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Map of the Lands of the Black Sea

Swamps, Fens, & Mires[edit]

Dire Fens[edit]

A massive swamp that forms the southern border of Athervon; an evil place that is avoided if at all possible – but few venture in, and even fewer return.

The Mirecrawl[edit]

The only land route between Athervon and the lands of the Wild Coast to the south, the Mirecrawl is a long, extremely dangerous road that threads itself between the mountains and The Dire Fens. In places, it is little more than a cart-wide outcrop of rock overlooking The Fall on one side and the sheer cliff of the mountains to the west. It is only used by the poor and the desperate, who cannot afford sea travel.

The Fall[edit]

A rocky cliff-like formation that extends almost completely around the landward borders of the Dire Fens, clearly demarcating where it begins. The Fall starts as a low cleft towards the coasts, and rises to a sheer cliff of several hundred feet on the central-western border against the mountains. The Fall has few roads and paths through it that lead into or out of The Fens - thankfully, say those who live on its borders.

Oozing Mounds[edit]

The Oozing mounds, a loathsome swath of hills that are minor bubbling mud volcanoes, constantly spewing forth hot mud and stinking gasses, which run down into the brackish flows of the swamps nearby.


Sink-Mire, a treacherous stretch of the mire that is riddled with quicksand and tar-pits – to be traveled in with the utmost care, and only in the utmost necessity.

The Bleak Marshes[edit]

Sodden grasslands north of Bloodthorn Forest and the Oozing Mounds and south of The Fall, named for one's chances making it across as much as for the dreary landscape.

Moaning Hills[edit]


Lake of Tears[edit]

Silent Lake[edit]

Shadow Lake[edit]

Saltmire Lake[edit]


Lion’s Teeth Mountains[edit]

Iron Mountains[edit]

Grey Mountains[edit]

Copperwash Mountains[edit]

Shrouded Peaks[edit]

Deserts & Steppes[edit]

Sea of Sands[edit]


Great Western Forest[edit]

Bloodthorne Forest[edit]

A no-mans land between civilization and the terrors of the Dire Fens, The Bloodthorne Forest is infamous for being infested with dangerous Blood Ravens, which will attack humans if hungry. It is a place most avoid if at all possible.


A small forest outside of Avis Armois in Athervon, Mistwood has few roads through it, and it sees few travellers - most of which are patrols from the city and the Kingdom of Athervon. The Blackwater River forms the boundary between the unnerving but generally safe Mistwood, and the dangerous and wild Bloodthorne Forest. The small village of Abateurs and the fortified tower of Navro are found at the Blackwater delta - a beleaguered outpost on the edge of the wilds.

Purcell Royal Forest Preserve[edit]

Oceans & Seas[edit]

Sea of Lost Souls[edit]



River in Dire Fens


Islands & Archipeligos[edit]

The Forbidden Isles[edit]

A string of tropical, heavily forested islands that are populated by a variety of creatures. Small human tribes; clans make their homes here, and due to their lack of large militaries and navies, they raided regularly by slavers.


The Frozen Wastes[edit]