Last Breath of Ashenport

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A fourth edition D&D game run by Emma Echo.

Dramatis Personae[edit]

  • Tindy Lou - Shadar-kai Bloodhound Warlock, played by UnknownCorrespondent
  • Sherian - Eladrin Wizard/Swordmage, played by Bladescape
  • Eras Ravenstone - Tiefling Artificer, played by Ferrus Animus
  • Ashiya - Elven Ranger, played by ShadowWhispers
  • Shura Bryseis - Tiefling Swordmage, played by ru
  • Mikal - Human Wizard, played by KreenWarrior
  • Stammel Kanasson - Dwarven Fighter, played by Bira

The Order of the Lidded Eye - of which Shura and Mikal are members.