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This work was originally designed for the Jeweled Amber Campaign. As it is listed here however it is being updated for the Jeweled Road and the War of Balance campaign. Greenwhitedrapedsword.gif

House Bariman- Originally a House of Chaos, founded by Dworkin Bariman, a contender for the seat of the High Lord of Chaos. The details of his house geneology was initially delivered to King Random by Maylon Hendrake, and specifically included the results of the line of Barimen developed in Chaos by the joining of Benedict & Lintra. It also included other groupings of not normally included members of the House. These elements were confirmed by several sources including Dworkin & Finndo.

Dworkin's Heirs and Spares

This is a compendium of the Heirs of Dworkin and House Bariman. It has no say over the allegiances of those represented.

The names in italics are not included in King Random's Deck. Though the existence of the individual is known.

See the colorful family trees: Family Tree of Amber

For Specialized groupings look at Bariman Family Collections

The included List does not list individuals in birth order nor in Order of Precedence

Dworkin Bariman


House Barimen Linage



Children of Dworkin-The First Generation[edit]



-King of Amber. Founder of the Kingdom of Amber, creator of the City and Castle of Amber. Last known to be at rest, if not totally dead, in the Tomb of the Ancestors of Darkness



-A painter of great talent. In many shadows he is assumed to have committed suicide in shadow. The details of the Vincent Line are unknown to the general public.



Daughter of Dworkin & Verna. Twin to Hagalta



Son of Dworkin & Verna. Twin to Satura


the Secon Generation:Children of Oberon, Vincent, Satura, and Hagalta[edit]

First Brood

Fleece. Son of Oberon[edit]


A Lord of Mandalay. Once a Lord of Chaos. A giant Wolf. This is Oberon's first child and one that he fathered in his own earliest youth. He might be considered a by-blow rather then a child raised by Oberon. Yet he echoes across the endless years and the tactless distances as the soul of the wolf. No creature that is a shadow of canine born will raise paw against him. Primal creatures consider him an equal.

Adrian. Son of Oberon[edit]


High Lord of Mandalay. The first child to be raised by Oberon and Dworkin.

Cymnea Daughter of Oberon[edit]


Born in ancient Thulusia. Became Queen of Amber and bore Osric, Finndo, Benedict, and Borlak to Oberon before he discovered her paternity. A mighty sorceress and an ex-queen of Amber. It was soon after their marriage was dissolved that the Consanguinity Laws were enacted.

Aside from the controversy around their kinship, Cymnea was a good queen of Amber. In the earliest of days she formed the Court of Amber and supported the growth of the City and Nation of Amber during 10 centuries that Oberon was calming Shadow. Many Noble Houses bear Warrants of Title where her name is higher than Oberon's, denoting a Grant awarded while he was away. Even after her banishment he did not demote these houses or cancel town charters. She currently lives in a secluded monastery that she has not left for centuries. However, this does not hinder her from being the "Elephant in the Living Room" of Thelusian politics. She has walked the Pattern and has a Wild Imprint.

Cymnea-Jeweled_Amber Article of Submission

Av Reet. Son of Oberon[edit]


Lord of the Djinn. A creature of great magical powers with fingers in many power sources. He is known to have walked the pattern as well as being a master of the Mal at Reiss.

This card is not in the King Random's Deck

Eater. Son of Oberon[edit]


This monster is an abomination to Amber. It is a creature of vast evil, devouring hunger, and limitless cruelty. This Dark God of the Undead effects tens of millions of shadow veils as the ultimate evil, the eater of the dead, and the destroyer of worlds. A massive figure, over twenty feet tall, can rip apart the strongest of creatures using arms and teeth. It spreads fire and quakes and the plague wherever it walks. It has a formidable sense of its own survival that is heightened animal cunning and not the intelligence of a man.

It is immune to non-magical weapons, immune to gases, poisons, and most elemental attacks such as fire, water, cold, and electricity. It fears nuclear fire but it is not clear why since it does not seem to damage him. He has not walked the pattern.

This card is not in the King Random's Deck

Hinarik. Son of Oberon[edit]


This dark necromantic sorcerer is mad beyond comparison. He controls a Black Zone shadow that he fills with the corpses of the dead. For a hundred shadow veils around his stronghold the dead magically disappear and arrive in his realm, where he performs dark rituals and they join his Army of the Dead. Behind the Gate of Snakes wait his horde for the day they are freed and they may follow him to the utter destruction. His main beef seems to be with Black Zone Pact Instrument Kingdoms. He leads his undead into their cities, laying them low, until the powers must act. For him neither matters, the dead all return to him as it is. He can get more uses out of them. Death is no reprieve from Duty. He has not walked the pattern.

This card is not in King Random's Deck

Vox. Daughter of Oberon[edit]


This magnificent beast is amongst the mightiest of the Dragons of Shadow, casting shadows of dragons from one end of shadow to the others. Nearly all the dragons of Chaos have either a grudging respect for Vox, and many are openly Amber Cultists of hers. Not directly an enemy of Amber, she has had little contact with Amber over the centuries. Oberon is said to have actually flown Vox in combat. She is amoral but not necessarily amoral-evil. She looks where she and her kind might profit. Gigantic barley describes her. A body length from neck to nuts is 800 meters, every millimeter of it encrusted with precious jewels.. Tip to tip, her wings are 600 meters across and can create devastating buffets of wind, mixed with her fiery breath. Her tail is 800 meters and capable of precise movements. Random claims that Vox has assayed the Pattern at least once. She does not contest the role of Dragon King with her brother Hanvir, though Vox is bigger. Bets are being taken in many places for when these two finally come to claws.

