malady of the body or malady of the heart. Mallory has a special place in her heart for Xavier, or as she calls him Mr. Scowlsalot, and is constantly teasing or mothering him.


Mallory is one of the oldest members of the watchmen, at nearly four hundred years of age, Mallory is the widow of one of The Magehounds : Daelian, who died during the lastwar. Due to her long marriage to one of The Arcane Congresses Magehounds Mallory has been privy to all manner of secert information. When her husband died, Mallory decided to take a greater part in The Arcane Congresses workings, running a small safehouse in a village in the reaches for wounded Magehounds and Wardens. Presently, Mallory owns a shop in Caer Shadowfast, she's very popular with the peasntry of Caer Shadowfast because of her low prices and sunny demenor. she works as a part time healer as well, when battle is joined she often works side by side with Patch in the hopsital. Despite the brisk buisness that her shop does, It also serves as a front. In the cellars of the shop are passages that lead to the new Wardens headquaters for Caer Shadowfast.

Talynn CN Male Elf Wizard 10/ Sandshaper 2

Apperance A large shurikan held in his one hand, the curved blades of the shurikan were the size of short swords and were glistening with inspired blood. The figure wore brown robes, the hood obscuring his features, over these robes he wore a set of Darkwood armour, similar in design to Kael and Raes. On the figures back were two large gords along with a double bladed scimitar.

History Talynn is an Field Officer from the Cabal, during the war Talynn and Kaels squads worked closely together on the larger battle fields. Talynn is in someways a typical Valenar, he knows nothing but the battle field and fights with the Valenars own wild abandon. Talynn is one of the few Valenar that resisted the High Kings betrayl of Cyre, considering it a stain on the Valenar honour. Taylnn is still well known amungst his kindred however, even in the High King keeps a close eye on the movements. Amungst the Valenar Talynn is know as : " Talynn of the Red Sands" or " The Sage of Shifting Sands" for his trademark sand based attacks.

Presently, Talynn has disappeared completely, supposedly returning to Aerenal but every so often rumours turn up of a brown cloaked stranger weilding the sands themselves as a weapon.

Personality Talynn is enigmatic in personality, he closely obeys his own personal code of honour along with the traditions of the Valenar but at the same time he could be considered a vicious and mercyless foe.

Gagragash Ogbog, "The Iron Magus" LN Male Half Orc Artifcer 8/ Wand Adept 2*

Apperance: Built like an Armoured Car, scarred and thourghly orcish in apperance, Ogbog (whose last name means 'Mighty Warrior') looks like an Orc in bad fancy dress as a wand slinging wizard.

Personality: Though brutish in apperance, Ogbog has a suprising amount of intelliect and is one of the more powerful members of the Cabal. Wielding his massive warhammer ( An old Daakan Artifact), wands and various scrolls Ogbog is a fearsome opponent indeed. He is also, as many large people are, perhaps one of hte most kindhearted and gentle people around though he doesnt let this get in his way in a fight. Ogbog is a hero amungst the Urban Goblinoid community, and is frequently seen corousing at his Brothers bar with his Goblinoid friends when he's not busy with his duties as a Cabal member Ogbog currently runs a smithy in Caershadowfast with his wife Therkla

  • Despite apperances, Ogbog is really a half-orc not a full orc. His father was a Cannith Magewright who fell in love with an Orcish Woman from the Shadowmarshes. Resulting from this union, Ogbog is an Aberrant Marked whose Mark focuses on the use of Magnetism

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