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Zornig Dwarven Combat Explorer

A character in Licensed Adventuring Company, a Dungeon World game.


  • STR 15 (+1)
  • CON 16 (+2)
  • DEX 9 (+0)
  • WIS 13 (+1)
  • INT 12 (+0)
  • CHA 8 (-1)

  • HP: 26/26
  • ARMOR: 1
  • LOAD: 9
  • DMG: 1d7 +1

  • Alignment: Neutral - Defeat a worthy opponent


  • (Dwarf) War Historian: When you study a legendary weapon, shield, or piece of armor, you can recall its history and any special abilities it has.
  • (Human) Professional: When you spout lore or discern realities about your profession, take +1.
  • Bardic Lore: Grand Histories of the Known World
  • Armored
  • Signature Weapon
  • Hunt and Track


  • 5 Dungeon Rations (1 W)
  • Chainmail (1 W)
  • Signature Weapon: Unblemished Axe. Close. Serrated Edges (+1 dmg). Sharp (+2 piercing) (2 W)
  • 2 Healing potions
  • Antitoxin


  • I don't know if I can trust Dawn. Magic discomforts me. Magic usually comes with evil.
  • I hate to admit, but Sumara saved me once. I owe her.
  • Skins' impulsiveness will get us in trouble. I will teach him to be a better warrior.

Background and History[edit]

Look: Black beard (rather short, about a foot long) without braids or so, round observing eyes, big dark red (almost brown) belt and pants, black boots.

The Combat Explorer is trained like other dwarven warriors and hence, is able to use a weapon like they would. But he also serves as a fount of knowledge in battles. Exploring the battlefield before and after fights. Sometimes acts as a field-scientist and analyst to aid the army in non-combat situations. Though smarter than most of his kind, the Combat Explorer still drinks as much and can be as rude as any other dwarf out there.

On one of his missions, Zornig made camp in the wilderness and got jumped at night by a bunch of creatures he didn't get the chance to identify. Sumara showed up and helped him. They fought the creatures off and got away to safety.

Few years later, he got discharged from the Anvelt Dwarven Army when many of his company got killed in the Diniwed Caverns. They had been hunting some orcs for two days. They holed up in the caverns and set up an ambush. No one knows for sure what happened, but the few dwarves that got out alive, claimed the orcs had a horrible creature fighting on their side. His leaders agreed that Zornig failed his mission to scout and research the possible dangers awaiting their men in the Diniwed Caverns. To this day, he's sure it wasn't his fault, but who knows. After that, he looked for other possibilities to use his skills and make a name for himself. At that point, he met Sumara once again and she advised him to apply to the Adventuring Authority. That's how he ended up here.

His Axe was crafted ages ago, for a dwarven general named Meoin. He died in battle when his kingdom fell and his weapon was lost. It had several names since then, which all kind of derived from 'Meoin's Axe of Misfortune'. Zornig found it on an expedition with his company (finders keepers!) and despite knowing the history of it, just has been calling it 'Hanna' ever since.