Nalshik. Daughter of Oberon[edit]

D Nalshik.jpg

Among the Monsters of Amber is found the Spider Queen. A daughter of Oberon in a very dark world. Ganthri is the ruling shadow of a collection of a thousand interlocking realms. Nalshik rules Ganthri. Her bite is poisonous and her mother almost certainly came from Chaos. She is a ferocious predator, a living black widow spider and a nymphomaniac. Unlike the spider she does not necessarily kill her mates. She tends to like to keep them around as long as they are useful and playful. She dominates any of her own shadows she can find, slay those she could not break, enslaving those she could. She is the ultimate narcissus. She has walked the Primal Pattern, as well as having assayed the logrus, Mal at Riess, Sigil of Bursain.

'An Academic Note Concerning the Second gt[edit]

From,the Universities of Fantalinn comes a possible earth shadow reflection concerning a Kingdom of the Hittite and the fallout of the first brood. Found here. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C5%A0uppiluliuma_I

Second Brood

Osric. Son of Oberon and Clymnea[edit]


The first Son of Amber. Osric was Oberon's main assistant in the creation of the State of Amber. He laid the cornerstone of the Castle Amber. Thought to be dead for most of Amber's time he was discovered to be alive during the Patternfal War and afterwards briefly came to Amber. He rendered his fealty to Random then returned to shadow.

Osric-AoS Article of Submission

Finndo. Son of Oberon and Clymnea[edit]


His trump shows the ex-King of Amber as he broods on his troubled throne. He ruled Amber after Oberon's disappearance. He was claimed to have been destroyed on the Pattern, but also returned out of the depths of shadow to render his fealty and then disappear.

Elfwine Son of Oberon[edit]


A wizard of the Gandalf mold. A powerful name in the Swordage worlds. A Lord of Mandalay. A nature guide for Dash Tours

Benedict. Son of Oberon and Clymnea[edit]


The Weapon Master of Arms for Amber. Marshal of the Armies of Amber. In the Patternfall War he assumed the command of the forces of Amber under King Eric I and defeated the forces of Chaos. Random offhandedly confirmed his continued command of the military of Amber in an incident that confused him so much that he did not realize he was agreeing to serve as Marshal of Amber until after he had done so. Benedict is still pretty sore about this. He and Random discussed this privately, with a mere 50 surreptitious listeners, and despite Benedict's debating skills Random won the case when he told him he should "feel free to leave Amber defenseless at any time he liked and to return to his orchards and rose gardens." Ever since Benedict acts extremely correctly in Random's presence. He has walked the Pattern many times

Benedict-Jeweled Amber Article of Submission

Contemplations on the Nature of Benedict

Orsolla Daughter of Oberon[edit]


The daughter of Oberon and Moiren, Founding Queen of Rebma. Orsolla is a duchess in Rebma, but rarely attends court. She is a largely forgotten person amongst the Rebman nobility. A name on the list of nobles who have prerogatives that do not require they come to court. She travels watery shadows as a goddess of nature. She is often found in one or another as a water spirit, a person of worship in the vast numbers of shadows Rebma casts. She has walked the Pattern.

This card is not in King Random's Deck

Borlak. Son of Oberon and Clymnea[edit]


Rough trade. A mercenary. Very tough. Runs in the Rantar shadow systems. Leads a cross-shadow nomadic horde in the millions. Tall at 7'10, broad at 400lbs, strong even by standards set by Corwin, Eric and Gerard. Single-minded as the seas, relentless as erosion, smart as a politician, merciless as death. One day the forces f Amber will have a terrible time dealing with him.

Borlak-Mine is Rage Article of Submission

Eric. Son of Oberon[edit]


Strong, Personable, determined, arrogant, ambitious. This is Eric, who once ruled Amber as its King and is the only King of Amber to die in combat. Now he is dead and buried. His tomb lies next to that of Corwin, on the other side to Deirdre's, on Kolvir. His is the only one inhabited of the three.

For many years Eric has been seen wandering the halls of Tir no'gath, as if he were King in Amber, though melancholy.

Corwin. Son of Oberon[edit]


Bold, clever, ambitious, musical, a warrior born. Corwin once wore the crown of Amber, is counted as having served as its king, if only for a moment. His tale is told in his Chronicles and many of shadow know of Amber through them. The creation of the Pattern of Avalon has taken all of his time. Rumor is not clear about his plans in Avalon. The scope of Avalon is still uncertain and its creator is not talking.

Evelyn. Daughter of Oberon[edit]


Will she, nil she, the Lady in the Crystal Tower sends only regrets.

Can she, may she, sing brightly though black is all the colors she sees.

Brightly, darkly, the Seer of Song sees only the ravens wing aloft.

Little is know of her, except she has a great sadness that touching the cold card in the deck somehow it seeps through.

She is something of a deity on the world of Twilight

Her daughter is Grace. Grace acts as an intermediary between her mother and those seeking the woman called the Seer of Song.

Deirdre. Daughter of Oberon[edit]


Bold and strong is the warrior maiden of Amber. A fair threat to her militant brothers is this militant sister.

The story of Dierdre at Patternfall is a harsh one. Taken by Brand, a knife to her throat, she fell into the Ayass with Brand when the green arrow struck him.

Soon after the Unicorn exited the Abyss with Deirdre across her back, badly effected by what apparently was a long experience. Considering the function of time in Chaos the time could be vast. Corwin took her from the unicorn, and with his son Merlin, left to Avalon, after the Unicorn's Choice.

In time later it was revealed that the mate of Fleece, a son of Oberon in the form of a great wolf, was also Deirdre. That somehow she had been divided in the Abyss. The method is unknown. The story is that Fleece and his pack rescued her from the Abyss, having fought the Serpent in Wolf-Form, defeating it and carrying Deirdre in her Wolf-form of Deirdre. Since then she has born at least one child to Fleece.

Her tomb on Kolvir of course, empty.

Deirdre inhabited the top few floors of a tall tower that abuts onto Kolvir at the west and rear of the castle. While all of the Amberites have dwellings in various parts of the city of Amber, Hers was a very large mansion in the Restaurant district, Bright Edge, which was a known hang out of Amber nobles & notables. She endowed the place to such a degree that 100 years after Patternfall it is still a regular Friday-Saturday-Sunday nightspot. The host is Dame Fres Mira, her factor in Amber.

