Lindiwe Mxenge

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An NPC in the Star Trek Adventures game Star Trek Eclipse



Bio: Female human
Rank: Commander
Assignment: Chief Engineer, USS Eclipse NX-77001


Stress: 9 / 9
Phaser Type-2 Attack: 4 Damage Dice (Charge)
Unarmed Attack: 2 Damage Dice (Knockdown, Nonlethal)

Attributes & Disciplines[edit]

Attribute Discipline
Control 10 Command 2
Daring 8 Conn 2
Fitness 8 Security 1
Insight 8 Engineering 4
Presence 9 Science 3
Reason 11 Medicine 1


None yet


Electronic Warfare
Propulsion Systems


Every regulation is an epitaph to disaster.


  • Primary designer of the Eclipse’s stealth systems
  • Had hoped to be posted permanently to Utopia Planitia or the San Francisco yards, but got tapped to take care of the prototype
  • Is rigidly by-the-book (including adherence to Scott’s Maxim)
  • Is not particularly enthusiastic to be working with Intelligence
  • Butts heads with the XO regularly enough that some of the bolder junior officers keep a running betting pool on how long it’ll be until their next argument
  • Views Vidya (not unreasonably) as overeager to experiment with untested equipment and improvise with unproven solutions. Vidya (not terribly unreasonably) considers her hidebound and inflexible.