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The Kingdom of Vulsara had several phases and traces its existence to a series of happenstance occurrences. They break down into a few phases:

A Shadow of Amber[edit]

One realm in a set of infinity.

Coming of Benedict and Vance[edit]

The need for speed and the effects of television

The tale of the discovery and creation of Vulsar depends on an occurrence soon after the beginning of King Random's reign.

The tale tells of a despondent Benedict showing up at Princess Flora's mansion in Westchester, New York and spending a few months there on a bender. Benders are rare in his long life but this was epic. He had been appointed Marshal of Amber in the days after the return of the King. after establishing defenses, establishing a more strong general staff, he went to rasak and discussed with his personal staff many of the failings of the armies of Amber as established by Oberon.

When all that was done he got drunk. While drunk he shadow walked and eventually ended up in Westchester. once there, the staff provided him food and alcohol and he amused himself. Uncharacteristically he began watching television in one of Flora's guest rooms.

in time he ran across a Science Fiction series called Star Trek. It comprised a number of series in the franchise of both movies and television shows. He became obsessed. He watched all of them repeatedly. He read all the books written in the genre. He attended a number of conventions where the series was revered and spoke at length with dedicated fans. Dressed in garb represented in the series he blended in well in the fandom events and none of the attendees knew just what kind of man they spoke to.

After almost a year in Westchester, while in contact with his underlings in Amber, he determined to find more Star Trek episodes then existed in that world.

So he planned out a shadow walk to a world nearby where the original series had lasted 8 years rather then 3 and the fandom had driven the writers to create a dozen series and almost 40 movies based in the Star Trek Universe. He devoured all of them, memorized them.

Among these series in the second would was one called 'Star Trek Vulsar'. It told adventures of star ships coming and going around a gigantic central planet that was a massive base and center of operations for production, repair, and training for the Star Fleet. This was called Vulsar Base.

At this point he returned to Amber. He dealt with the administrative deatil of his office then went and focused him mighty will on the idea of the perfect version of 'Vulsar Base' and when he had it in his mind he walked the pattern and directd it to send him there.

it turned out that the pattern thought the perfect version of "Vulsar Base' was the one where a grandson of Oberon was a commanding Admiral and had a seat on the Federation Council. This is how Prince Benedict met Lord Vance of Taligir, the son of Prince Delwin.

Prince Benedict and Admiral Vance went into deep conversations between them and made an accord. between them they focused their considerable wills to find a Vulsar Base that had always been a member of Amber's empire. It just had not ben connected to Amber. Yet.

Again Prince Benedict walked the pattern with Lord Vance behind him an the two transported to this Amber Star Fleet and its Amber Federation of Planets.

Vulsar Base[edit]

A technological center in the service of the Kingdom of Amber.

Kingdom of Vulsar[edit]

The arrival of a shadow of the Pattern of Amber and the Creation of the Kingdom.

Randal in the Vulsara Galaxy[edit]

Randal ; a planet in the Vulsara shadow.

Stories of Vulsar[edit]

Vulsar Base[edit]

  • Entry in the Diner's of Amber: This was written by Prince Bleys.
    • Vulsar Star Base

Vulsar; The planet of greens and yellows best seen from space. This is because next to nothing grows here that tops 3 feet unless it was brought from off planet. No natural animal life above the insect level except a sparrow like bird that zoologists can not explain why it is even found on this world since no evolutionary trace of it can be found and it pre-dates space travel and intervention by shadow-walkers. Lucky sparrow. Eerie. This is probably why Star Fleet chose it as the main star port in the eastern edge of the Milky Way.

Vulsar is in a shadow that developed along the line displayed in the Star Trek Travel Guides. Called fiction in many worlds, Benedict none the less found the place.

So what is there? Criminy, what isn't.

Pictured is the city of Vulsar Station. It is the governmental center of this planet. Across the vast plains are the construction facilities that produce a hundred spacecraft a year. Thousands of Orbiters, and tens of thousand of fighters come out of the vast production regions of Vulsar. While replicator technology is rampant they assemble the big stuff by hand.