Hamilton Son of Oberon[edit]

D hamilton.jpg

A militant son of Oberon with a tempestuous history with his father that makes him less then eager to serve Amber. However, he has submitted an Article of Submission[[1]] to Random.


Nina, Daughter of Oberon[edit]


Little is known of this elusive Princess of Amber.

She and her twin Sister Emilie live in a exclusive shadow Realms of Adagalasck that few have entered.

She is known there as Lady of Water. Mistress of the cold wind of the north.

Emilie. Daughter of Oberon[edit]


Mistress of the South Wind and the Lady of Fire in the Realms of Adagalasck.

These realms have some connection to the Primal realm of Calmir and are somehow associated to the Primal Beast of the Phoenix.

Caine. Son of Oberon[edit]


Clever, lithe, cagey, careful, dangerous.

Nominally second-in-command of the Fleet, this is really just a cover for the worst kept secret in Amber that his real work is as spy-master of Amber.

He often disappears for long periods, to the extent that he spends the vast majority of his time out in shadow, returning just as rumors of coups and deaths surface from realms unfriendly to Amber. Spymaster of Amber is a role both new and challenging for Caine. He has taken to it like a fish to water and has been known to take delight in his new role. His extensive attempts to penetrate shadow with spies is beginning to show good results.

Recently the recovery of Mirelle caused some disturbance and a brief estrangement for Caine and Amber. Delwin briefly served as Spymaster but his methods proved too draconian and Caine was reinstated.

Caine's quarters in Amber are a luxurious suite on the top floor of the main castle gate-house. He also has a townhouse on the outskirts of the city, on the coast.

Caine-AoS Article of Submission

Julian. Son of Oberon[edit]


Stoic, and reserved, calm but wary, this is the Warden of Arden, guardian of the land-ward approaches to Amber, a duty he performs from Castle Arden, the center of a web-work of defenses and fortifications through the whole of Forest Arden. Still the same extreme, emotionless, almost psychotic person he was before Patternfall.

He formerly served as a Commander of the Amber Guard and the Warden of Arden.

Due to an encounter with the Unicorn, Julian has become a champion for the Church of the Unicorn. His quarters, on the fairly rare occasions when he stays in Amber, are a Spartan suite of rooms in the isolated westernmost tower of the castle.

Recently he took leave of his duties in Arden and has gone to join his wife Nina and became King of Adagalasck

Julian-AoS Article of Submission

Gerard. Son of Oberon[edit]


The strongest man in Amber.

Admiral of the Navies of Amber. He is intimately involved in the build up of naval forces in Shadow.

Gerard-AoS Article of Submission

Jaques. Son of Oberon[edit]


Conde Jaques del la Marot stands in profile casting his eye to the left. This Marshal of France has devotion to spare but has dedicated himself to one less than himself. He is Napoleon's favorite bulldog, and Louis's executioner. He has never been to Amber but has walked the pattern somewhere in shadow.

This card is not in the King Random's Deck

Delwin. Son of Oberon[edit]


Who is the dark prince grinning out his auburn brow?

His eyes are clear and brown as maple syrup. His economical movement and his stare give one a sense of dread.

His elegant attire, proper manner, cultured intellect, and quick wit makes him welcome at the finest soirées. He is a sorcerer of note and an artist of genius.

Once a bitter foe of Oberon's, he is now reconciled to the crown. After a brief stint as Director of Secret Police in Amber he went off to wander in shadow. His desire for privacy seems to have faded away.

Delwin Article of Submission

Sand. Daughter of Oberon[edit]


This daughter of Oberon, Sister of Delwin, Is strong, determined, and outgoing. An athlete, an archer of incredible skill, and a implacable, if not militant, foe of Amber. A Lady of Mandalay. A Tour Guide for Dash Tours

Kundjiq Son of Oberon[edit]


Josef. Son of Oberon[edit]


The strong eye of this son of Oberon sees clearly the length and breath of Shadow but his heart is with his people, the Ni Mee po, mistakenly called the Nez Perce. Born Hin-mah-too-yah-lat-kekt, Thunder Rolling Down the Mountain, he was given the name Josef by the settlers into his land.

When war came on iron shod hooves he led his people on the great trek to flee the soldiers of the United State of Antheris. His flight awoke his inborn skill to shadowwalk and he led his people through shadow to the Vine River region of an unnamed world and saftey.

There he reconciled with Oberon, who taught him the ways of Shadow and gave him domain over The Vine River world[[2]], called Wallowakias by his people. He set off then to seek in shadow remnants of his defeated people, seeking his children. He peopled Wallowakias with shadows of the People. He married a rough conflicted woman, Reane Vil Sar[[3]], who once served as Commander of the Amber Guard and as Oberon's chief torturer.

Hanvir. Son of Oberon[edit]

D-hanvir.jpg Hanvir-h2.jpg

Black walks the breath of death and yellow are his eyes.

'The Dragon King of Amber and the Patron of death from above.

Hanvir is a Dragon King in a vast stretch of shadow where Dragonkin are the ruling forces. He and Random have had substantive talks and it may be just a matter of time before he comes to Court.

Fiona. Daughter of Oberon[edit]


Red is the hair of this daughter of Clarissa and heir to the magic of Amber. She was a pupil of Dworkin. Like Bleys, Fiona was not particularly trusted after the War, and was kept under subtle observation. However, she did seem somewhat more co-operative than Bleys, helping with the drawing of Trumps, and the investigation of Corwin's Pattern. Her quarters in the castle, which are still kept maintained in case of her return, take up a whole tower near the center of an otherwise unused section of the castle. As well as her living quarters the tower contains assorted laboratories and other facilities.

