Borderlands Isekai

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When six video game beta testers find themselves inside of the game they were playing, they'll have to figure out how to live in a world under threat. Will they sacrifice all they've known to save this world? Will they turn their back on all the potential of this world to go back to what they had before?


Combat Tracker[edit]

Block Initiative[edit]

  • Jennifer(Jenny), Mark (Allistar) & Elias (Iron)
  • Salt Ghouls & Surf Bloaters
  • Kayleigh (Kelina), Bruce (Spruce) & Splody (Yax)


Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5
Caves Path Salt Flats Surf N/A
Yax Kelina Jenny Iron *
* Ghoul 1 Spruce Bloater 1 *
* Allistar Bloater 2 *
* * * * *


Player Avatar Heritage Health Notes
Elias Iron Karhu 7/7 Armor 3/3 HP.
Jennifer Jenny Human 6/6 N/A
Bruce Spruce Treefolk 9/9 Can only be healed by Sunlight or Sleep.
Mark Allistar Human 6/6 Mark can't heal himself.
Kayleigh Kelina Elf 6/6 N/A
Splody Yax Salimar 5/5 Fire heals instead of damages.