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Legends of the Second Age


This is a wiki dedicated to the multi-threaded Exalted PbP run on RPG.net by Phantom Grunweasel.

The Stories[edit]

Main OOC thread

Candle, Chiaroscuro.jpg

Candle, Chiaroscuro (Jaingha - introduction)
A soldier's loyalty to her country is tested with jade, steel, and sorcery amongst the glittering spires of Chiaroscuro.

City of Dreadful Night.jpg

The City of Dreadful Night (Humble Raiton - introduction)
A crippled scavenger lord must descend into the forbidden catacombs of Sijan to save the life of her love.

Azure Day.jpg

Azure Day (Diving Star - Introduction)
An irrepressible inventor and explorer finds love, adventure, and wisdom pursuing his wild dream of a floating lost palace in the sky.

The Killing Blow.jpg

The Killing Blow (Tiger - Introduction)
A stoic priestess and gladiator in a sunless, ritual-bound jungle kingdom is betrayed by those she trusts the most, and seeks a terrible vengeance.

On the Isle of Lost Things.jpg

On the Isle of Lost Things (Selim - Introduction)
A mysterious wanderer explores an island of dangerous games, illusions, and mysteries in search of his inheritance.

Walled Garden.jpeg

Walled Garden (Jaingha)
Jaingha must negotiate the snares and unspoken laws of Paragon, a city-state under the total control of a single enigmatic ruler - a paradise to some and a prison to others.

Red Sands, Black Skies.jpg

Red Sands, Black Skies (Jaingha/Tiger)
A pair of Solar heroes, an elite band of Wyld Huntsmen and a dark cabal of deathknights clash in the heat of an epic desert war. Their alliances, feuds, and betrayals will shake the thrones of the South.

The Stormcloud Country.jpg

The Storm-Cloud Country (Humble Raiton/Diving Star)
A wild psychedelic voyage across the face of Creation and into its forgotten past is launched as Raiton sets in motion a plan to free Star from his prison in the sky.

Fata Morgana.jpg

Fata Morgana (Selim/Tiger)
Murder, romance, intrigue, and storytelling amidst the smoke and mirrors of the Trikhan's court.

Side Stories[edit]

A Sea-Change.jpg

A Sea Change
A Dragonblooded adventurer encounters an ancient and newly awoken Anathema on the remote Coast of Storms

All in the Service
A cunning Sidereal elder and his protégé uncover a conspiracy of terrifying implications amongst the upper echelons of the Bureau of Destiny

The Table of Small Stones
A warm-hearted and free-spirited Lunar Exalt negotiates the mysteries of the exotic Elidoh Archipelago

The Hope of Women
A Sidereal demon-hunter must investigate a series of cruel and bloody murders in Nexus

Dramatis Personae - the Solars[edit]

Humble Raiton - Night Caste crippled scavenger lord, played by Argent.

Diving Star - Twilight Caste sorcerous artificer, played by chrespo.

Karal Jaingha - Dawn Caste mercenary captain and Lookshy Ranger, played by Tapeworm

TigerVictoriousOverAdversity - Zenith Caste priestess and former gladiator, played by Rip van Mason

Selim Nobachu - Eclipse Caste mendicant and player of games, played by Victor von Villain

Supporting Cast - the NPCs[edit]

Followers, Friends and Foes

The Faces of Creation[edit]

Second Age Locations