Fiona-AoS Article of Submission

Bleys. Son of Oberon[edit]


Called the Second Son in Amber to denote his being the second at sword play behind Benedict, Second behind Fiona in Sorcery, Second behind Caine at intrigue, and second behind Brand in bad behavior.

Although he helped save the day at the battle of the Patternfall, because of his connection to Chaos, after the war Bleys has kept low-key, subtle observation to hopefully stop him repeating his earlier actions. At Random's request he has become involved in teaching Sorcery and shadow magic, as well as training troops in swordplay. He has been very careful in Amber, trying to prove his loyalty and his reliability.

After a court dinner early in the new reign, where Random maneuvered Benedict into accepting the Office of Marshal, Bleys began drinking heavily and engaging in ever more bizarre behavior.

The owner of two theater companies in Amber as well as numerous endeavors in shadow, he has been the prince at the party at many social gatherings amongst the nobles and merchant houses. The Amber Guards once arrested him for a binge in Little London where he decried the loss of all his ambitions due to the Unicorn's choice.

He has a vast collection of bad habits but his humor offsets them with grace and charm. His surprising loyalty to the new king is as much a surprise to him as to everyone else.

Diners of Amber Article of Submission

Llewella. Daughter of Oberon[edit]


This princess of Amber prefers the watery depths of Rebma and the watery shadows it casts. When in Amber unofficially (which is very rare these days) she has a small suite of rooms looking onto the same garden courtyard as Gerard. Until recently she was the Ambassador to Amber from Rebma, replaced by Rene Moir, the son of Moire and Corwin. A quiet, secretive, Friendly, and creative woman, her lifestyle is a blank to the people in Amber because all her life she has avoided it.

She owns no property in Amber and her only dwellings there is a small one-room apartment in the castle and a small one-room apartment in the Rebman Embassy.

She is a sorceress with a specialty in Mirror Magics.

Llewella-AoS Article of Submission

Brand. Son of Oberon[edit]


The villain of the piece. The prime mover of the Patternfall war. Bold, outlandish, erratic, explosive. This prince of amber was loved and reviled, enjoyed and detested. Warped and driven. In the end he fell into the Abyss in the final battle of the Patternfal War. His extensive sufferings in the Abyss effected him in many ways but his emergence from them has left a pale reflection of the once dynamic person.

Upon his discovery he was brought to Amber. A decree of execution was placed on him and he is housed in the deepest Dungeon till the sentence is carried out. Visiting hours 11 pm to 9 am.

Florimel, Daughter of Oberon[edit]


Rather surprisingly, Flora has become something of a stateswoman, and Random's right hand woman. Her official title is Chief of Protocol.

She has acted as Regent on several occasions when Random has had to leave Amber, and also negotiated a number of the treaties which have brought new shadows into the Golden Circle. She maintains holiday homes on shadow Earth, THelusia, Kashfra, Adzikis in Winter, Nenton, and other less well known worlds.. As Chief of Protocol she is in charge of arranging for official meetings between Amber and other kingdoms. She is also in charge allocating rooms in Castle Amber. Her small senior staff include Dame Margot, Dame Lucia Feldane

Much to the surprise of many Flora has become nearly indispensable, frequently working longer hours than Random. Her sleek decorum and good sense has helped her navigate situations where her kin might well have resorted to bloodshed.

Her new quarters in Castle Amber are now a huge, luxurious suite of rooms in the keep, one floor down from the Royal Suite, and opening onto the Sea View Gardens as if they were her own patio. However, she also keeps up her old quarters, a large tower in the body of the castle, fairly near the keep, in case of need.

Son: Zachary

Daughter: Elayne

Flora-AoS Article of Submission

Kibar Son of Oberon[edit]


A high tech super genius. Estranged from Oberon in his youth, he has been traveling among the criminal class of high tech shadows for thousands of years..

Giovanni. Son of Oberon[edit]


This is not the God of War, nor is he Dionysus.

He is a force of nature on the battlefield and is nearly oblivious of his actions afterward.

He is a tavern-brawler and street fighter swaggering through the crowds of shadow's lowest docks and camps.

He is a contender in the wrestling match for Amber's strongest man.

Giovanni is frequently called la Conde, the Count, amongst the sergeants of the veils. He is the master sergeant smacking his path amongst the tough guys and thugs of the lowest levels of the Armies of shadow.

He speaks the Italian of Michelangelo which he learned at the painter's knee. Di Vinci was his drinking buddy.

He can train an army's grunt soldiers in combat skills like few in shadow. He found his way from campaign, to war-band to burning cities and never quite remembers to sign up anywhere. Every army that he sets his tent in seems to assume he is supposed to be there. He has another marker to remember. People seem to forget him, if not his legend. They may remember the Count was around, but he never gets stuck with the blame. He is a good gambler and a good loser. He always has his pockets full and always pays for drinks.

His temper is hard to rile, worse then his berserk combat style, but once it is he never forgets. He has walked the Pattern.

Giovanni "The Commentary in the Guide to the Amberites" New Warren Press

Giovanni-AoS Giovanni's Article of Submission

Dalt Son of Oberon[edit]


Son of Delee the Desecratix.

Dalt-Jeweled Amber Articles of Submission

Random. Son of Oberon[edit]


King of Amber by the touch of the Unicorn's Horn

Something of an enlightened dictator. The Iron Fist in the Velvet Glove

  • He has managed to reform Amber considerably since he came to power, cutting abuses and red tape, plus a lot of court formality. This has made him popular with the people, though there have been grumbling from the other members of the family.
  • Due to Random's efforts (and, some think, his not being Oberon), Amber city has expanded to nearly twice its size prior to his taking the throne, and the Golden Circle has nearly two-thirds more members than it did before. He is also responsible for the upgrading of the standards of living in Amber, repaving the streets of the Kingdom, imposing plumbing reforms, and otherwise nudging Amber to a more modern way of life.
  • His civic improvement project of paving the roads of Amber with puzzled stone became joined with the jeweled creation of the Mark of Mandalay to create the Jeweled Road
  • Although he still likes a drink and a gamble, Random is a serious and attentive King, and as a result looks considerably more careworn, and older, than he did before taking the throne.
  • Random and Vialle occupy the Royal Suite, which takes up a large percentage of the top floor of the main castle keep. Needless to say it is a huge, luxurious set of rooms which as well as the normal facilities also includes a number of conference and meeting rooms.

