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Magical Schools, Colleges, & Orders[edit]

Order of the White Staff[edit]

An organization of mages that operate on the Athernian peninsula and the Northern countries. Led by by Archmage of B'Narj, of late they primarily seem to act to oppose the actions of the Cabal of the Seven Rings, but their overarching purpose and objectives are mysterious.

Cabal of the Seven Rings[edit]

An association of mages that purportedly are sworn to uphold and defend the Amir-al-Emir of the Jhonian Empire, but rumors are that the Cabal is older than the Empire is. What its aims and objectives are are unknown. What is known is that the Cabal is opposed by the Order of the White Staff, and that the two organizations work at cross purposes to each other.

Guilds & Associations[edit]


Fenwalkers Symbol

The Fenwalkers are a group of Rangers sworn to patrolling the Dire Fens, keeping track of the various fell creatures that dwell within, ensuring that the neighboring lands are informed of any potential raids or excursions by these monsters, etc. etc. The Fenwalkers also form search and rescue parties for anyone lost within the Fens, although they do tend to charge expenses for such activities. The Fenwalkers are highly respected by the citizenry of Athervon, and particularly within the City of Avis Armois – even the criminal elements – as their information and bravery have saved the surrounding lands many a time from surprise attacks, and the city at least once from an all-out assault.

Criminal Organizations[edit]

The Five Points Brotherhood[edit]

Five Points Brotherhood

A huge criminal that has bases over nearly the entire Kingdom of Athervon (supposedly). Based out of Avis Inia, The Brotherhood has significant control over illegal traffic flowing on the land route between Avis Inia and Tras Veniri, as well as a heavy hand in distribution to points beyond inside of Athervon. While primarily interested in graft, theft, fencing, and other crimes to commerce, The Brotherhood has enough enforcers and hired muscle to deal violently with any problems that present themselves.

The Mark of the Wolf[edit]

A regional syndicate run out of Avis Armois.

The Black Hand[edit]

Tras Veniri is also the home of one of the most powerful and notorious Thieves Guild in the Lands, Il Salcci Fano (Ven., “The Black Hand”). Operatives and guildhouses of Il Salcci Fano can be found from The Wild Coast to Athervon, in Oisland and as far away as Iruzhin. While rival guilds do exist (there is usually one strong contender in each country), the Black Hand is always a force to contend with where it operates. The Black Hand has a longstanding love-hate relationship with the Council of the Great Houses; for while the members would, in principal, like nothing more than to banish thieves from Veniri altogether, there is not one member of the Council that did not have need of the services of a member of Il Salcci Fano prior to their election to the Council. Thus, the Black Hand endures, keeping their activities out of the limelight, playing one council member off of the others, and offering up the occasional guild member when circumstances force them to do so (usually, they are offered up dead, to avoid any messy trial testimonies).