This is one of the shadows Benedict subtly conquered assuming their technology into the Amber Navy. I remember the day he returned to tell Random about the addition of a thousand starships to the wooden Ships of the Line navy. He chuckled. Actually giggled, saying "Resistance is Futile, Resistance is Futile, Resistance is Futile!" Gave me the chills just to hear him. I wasn't not exactly sure why at the time, but then I don't spend that much time in tech shadows.

No attempt was made to bring this universe of diverse races and creeds, all living under one banner, into the Golden Circle. Ben just walked in, pile-drived shadow manipulation on the folks, and their United Federation of Planets seemed to them to always have been members of the Amberian Federation of Planets, the Amber Star Fleet and a direct part of the nation of Amber. Despite the lack of free will involved, it is probably a step up for them.

Shhhhh!!!!!! Don't tell them this. It's a secret.

Two points about why this card is in the general deck.

While not a Diner of Amber, specifically, they have replicator technology that can instantly duplicate any food it has been programmed to create. So most of the foods you find mentioned here can be replicated. Takes all the fun out of travel.

Secondly, and most importantly for my kinsman, this trump delivers you to The Vulsar Receiving Hall. A giant place starships could pop into and not disturb the furniture. Landing shuttles and all forms of magical & technological transportation forms deliver people here. While it is large enough for massive formal receptions that is not why it is important. The finest Trauma specialists Benedict could assemble wait here. Stasis fields, regenerators, resuscitators, and trauma Docs await the mangled battered and otherwise thrashed Amberite with baited breath. Cool trick, Ben.

Now, let us not accuse Brother Benedict of driving the people too hard in this technological wonderland. In the tropical regions is a series of islands that compare favorably with the most beautiful beaches to be found anywhere. Imported palm trees and adalan plants, flowers in vast profusion. There you can find a dark skinned, long-haired, thong clad sex goddess on the lounge next to you, sipping her mia tai and smoking her ganga dubage, who asks you to smear sun tan lotion on her perfect body, especially those hard to reach areas. Oh, and can you refill her drink, four is usually her limit, but today she wants a sixth!

So while you slather her with the sloppy stuff, plotting your strategy to remove the flimsy twine covering her point of entry, she casually asks for your take on the cross-dimensional exposure of the Benedictine-Amberic warp capacity problems inherent in piloting a starship at warp through shadow. Particularly in-between veils near shadow storms and Chaos effects, and especially considering the trisectional theories that Lord Vance and Prince Benedict debated at the Vulsar gathering at the Amber Star Fleet Grand Technical Convention meeting this morning, of which she is a Spatial Engineering delegate and instructor.

I tell you, it is enough to put you right off smart girls.

As time has gone by a few addendum comments on Grand Vulsara-Vulsar Base seem reasonable. There is a sense of everyone being from someplace else here which anyone who has served in a military can recognize. Orders come, people move, families relocate, and life goes on. But there is also an extremely large population that despite having ancestors who arrived on starships, considers its themselves Natives of what they no longer call Vulsar, or Vulsar Base but Grand Vulsara.

The trouble is the time ratio. Its 60 to 1 in Amber. As has been noted elsewhere the phrase means 60 days in Vulsar for every 1 in Amber. A year here is 12 months of 30 days. So for every 6 days in Amber a year goes by here. It builds up. Children are born, grow, attend school, go to Star Fleet academy, and receive posting on star ships and its not been a year in Amber. Regeneration technology and other forms of age treatments exist, but as an outsider you learn to deal with the Rank and the Office and the Specialist rather then dealing with the people. Its tricky. Because of the time relationships some long lived or immortal races have come here. So if you run across an Elf in a officers uniform, speaking Noldorian, don't fret. They just work here.

New Data. friggin Vular Base is the Kingdom of Vulsara with its own shiny shadow of the Pattern of Amber. damn,thats somc double tough stuff there, Nephew.

'A Place of Passage A story of the creation of the Kingdom of Vulsara[edit]

Vance.jpg[[1]] Voya.jpg[[2]] Vek am.jpg[[3]]

To say that the skies over Vulsar Base were accustomed to starships would be an understatement.