Mirelle. Daughter of Oberon[edit]


Mad, sad, and intense. Mild, Joyous, and sly. The daughter of Oberon slips and weaves in her pleasant madness.

This full sister of Random and Giovanni is a frail and broken creature. She is charming, lovely, and outrageously funny. But she is also sad, suicidal, and for unknown reasons her dementia is untreatable.

Phillipe Son of Oberon[edit]

D phillipe.jpg

A musician and a bon vivant. If an Amberite can find anything they wish in shadow this Prince found a life of luxury and ease. Militant in his early life, he is not without defenses. However he has sought realms specifically free of violent conflict and far from the waves of war the struggle between Amber and Chaos can bring. A frequent presence in Mandalay he has turned down a lordship there at this point in order to not be seen as taking sides against what is arguably his homeland. He is associated with Dash Tours

Evelar Daughter of Oberon[edit]


Warrior twins from a very violent collection of world. Evelar and Evankala are avenging warrior heroes.

Evankala Daughter of Oberon[edit]


Warrior twins from a very violent world. Evelar and Evankala are avenging warrior heroes.

Pierre Son of Oberon[edit]


A son of Oberon with little connection to Amber. He visited once, walked the pattern, and fled into shadow. He can be found in the Ganras galleries[[4]]

Coral. Daughter of Oberon[edit]


A youngster, probably the last of Oberon's offspring. She is of Begman origin. An arranged marriage with Rinaldo worked well for a time but she stepped down as the Queen of Kashfa.


Relmopator Son of Satura[edit]

The Line of Verna


Mysterious, Macabre, and Magical... An odd man with a creepy vibe, yet a sense of great power about him despite his frail appearance. Realmer is usually found in dark places delving and in the company of unusual associates and Magical Beings and Creatures. Grandson of Dworkin and Verna, Son of Satura and Sir Kandith of Montagar (deceased)… though, rumors have surfaced that his father is actually Hagalta; an Adask from Adagalasck.

Dwynwen Daughter of Hagalta and Satura[edit]


"Insanity is a communicable disease. You catch it from your relatives"- Dwynwen Hagaltadotr

Xorax Son of Hagalta[edit]


Son of Hagalta and Uxtrasa

Drixtra:Daughter of Hagalta and Dwynwen[edit]


Daughter of Hagalta and Dwynwen

Khaza: Son of Corwin[edit]

200 px

 : Third Generation: The Cousins[edit]

Banidoc: Son of Benedict[edit]

Banidoc.jpg :Son of Benedict

Long believed to be a shadow of Benedict serving as his second in command. He was recently revealed to be the son of Benedict and the ancient servant of Amber, Dame Margot. In the foundation days of Amber, Margot, a servant of Dworkin and Oberon, handled the food, cleaning and household details of the small cadre of people living in the land that would become Amber. While Dworkin wrestled with the juvenile(Wild) pattern, Oberon, Osric, Finndo, and Benedict explored shadow, made alliances, built buildings and empires and laid the foundations for the city, castle and nation of Amber. Clymnea helped create the court of the fledgling kingdom. In that time Margot traveled occasionally with each of them and during one of these trips she gave birth to Banidoc, and with Benedict, raised him. Banidoc spent a century in shadow then joined Benedict as his second in command, and all were told he was merely a shadow Benedict had come to terms with. He is strong, and seems almost identical to Benedict, except he has a sense of humor. He is a student of Standup comedians, explaining that their way of communication is the most efficient. Do not let his humor distract you. This is Benedict's first son. He had a sword put in his hand before he was out of his mother's womb.

Dashel Son of Finndo[edit]

Dashel1.jpg Son of Finndo

A regency huntsman and a musical impresario. His age is uncertain but he tends toward a young attitude. Known to live in Adrian's Dramaturge and run tours of people into shadow to experience historical musical performances. He visits Woodstock often.

Rinaldo: Son of Brand[edit]

Rinaldo.jpg Luke1.jpg Son of Brand.

Also known as Lucas Raynald. A friend of Merlin's on shadow earth and a rival. Currently King of Kashfra, much to his own surprise. His mother Jasra is an ex-chaosian Handmaiden of House Hendrake. He often goes by the name Luke and enjoy tech worlds as much as barbaric splendor ones.

Asher: son of Brand[edit]

AsherRedhanded3.jpg Son of Brand

Asher Redhanded Brandson ACNW

Asher, Son of Brand Jeweled Amber

Truman: Son of Gerard[edit]

T Truman.jpg

Son of Gerard.

Truman looks like a twenty something overgrown street punk. His look tends to be very rockabilly with pompadour and tattoos of women on both arms. He tends to wear a lot of sleeveless bowling shirts and the like. He sounds somewhat like Elvis when he talks. He comes off as generally likable but reserved (unless on stage). He is known to party a lot and is rarely seen without a gorgeous woman on his arm. The Urian Pack dotes on him.

Raised secretly in a distant shadow by Gerard he has a strong sense of honor and fair play, one of the few times he is known to go off and kick people's ass is when he catches someone bullying or intimidating others. That is when folk see his wrath. People might dislike his cockiness and flip attitude but this is a son of Gerard, and that is the bloodline of strength.

  • Current Ambassador from Amber to Mandalay
  • Runs tours for Dash Tours

Running Sheet Truman

Samuel Son of Caine[edit]


He goes by the name Robert though it isn't his name. He does not serve Amber and some people are glad of it.

Geryon: Son of Deirdre[edit]

Geryon.jpg Son of Deirdre.

