Joshua Drake

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First Episode 215
Concept Borrower
Theme Song '
Played By Billy Crudup
Full Name Joshua Drake
Legal Status No Criminal Record
Known Aliases No known aliases
Age 32
Birthplace Osiris
Favored Weapon Hands


Asset #21365-5
User Name: Joshua Drake
Official Asset Manager: Virgil Franklin


Ever since Asset 21365-5 was acquired from his original family on Osiris at the age of 10, he has been one of Human Resources’ success stories. The boy had reader abilities strongly linked to empathic reading along with a innate but latent talent for voice mimicry. He was trained and put through the standard procedures. Extra emphasis was given on training his attention to detail and memory as well as blastomere skin and plastic surgery for certain facial features. His height was capped at 5’8” thanks to certain height inhibiting hormones, with the idea that extra height can always be added but taking height can prove to be difficult.

Drake was the first of the Borrower subclass of assets, designed to be able to use disguise, natural linguistic talent, forgery talent, and reader abilities to substitute for another person’s identity. He was the first asset added to the Situational Replacement Division (SRD).

Current Status

As part of the SRD, Drake adds to the asset line in 4 key areas:

Direct Compensation – When one of our partners or higher placed employees has needed to be in two places at once or needed an alibi, SRD has provided Drake as a substitution. Direct payment is usually the norm, although occasionally a line of political credit is opened for them.
Asset Gathering/Removal - Drake, without the knowledge of the individual, borrows their identity to gather information or key physical assets. In a Item or Information Existence Reversal (IIER), Drake will be sent to make sure the information or asset is destroyed and is no longer in the hands of a competitor.
Forcible Credit Extension – Upon occasion, certain individuals will need to have their line of political or financial credit with the main branch forcibly extended for future considerations. In these cases, a substitution by Drake leads to information that the individual would prefer to stay sealed in the HR Records division, allowing the main branch to ask for appropriate compensation.
Corporate Expansion – Often, the main branch needs to have a presence in places where the corporation currently does not reach. Drake’s ability to borrow someone’s identity allows the corporation to be in places where it might otherwise be inconvenient to have a visible company presence.

Drake, at the time of this status report, is currently on a corporate expansion mission for the Chemical Military Assets department.

Moving Forward

The love interest has begun to grow restless and Drake senses it as the relationship faltering. The current interest will need to be written out shortly and a new one provided within the next 6 months.

A continued protest is logged over letting Drake establish a personal skill at cooking. While the skill itself is harmless, Drake’s personal sense of self has been kept minimal in order to better facilitate his ability to become someone else. Any sort of personal life makes that more difficult. The love interest is tightly controlled, at least and is never allowed to progress to the point of concern.

In a related concern, as of late, he has begun asking occasional questions about the results of old assignments and the events of current ones. While these questions have been easily deflected, it is important to continue to keep an eye on Drake over the next few assignments – if the questioning continues, then procedures will have to be invoked In order to bring the problem under control.

However, these are minor concerns, at best. Drake’s continued success reflects well upon the department – Drake has already been requested for several assignments upon his return from the IAV Trafalgar.

This report has been officially endorsed by:
Virgil Franklin
Asset Management


When not playing a role, Joshua is an easy to please, eager to please individual, thinking very much about other people and less about himself, to a fault, really. Years and years of following orders and playing the part of other people have worn away his sense of self.

Physical Description[edit]

He has an everyman sort of feel about him. Black hair and unremarkable features lead to a face that noone would notice twice in passing. He's shorter than the average male at 5'7" but walks with a smooth muscled grace.


Season 2[edit]

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Character Sheet[edit]


  • Agility d8
  • Strength d8
  • Vitality d8
  • Alertness d12
  • Intelligence d10
  • Willpower d10


  • Artistic d8
  • Athletics d8
  • Covert d8
  • Craft d6
  • Discipline d6
  • Influence d8
  • Linguist d6
  • Mechanical Engineering d4
  • Medical d2
  • Perception d12
  • Performance d6
  • Pilot d6
  • Planetary Vehicles d2
  • Technical Engineering d6
  • Unarmed Combat d10

Potential Assets

  • Quick Learner - Joshua's natural talent for observation combined with his Reader abilities allows him an uncanny ability to temporarily pick up needed skills.
  • Natural Linguist - An ability to pick up languages and accents, partially natural, partially trained.
  • Reader - Innate Reader abilities have been focused through various means to allow Joshua to get an empathic feel for a person's personality.
  • Total Recall - Joshua never forgets observational details, which is extremely helpful when getting a grasp on a client and their mannerisms.

Potential Complications

  • Non Fighting Type - Too many bad consequences from fighting. Besides, the threat of violence usually works better than the violence itself.
  • Idealist - Joshua truly believes everyone in the Verse has a shot at redemption, which leads him to perhaps to overestimate the good in people.
  • Deadly Enemy - His former handlers are NOT happy about that their overly trusting easy mark has slipped his leash. However the new situation in the Verse has toned down their ability to search him out.
  • Impulsive - Joshua occasionally acts on his impulses. Sometimes it's charming, other times it ends up with him taking a proto-Reaver bite to the jugular vein.


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