Letter to Melvin Jackson

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This document is placed on this datapad via Order 2013-NB - The agent reading this document is required to memorize the contents of this letter and then delete it off the datapad within twenty-four (24) hours of receiving it.

To Melvin:

You don’t mind me calling you Melvin, do you? I’ve never met you but for the last week or so, I have been you.

We got your messages. Using your information, we evaluated the situation at the Blush mine. Action needed to be taken. We considered letting you, the man who uncovered the problem, solve it directly, but in the end, we decided that someone with your intelligence gathering skills was too important to risk doing mop-up field work. Due to the high risk of eavesdropping on Pericles Station, we were forced to create a cover story for you that would allow us to send in an agent to the mine without anyone being aware, including, unfortunately you. But we knew you would use your intelligence gathering skills to figure out what had happened and play along. While you were away, that’s when they sent me in.

My specialty is impersonation. So I impersonated you at the mine. Take a look at the picture below:

[Insert of picture of Joshua as Jackson in Jackson’s office, waving awkwardly at a camera. The picture has a timestamp of the night before the Gift leaves.]

Using the valuable information you gathered and your position in the mine, we were able to “handle” the Escobar problem and stopped the flow of the so-called “stitches” into the mine as well as freeing the ones already there.

You may have noticed now that you have returned, that very little seems to have changed for you personally. Nobody knows of your heroic efforts. You are still in the same position or you may have been moved to a very similar position in a different mine (I can’t be sure – I will almost certainly be on another mission by the time you read this).

Understand this: We still need you – that is why we couldn’t risk exposing your position and your role in what happened. We need you to continue gathering information. Even more importantly, we need you to step up and make sure that this sort of thing never happens again – that human rights and lives are respected. Your bravery and courage make you the perfect candidate. We also trust in your discretion to keep your past role hidden and your future work for us secret as well.

While we can’t be in constant contact, for reasons I’m sure you understand, I will give you the following means of contacting our organization. Put together an order form requesting a shipment of rouge for Josdrak Industries. Send that order form by way of ship (or by Cortex, should it return) to Morningstar Shipping on Angel, c/o R. Nikarden. Obviously, the time delay means you should only use this method of contact in case of dire emergency. Abuse of this channel will result in disavowal of any of your actions.

Good luck, Melvin. I came to respect you in my short time pretending to be you. You have a big job ahead of you, but one that I believe you are capable of handling.

- J


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