Geryon stands just over six feet tall and weighs in at 220 pounds. His loose red hair flows down across his shoulders like a bloody mane and his crystal blue eyes sparkle in a face that could have been carved from stone. He is usually found in his personal colors: blue, black and silver. Though his attire changes style from time to time, he always has his black thigh high boots on his feet, and a short curved two-handed sword on his hip.

Houk: Son of Adrian & Sand[edit]

Houk.jpg Son of Sand & Adrian

Amber has had many a serious player at the game of diplomacy. Many forces of change have come to the shores of Amber and gone down in defeat. Now comes the Ambassador of Mandalay; Houk, Son of Adrian and Sand of Talgwir. What has Amber come to? Houk, is a Hoka. Fierce at 3'9". Short tempered but patient. Talkative, inquisitive, intuitive, and dedicated. Difficult. Furry. A teddy with a wicked blade.

Dapper in his Brooks Brothers suit, London Fog coat, and silk top hat. His jeweled walking stick is the golden wood of Ygg, with a knocker of gold sheeting over a purple stone, that glows with power. It bears the face of an elderly man, who sometimes speaks. A mage would see the inscribed sigil on the wood that denotes a weapon bearing the Mark of Mandalay. Adrian wants his ambassador taken seriously. Houk wants his words considered carefully. Dworkin wonders what Adrian was thinking. In the vastness of lands are many races and Amberites skilled in shapechange frequently shift amongst them. In a far past both Sand and Delwin traveled with Adrian, unbeknownst to them, an Amberite himself. In a realm called Hooka they found a lovable race of creative, imitative, impressionable creatures called hookas.

This race had little culture of their own but had at some point been the recipient of a library of books, and in their racial love of drama, assumed in turn the trappings of the cultures, idioms, and even the fashions of the storied, fictional realms contained in these books. In their imitative obsession a culture rose from a double thousand different fictional realms, from a dozen different worlds. In shadow, everything is possible. In this world, 3' to 4' teddy bears live as if they were cowboys, spacemen, dwarves, elves, private eyes, dancehall girls, vikings, crusaders, nadsats, canibers, and more different fashions than can be believed.

In this form, immersed to the point of forgetfulness, Adrian and Sand produced Houk and much to their eventual surprise, despite being able to take other physical forms, he chose to remain a hooka.

Nadine:Daughter of Sand[edit]

Nadine.jpg Daughter of Sand.

Joy in a Semite gown. Happiness on two long legs. This is the Earth goddess walking. A noble in Mandalay and the nicest person in all shadow. She would be overly sweet if it was not for her obvious sincerity. 5'6", 120 lb., robust & hardy, with a dancer's grace and an angel's voice, frequently raised in song. Blond and large breasted, wise, funny, loving, and profound. Small animals devotedly follow her and the nastiest hellcats out of chaos curl up at her feet and purr, bellies exposed. It must be true, everything exists in shadow, even a nice Amberite. Yet...do not let this make you forget; she is Sand's daughter, Oberon's granddaughter, and Dworkin's Great granddaughter, with all that implies. Only Flora seems threatened. And not convinced.

Carlos: Son of Giovanni[edit]

Carlos.jpg Son of Giovanni

Duncan. Son of Julian[edit]

Duncan.jpg Son of Julian

Many times a soldier.

Currently the Warden of Arden

Galvar. Son of Osric[edit]

Galvar.jpg Son of Osric

King Random's Personal Bodyguard. A vexingly constant presence near Random.

Fisk Son of Osric[edit]

D-fisk.jpg Son of Osric

Nimble and slick, funny and quick. The Thief King of Amber with a heart of mithril

Nicholas.Son of Bleys[edit]

Nicolas.jpg Son of Bleys

Some apples far near the tree, others roll away. Only time will tell.

Derek.Son of Eric[edit]

Derek.jpg Son of Eric

Vander Son of Eric[edit]

Vander42.jpg Son of Eric

Vander Koenigson, aka 'Corvallis', aka 'Koenig'; a future War God in the making. A highly trained Special Forces Commander from Shadow Earth; A graduate of the Nasty Place and then a second tour as an Instructor; A graduate of Star Fleet Academy, now a Captain of the Cerberus, a Defiant Class Star Ship, part of the Warp Shadow Shift Program. Also an accomplished Surgeon and specialist in Amber Family Medicine and Borg Implants.

Zachary.Son of Florimel[edit]

Zachary.jpg Son of Florimel.

This impresario is the leader of a magnificent circus. The Hepplewhite's Circus and Grand Revue travel shadow and bring the entertaining, amazing and the bizarre with them. One shadow's normal is another's bizarre of course.

Elayne.Daughter of Florimel[edit]

Elayne deFlorimel.jpg Daughter of Florimel

Elayne deFlorimel is a student of the multiverse. She has a blog in the world of Nenton Dabblings of Elayne deFlorimel

After a short time in Amber she has gone into shadow to learn, participate, and experience life. Her mother wanted something else for her.

Lark Harooon.Son of Caine[edit]

D larkharoon.jpg Son of Caine

Lark is a enigma and a creature of mystery even in the courts of Amber. A son of Caine raised in realms of great intrigue, a spy, a master spy, assassin, highwayman and conman.

Stryker Daughter of Dierdre[edit]


Believed to be dead.

Hiroaki. Son of Borlak[edit]


Son of Borlak

Born in the Rie-us-al, a Asiatic world similar to Japan that had conquered the world during the age of the Samurai. Blindingly fast in combat, ruthless, uncommunicative. While not actually in the command staff of his father's Bloody Horde he seems to always be there. He is often sent as an assassin, having many centuries of training in that the ninja arts.

Vance, son of Delwin[edit]

Vance.jpg Son of Delwin

"Will he? nill He? the child of whimsy"

Vance is a child of Delwin, born in Talgwir, who abandoned his father at the age of 22. He manged to walk the pattern and flee into shadow. In shadow he found many way to keep busy, including centuries of baseball, warfare and spycraft. He is a friendly man, open and excited.

