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Civil Savage's Dungeon World Game!

Useful Links[edit]

Recruitment Thread

The Pitch & Rules Document

IC Thread

OOC Thread

Our Stars, The PCs[edit]

Name Player Class HP AC Dmg XP Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha Lvl Notes Gold
Dawn Chaomancer Student of the Arcane 19 0 d4 3 8(-1) 9(0) 13(+1) 17(+2) 12(0) 16(+2) 3
Lith Antinomian Tendencies Artifact Retrieval Specialist 19 1 d6 1 9(0) 16(+2) 13(+1) 16(+2) 12(0) 8(-1) 1
Gnish Converges in Probability Shaman 21 1 d6 0 9(0) 12(0) 13(+1) 15(+1) 16(+2) 8(-1) 1
Sumara Unka Josh ??? 21 1 d8 1 8(-1) 16(+2) 15(+1) 12(0) 9(0) 13(+1) 1
Wil Mires Possessed Ravager 18 1 d10 1 15(+1) 16(+2) 12(0) 8(-1) 9(0) 13(+1) 1
Zornig danielstar Combat Explorer 26 1 d7+1 0 15(+1) 9(+0) 16(+2) 12(+0) 13(+1) 8(-1) 1 -


Character Bond 1 Bond 2 Bond 3 Bond 4 Bond 5
Dawn Sumara and I have shared our blood and sworn kinship. Gnish's goblin magic's are fascinating, and I must learn them! There's something fascinating about Lith, fascinating and a bit frightening.
Lith I am conflicted. Clearly, Sumara has some Saurian parentage, and so surely must be part of the Great Suffering, but the Lost Souls refuse to whisper of her other than to say she is beyond their help. I will have to watch over her. Dawn is untested, and thus an unknown quantity. People like that can react unwisely or irrationally. Don't turn your back on her. Gnish seems capable of looking after himself, and perhaps his "spirits" are similar to our Lost Souls. Perhaps he too has been Chosen? I should help him in his quest if this is so.
Gnish Sumara is like our Beastmasters of legend. Maybe she can teach me how to turn into a snake! Lith in non-human in human lands, like me. Time will tell if this will bring us together or drives us apart. Dawn's powers are strong and versatile. I wonder if I can learn something. It also is pure in some way, so perhaps not, might just burn away my black goblin soul.
Sumara Dawn and I have shared our blood and sworn kinship. Lith seems fascinated with me. I'm not entirely comfortable with that. My assorted snakes seem to be very fond of Gnish. Surely he realizes that it's a compliment when he finds them in his bed when he wakes up.
Wil ? ? ?
Zornig I don't know if I can trust Dawn. Magic discomforts me. Magic usually comes with evil. I hate to admit, but Sumara saved me once. I owe her. Skins' impulsiveness will get us in trouble. I will teach him to be a better warrior. -

Our Company[edit]

When we have something to say about our LAC, it'll go here.

Common Resources[edit]

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