The massive planet below its many moons had star bases, City Ships, construction facilities, repair stations, Commercial Hubs, and docking ports nearly covering it's sky like stars. Each of the races that were members of the Amber Federation of Planets in the Vulsara galaxy had their own strongholds that serviced their own ships and the good-natured competition for the best spots was fierce.

Not that proximity mattered to them really since transporter technology was used far more often for transportation of materials and personnel then runabouts or shuttles. Still, Vulsar had certain surface features that were particularly attractive and the federation council doled out the best parts of space greedily.

If a planetary view could be considered a prized commodity then the cheapest real estate above the world was over the Ujāṛa desert mountain range. It was a testing ground for starship weaponry and had been blasted with every type of munition the races of the federation possessed. From ships in orbit, high altitude star destroyers, low altitude fighter crafts to drone and unmanned detonation devices. It had hosted battles on the grounds in nearly every level of technology the kingdom used. It also hosted a number of extremely rugged adventure races from time to time. The mountain range was harsh and rugged and towered 20,000' above the center plain called the Ujāṛa Flat.

What had once been a sixty hundred thousand square mile desert of lifeless mountains, an area the size of the state of Alazka, to you Earthers/Erthes/Urthers, risen up by powerful tectonic forces and scraped clear of life by the brush of an ancient singularity had had a three thousand mile circle burned out of it by ordinances to create a flat hard-packed plain. By custom the only life in the Ujara Flat was the occasional privileged tourist, insects and an incredibly hardy tarantula species that prayed on them, ragged creosote bushes, and the Weaponry Effects Scientists inspecting the results of testing fire.

In the dark night before the last morning of the weapon range's service two people walk out of shadow onto the center of the target zone. The sky above them has been cleared of ships and the sky will remain free of them for a time. The stars shine down without the interference of ships and satellites.

The woman wore a loose green silk serape edged with silver lace. The man wore heavy boot and dark denim jeans and a loose flannel shirt. They laid out a blanket and set picnic baskets aside. They made love in a familiar way excited about the coming sunrise. Afterwards they ate a bit and performed a sacred ritual consecrating the ground to the power of Order and the Unicorn.

If anyone can consecrate a spot to Order it is this pair; one being Dworkin, and the other his paramour, the Unicorn.

Into the vast silence came a noise louder then all the ordinance that ever ravaged and haled down the mountains of this dark plain. It crashes in like the tearing of the universe as the forces of power open a portal from in the Amber Sway into the depths of the Abyss that separates Chaos and Shadow. The stars quiver as the portal leaks wreck and ruin and a spinning fury of might slides through it. Above the spinning plate a floating figure controls the magics protecting the disc, himself, and three figures upon it.

The disc slams to the ground with a quake that shakes the massive world and momentarily disrupts its spin. Across the planet unsuspecting shelves are cleared of decorations and books, stasis fields snap on in critical areas, and the agility of billions is tested.

The small group of people hover off the disc at the last moment, moving up and away from the sudden contact. Protected by a glowing field that repels stone and dust the group moves quickly east amid the sudden uproar of the impact. One flies off to hover above the center of the disc, calling its powers upwards to him. The rest fly to land by Dworkin. Clearing the shielding glow steps a bedraggled man in a once sharp suit, holding a woman in one arm and a babe in the other. The look on his face is similar to that of a man who suddenly is dragged from the audience of the circus into the tiger's cage and told he must master them while juggling chamber pots and dynamite.

The hovering man spins slowly in the forces, directing them, light running along the increasingly bright engravings on the disc. Its surface an enraged plain of fire and assault, responds uncertainly with a sense of its own excitement and pain. At the edge the woman who is the Unicorn steps onto the disc and begins a leisurely walk twisting along the pattern that glows colorfully behind her. The raging red ahead of her senses her with glee and expectantly rises to greet her.

Around the edge of the disc Dworkin walks, the Jewel of Judgment on his breast, sanctifying the new place, locking the thing.

The City Ship and the New King

In the sky a ship comes from hyperspace and floats above the ruined land beginning its new life. Star Fleet member nation of the Voth Empire has gifted this city ship to the Empire of Amber and its captain waits the command to put it to its permanent use.