An Admiral on the command staff of the Amber Star Fleet

Emma. Daughter of Fiona[edit]

D-emma.jpg Daughter of Fiona

Marke. Son of Fiona[edit]

Marke.jpg Son of Fiona

A son of Fiona and a great lord of the House of Beor. An Ally of the Noldor of Beleriend.

Henry Son of Fiona and Mandor[edit]

Henry 1.jpg

Raised in Antheris in the great city of Nenton, only a few blocks from the Newsstand.

A Conversation on Oracles

Grace. Daughter of Evelyn[edit]

Grace.jpg Daughter of Evelyn

The Harpist of Twilight. A walker of ways. She is a frequent traveling companion of Lisel and often play by the fire.

Red Cloud. Son of Josef[edit]

Red-cloud.jpg Son of Josef

Seek him in Vine River

Martin. Son of Random[edit]

Martin.jpg Son of Random.

Crown Prince of Amber

The son of Random and Morganthe of Rebma, Moire's eldest child. She fell deeply in love with the romantic Prince of Amber. They fled together into shadow. Soon she returned to Rebma with a son, and without a Prince. She soon after committed suicide. Martin was raised in Rebma, known but not often spoken about in Amber. In time he took the pattern, trained with Benedict, and traveled shadow. When he was contacted by Brand, and stabbed, bleeding on to the pattern the Patternfall war had its basis in the damage of the pattern.

Kenshin. Son of Adrian[edit]

D kenshin.jpg Son of Adrian

A forceful voice in the defense of Crown and kingdom of Mandalay. Direct, opinionated and hard on the furniture.

Arloxedra. Son of Eric[edit]

Arloxedra.jpg Son of Eric

Arlo is a nearly constant resident of the Library of Amber. Holding no official role in the running of the Library he is still almost always there. He can usually be found sleeping in one of the chairs or couches. His world of origin is unknown but his references suggest an Earth/Urth/Earuth/Aerth World. He writes copious editorials on works from the libraries that he mostly picks at random. He is meticulously clean, despite having piles of books near where he sleeps and writing material spread over some table nearby. When asked he admits that he has rooms upstairs someplace but he can't concentrate there.

Sharpe. Son of Kibar[edit]

Sharpe.jpg Son of Kibar

A madwand technomage. Grim and demanding.

Andre. Son of Adrian[edit]

Andre.jpg Son of Adrian

A Lord of Mandalay and unofficially the Duke of the Dramaturge

Born After Patternfall[edit]

Tender: Daughter of Fleece& Deirdre[edit]

Tender.jpgDaughter of Fleece & Deirdre

One of the Hounds of Mandalay.

Doria: Daughter of Benedict[edit]

Doria.jpg Daughter of Benedict.

Also called Lady. Lady of Charm. Captain of the Black Company, Last of the Free Companies of Khatovar. Slender yet strong, lithe and nimble, deadly, Doria stands 5'3" but don't let her height fool you. One glance in her icy blue eyes and you can see that visions of death and terror of the darkest flavor have passed within. She is taciturn, but when she speaks the wise man listens. Warriors recognize a force to be respected. Wizards sense a sorceress to be feared. Madmen know their own. Doria needs no defender on the field of war. Her enemies may.

Maylon: Daughter of Benedict[edit]

Maylon.jpg :Daughter of Benedict.

House Hendrake . This bitter and aggressive woman is one of the powerful creatures of the Hendrake part of Chaos. The vagaries of time relationships has given this woman time to become a mighty warrior, sour on the sword, and indulge in and become an expert in the rough politics of the Courts of Chaos. She has sources in dark corners of Chaos that she dips her claws in at need.

Benedict/Hendrake breeding program Maylon is the pinnacle of a manipulative breeding program begun when Lintra, a princess of Hendrake, returned to Chaos unexpectedly pregnant after a night of hate-sex with Benedict of Amber. Lintra gave birth and returned battle near the shadow of Lorraine where she severed Benedict's arm below the elbow at the cost of her own life.

Recently, Maylon was sent to Amber at their Ambassador, replacing Despil Sawall.

Yalla: Daughter of Benedict[edit]


Daughter of Benedict.

A daughter of Benedict, though unknown till very recently. The House Ganth is reeling from this revelation. One of the quartet of Benedict's children born in Juniper with Alagina Ganth. The others being Doria, Desri and Maylon.

The strange situation concerning this manipulated conception has been detailed under the Alagina of Chaos Event

Yalla was the child that was raised in the House Ganth estate

Desri: Daughter of Benedict[edit]

Desri1.jpg Daughter of Benedict

Also called Soulcatcher, a sorceress, one of the Ten Who Were Taken.

Visaly: Son of Benedict[edit]

Visaly.jpg Son of Benedict

This son of Benedict was born on Vulsar Base and raised in a technological realm of plenty. And he hated it. Trained as an elite warrior of Amber's Star Fleet, a well as the Tosa/York Total Warrior, he fled after his first walk through the pattern.

He has been spending time among the dystopia shadows near Nu Yark

Ghost: Son of Deirdre & the Serpent of Chaos[edit]


Son of Deirdre & the Serpent of Chaos.

One of the Hounds of Mandalay.

Carissa: Daughter of Gerard[edit]


Daughter of Gerard

Stuntwoman, actress, Roller Derby Gal

Rene: Son of Corwin & Moire[edit]

D-rene.jpgSon of Corwin & Moire.

Born in Rebma soon after Corwin's return from shadow at the start of the Patternfall War. Raised largely in the seclusion of the Court of Rebma, never openly acknowledged as either Moire's son, nor as Corwin's son. In the 40's year of Random's reign he came to Amber as the Ambassador of Rebma to Amber, and revealed his parentage much to the shock of all.

Merlin: Son of Corwin & Dara[edit]

D merlin2.jpg Son of Corwin & Dara.

