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General Information[edit]

Avatar Name: Allistar Atrivahn

Player Name: Adam “Mark” Markinsworth


Shaggy brown hair and grey eyes adorn a thin face with tanned skin. Allistar is quick to smile when things are going his way, but his face becomes serious and he frowns slightly when at odds with the rest of the party or when things are looking grim.

The Journeyman Magus He wears standard issue scale male of dull grey, with a plate gauntlet and shoulder pauldron on his right arm for extra protection. A white cloak with arcane symbols embroidered on it hangs from his shoulders. His greatsword, though impressive in sheer size, is similarly unadorned. It's a plain but serviceable weapon.


Mark, as Allistar, is easy going, when he lets himself relax. He's often on edge however... worrying about party dynamics, or his role as party healer and off tank.

Game Information[edit]

Class: Magus (hybrid warrior & arcane magic user, specializing in temporal magic)

Role: Avoidance Tank/Melee DPS/Healer depending on spec.

Heritage: Human

Hit Points: 6

Traits & Skills:[edit]

  • Heavy Melee Proficiency
  • Greatsword Mastery
  • Charismatic You gain Advantage when attempting to convince someone of something or otherwise influence them.
  • Healer As an Action, you can Test 2d6 to heal a creature other than yourself. If the Test is successful, the target creature is healed for 2 Hit Points. This Trait can also be used to cure poison, disease, and other physical ailments that are non-magical. You must be next to the creature to heal it. (See Magic; pg. 15)
  • Arcane Shield (Shield Bearer) When wearing your arcane focus, Test with 2d6 on Evade or Goblin Agility Actions instead of 1d6.
  • Untethered (Drunken Master) When you choose to go untherered, time flows differently for you than other people. You may Evade without spending an action. However... you have Disadvantage on all rolls that require careful and delicate manipulation, social grace, or might be severely impacted by your altered view of time. Once initiated, it takes time to synch back up with the rest of the world, and the skewing of time lasts for some time afterward (Game Master discretion).

Equipment & Items:[edit]

  • Weapons: Greatsword
  • Armor: Scale Armor (medium)
  • Arcane Focus: the guantlet on his right hand, the back of the guantlet is embedded with a specially enchanted zircon and surrounded by mystic symbols.
  • Gear: bedroll, flint & steel, a belt pouch, a rucksack, a lantern, an empty waterskin, oil, a rope (50 feet), rations, a torch, and a cloak

Possible Class Progression[edit]

This is a place holder and WIP as I think of the different ways for Allistar to progress when we get experience or new traits. I just read that we can ONLY have one prestige trait.





Master Magus (Grandmaster) You are truly among the greatest of Magus. To take this trait, you must have a true connection with the timestream by taking the Unfettered trait.

  • Improved Arcane Shield: (Flowing Stance) When you Evade, you Evade with 3d6.
  • Greater Healing: (Healing Chi) Test. If successful, you can heal 3 Hit Points for an adjacent target or yourself.
  • Haste: (Raking Claws) You may make three Heavy Melee Attacks as one action.
  • Combat Teleport: (Pounce) Test. You may attack an opponent within 30 feet with a Heavy Melee Attack. You move next to them.

Character Notes[edit]

Avatar Backstory:[edit]

The Atrivahns were an old noble family… their money and influence may have faded over the years, indeed they were nobles only in name at this point. Their history and their pride however… those were things the Atrivahns wouldn’t let die.

Their father Bellicose was doing everything he could to rebuild his heritage. For his firstborn child, the serious Cedric, Bellicose ensured he was trained in finance and business to grow the families holdings and fortune. The secondborn, the fiery Myra, seemed destined for the army. Bellicose purchased her a commission in the hopes she’d bring glory to the house. For his thirdborn, his favorite daughter Talise, he sent to join the church as a testament to his own faith. Allistar was his youngest and had a way with people. Bellicose bemoaned his lack of funds, lest he set up Allistar as a courtier to curry favor and make alliances. Instead he was sent to a small magic academy with the vague hope that he could make something of himself.

Allistar quickly realized that he didn’t have the natural talent that many of the students had, nor did he really have the inclination to study all day. If he’d had his way he’d be serving in the Army under his sister Myra. There were a few local Magus at the academy, and the melding of the martial and arcane arts seemed to only way he’d get to the battlefield.

A few years later, Allistar Attrivahn was a journeyman Magus and set to leave the academy to prove himself…

Player Bio:[edit]

A high school student and only child in middle America, he discovered MMO’s with during the launch of a major franchise. He was in a guild with his friends and classmates when he won a loot roll a more popular kid wanted. They claimed that he stole it, and since they couldn’t actually take it from him, they trashed his name and did everything they could to ruin his virtual life. Mark rerolled on a new server but his favorite Usernames had already been dragged through the mud. He linked up with a few small guilds over the next couple of years, but they typically fell apart in a few months.

Mark resigned himself to playing the widely social game as a solo… knocking out group quests when they were suitably below his level or testing his luck with pick up groups, adapting his play-style to fit the situation at hand.

Mark always took his games seriously and preferred to play on RP designated servers. He loved reading about the lore and went out of his way to describe his avatar’s place in it, creating relationships and conversations in his head when the game’s script wasn’t immersive enough.

The VIP invite to TotBL seemed like a dream come true. A new game, a chance to start over, and an auto-grouping feature that would like him up with other players. Since this wasn’t an MMO, the other players would have to work with him to complete the game, right?