Hovering over the disc, the man sees the Pattern of Amber reemerge from the remnants of the fiery hell he had dragged it. Looking up he sends a silent signal to the captain of the massive ship above that slowly enters the atmosphere. Its undercarriage splitting to reveal the inner area prepared to cover the work below. The undercarriage separates as planned to create long spikes that striking the land pierce deeply to begin the construction of the protections beneath the new pattern's home. Settling hard the ship seems ready.

In the wake of the massive ship's descent followed thousands of smaller vessels that swarm it like bees. Each one depositing tons of rock and dirt and vegetation from three worlds that had been broken down for parts. The piles rise above the ship and is directed by the hovering man, well-known to the ship's crew, and by the Unicorn, Dworkin, and the man bearing precious cargo. The work above continues for days as other things occur. In time the weather control system on Vulsar will turn its combined might on the mound, bringing a cleansing rain to accumulated worlds of dirt spreading out the loam and giving battered vegetation room to grow. The ships fill the ring of mountains till what had ben a ring of surrounding mountains 20'000' high now has a plain that is 10,000 feet above sea level. While the dirt was pild many star ship of differatn designs landed, wer connected, and the dirt around them filled, soaked, burying them and in this way creating a massive subterranean city.

Deep within the ship, now the city of Vanvalta, The ships crew finishes beaming to quarters in the Main Vulsar Base on the other side of the planet. The only remaining residents settle onto seats to examine the newly implanted construct, the rescued and repaired shadow of the Pattern of Amber, ripped from duress in the depths of the Abyss.

The Master of the House, King Vance of Vulsar, receives the blessing of his great grand parents before they depart.

Stepping to the rumpled man he takes the woman and leads her to a ships lounge with an open view of the vast interior room. Settling her on the sofa, he sits beside her. The other man walks over and sits, cradling the baby.

Vance speaks to the man, "You have my deep thanks, Vek. That last part was dicey as it was and without you I might have failed in the whole endeavor. I consider myself deep in your debt and want you to know that I consider that a debt you may call in at will."

Cradling the babe low, he flips a cigarette out and lets it light. The smoke carefully avoids the newborn child. "Yes, its convenient to have a Chaosian familiar with the Abyss handy in your deck of cards. However, I feel certain I'll have to answer for crimes against the State at home. I may come to you as an exile to collect on favors owed. "

Vek looks into the eyes of the babe in his arms, imagining a vast future.

"That is a Hendrake hellmaid you found time to impregnate. One of note, a cousin of mine no less. Her's is a complicated bloodline, cousin, as is mine. Between tearing Amber blood from the Courts and stealing what i'm sure Swayvil and the Lords of the Abyss would argue is their property, powerful property at that, I think you have made enough enemies today to keep you busy for a thousand years. Random had better expect a response."

"Random knew my purpose. Who I met along the way he had no way of knowing." Vance says while examining the woman.

Vek continues, pointing with the cig, "she is a child of Voya, Dara's mother. That makes her the aunt of the Ambassador to Amber from Chaos. It matters not that she was unknown to Amber till now. There will be issues. And your child by her, is more Abyssal, then Chaosian or Amberite. She may trace her blood to Benedict, as I do, but she will have powerful connections in Hendrake, Helgram, Channicut, and Jesby. Not to mention what connections she may have developed in centuries in the Abyss. Voya was a great warrior, a gifted Hellmaiden even if her birth occurred after Lintra's death. Dara may have been little more then a waif at the time of Patternfall but Maylon and Voya had centuries, perhaps millennia, of battle behind them in realms along the Black Road. They stood near the cadre of bone warriors I was a member of at Patternfall. Do not delude yourself that there will be no consequences."

"I did not come to you entirely voluntarily but my own actions will paint me guilty in many of the eyes of Chaos. Frankly, I'll be lucky to live through an audience with either the Duke or the High Lord. You have incurred many debts, Amberite. I will not be shy in collecting."

Looking up at Vek King Vance nod. "You have made your point. I am warned. I acknowledge debts owed. Will you stay for a time?"

Vek smiles, 'I assume I can find a room in this new city of yours with a piano and a supply of bourbon."