The Corwin Chronicles found throughout shadow were narrated to Merlin on the edge of the Abyss after Amber's victory in the Patternfall War. After Patternfall Merlin became a frequent presence in Amber and his loyalty is a delicate issue between Amber and Chaos.

He wrote a fantasy that included a lot of his adventures into a dream of him becoming King of Chaos. Considerable license was taken with events that really occurred.

Barret Son of Corwin[edit]


Warrick. Son of Corwin and Deirdre[edit]


Son of Corwin and Deirdre



A scion of Brand during his time in the Abyss and the Black Zone outside of it. She has once recently visited Amber to see her father, spoke briefly with King Random, and took her leave having refused to give her fealty. Random's comment was that there was danger ahead from her.

Slain in the realm of Tazilwere.

Macsen Son of Dalt[edit]

Macsen4.jpg Son of Dalt

A sailor from the dusty lands of Trasidy. A friend of birds everywhere.

Donovan Son of Julian and Cyrene[edit]

Donovan1.jpg son of Julian

"What way the whimsy weaves among the Fae only the Lords of Chaos know"

Book of the Serpent of Chaos that manifests as the Logrus. Attributed to Lord Suhay, Master of the Logrus of Chaos

Tesara Daughter of Mirelle and Conf of York[edit]

Tesara2.jpg Daughter of Mirelle

Quick, clever, deadly. And very young.

Skadi Daughter of Dashel[edit]


Sadashi Daughter of Julian and Nina[edit]

Sadashi3.jpg Daughter of Julian and Nina

Aanika Daughter of Corwin and Deirdre[edit]


Alvah Daughter of Delwin[edit]



Alexandra Daughter of Brand[edit]


Alexandra Warband #1

Christopher Son of Caine[edit]

Running Sheet Chris

Gadget- Daughter of Fleece[edit]


Gadget is the daughter of Fleece and Snack. A young wolf, she was chased out of Mandalay by Bruiser.

Rugir-Son of Brand[edit]

Rugir Brandson.png

Son of Brand

Damian-Son of Brand[edit]


Son of Brand

Protegee of Dame Margot

Kinsman-Fourth generation[edit]

Hirem. Son of Jacques[edit]

D-hirem.jpg Son of Jacques

Jade Daughter of Fisk[edit]

D-jade.jpg Daughter of Fisk

A pirate queen, the gallant swashbuckler, a privateer with a quick blade.

Born after Patternfall[edit]

Gaolus-Breeder Daughter of Maylon[edit]

Daughter of Maylon

No images of her exist

Daughter of House Hendrake. Part of the Benedict/Hendrake breeding program.

Elicited an Amber Death Curse. Merged into a Axlotl Tank.

Her embryos created five offspring in the pursuance of the program. Ganril, Faris, Vek, and two unnamed sons.

Voya. Daughter of Maylon[edit]


Daughter of Maylon Part of the Benedict/Hendrake breeding program Bore one child to a Prince of House Helgram; Dara.

Unseen since before Patternfall. She was an active participant in many of the wars along the Black Road in the middle realms near Ygg. She never came closer to Amber's end. After the victory at Kolvir by forces of Amber, she disappeared from public life. She is believed to be deep in chaos in the realms Maylon bore her. She was not part of the Benedict/Hendrake breeding program.

Agrom Son of Vance[edit]

Agrom.jpg Son of Vance

A Klingon born of the amber line.

Unrevealed son of Vance and Voya[edit]

No current image

Valandil Son of Marke[edit]


Silvana Daughter of Martin[edit]



Fifth Generation[edit]

Osa granddaughter of Gerard[edit]

T Osa.jpg

A granddaughter of Gerard, daughter of a dead unnamed mother.



Son of Jade



Daughter of

Born after patternfall[edit]

Falris-Breeder Daughter of Gaolus-Breeder[edit]

Daughter of Gaolus-Breeder

no image exists

Merged into a Axlotl Tank.

Part of the Benedict/Hendrake breeding program. . Deemed viable. Bore 2 children; Shaz Far & RHonda


Daughter of Gaolus-Breeder

No image available

Daughter of Gaolous-Breeder. Part of the Benedict/Hendrake breeding program. Deemed a viable breeder. Bore two children; Gilva & Reestfa

Vek Son of Gaolous-Breeder[edit]

Vek am.jpg Vek-chaos.jpgVek-animal.jpg P-vek2.jpg

Son of Gaolous-Breeder.

A warrior of Hendrake, a sorceror fled from felicity. A musician, bar owner, and sailor on strange seas.

Unknown Male #1-Living Son of Gaolous-Breeder[edit]

Condition unknown

Unnamed Male #2-Deceased Son of Gaolous-Breeder[edit]

Slain by Vek and Unknown Male #1 in the Kitchen pits of Maylon Way.


Dara.jpg Daughter of Voya.

Daughter of House Hendrake.

Descendant of Benedict. Lady of Sawall in Chaos.


Sixth Generation[edit]



Son of Quin

A pirate adventurer in the swordage worlds.

Born After Patternfall[edit]



Daughter of Ganril-Breeder

A stalwart Hellmaiden- Elite female warriors of House Hendrake



Daughter of Ganril-Breeder

Reestfa is a creature of uncertain shape and form. Some attempt on her caused her to spontaneously transcendentally illuminate.



Daughter of Falris-Breeder

Generated as vampire from one of the Black Zone worlds.

Shaz Far[edit]

Shaz Far.jpg

Son of Falris-Breeder A recent graduate of NP. Included in the KRD against his desire.


D merlin.jpg

Son of Dara and Corwin. Author of two well known series of books. Raised in Chaos



Son of Dara and Gramble Sawall


Son of Dara and Gramble Sawall


Also see Thin Whip-Jurt's Tale


Seventh Generation[edit]



Son of Jurt & Untara, Daughter of Cihalas & Xozla

A surprise child of Azcala & Chaos