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A mop of black and silver hair tops Geezer's head, a development that only started in the last few years. He has a flat face and his wheat colored skin is weathered with age and the elementes. His pale green eyes are haunted, and his face is usually clean shaven though gray stubble starts to grow when he's struggling to keep going. Ward is just above average height and has an athletic frame despite his 'advanced' age.

Personal Details[edit]

Name Duncan Ward
Rank Junior Lieutenant
Colony Virgon
Age 37
Callsign Geezer


High Concept Aging Pilot with Emotional Scars
Decompression Pyramid Primadonna/The Morpha is for My Shoulder, Doc.
Relationship Don't Break the Bank
Relationship Backed Gorgon For Flight Leader
Other This Swill has nothing on a Hadrian Stout! (Beer Snob)


Great [+4] Tactics
Good [+3] Gunnery, Athletics
Fair [+2] Technology, Sneak, Empathy
Average [+1] Pilot, Notice, Rapport, Fight

Personal Stunts[edit]

Name Effect
Defensive Flying +2 to attempts to defend against attacks when using Pilot.

Ward may not be a graceful flyer, but the first thing any pilot learns is how to stay alive.

Strength of the Pack +2 to attempts to create and advantage using Tactics by coordinating with your squadron mates. If successful, you gain an extra free invoke on the aspect you create that ONLY your squadron mates can use.

Ward has a knack for sizing up the twists and turns of a dogfight and figuring out how to seize the initiative for his fellow pilots.

Endurance +4 additional stress boxes.

Ward is a survivor. He's no stranger to death and loss, and somehow he manages to push himself past his limits.

Who, Me? +2 to attempts to overcome and defend when using Rapport to hide your intentions and feelings.

Ward has become quite skilled a deflecting Doctors and Senior Officers away from his stress... and how he copes with it.

Gear Stunts[edit]

Name Effect
Sample Sample

Viper Mk II "Balios"[edit]

Link to Balios's Stats

Having flown the old Mk I's during his first years as a pilot, the Mk II is a definite upgrade.

Geezer dubbed it Balios, after an immortal horse gifted to a mortal hero in the oldest of sacred texts. He was shot down a few years go, so now Geezer thought he could use all the help he could get.

On either side of the nose is the painted image of a magnificent galloping white horse, it's green mane and tail flowing backward in some imaginary wind.

Each wing has a giant painted image of an ancient shield, a not-so-subtle prayer for protection from the Gods.

Other Statistics[edit]

Stress Track: XXXOO OOOO


  • Mild [2]:
  • Moderate[4]:
  • Severe[6]:

Refresh: 3


Early Life[edit]

Born and raised in the city of Hadrian on Virgon, Duncan attended one of the planet's many universities and completed training in Colonial reserves as part of Ward family tradition. He then joined the family business, which was a modest sized woodworking factory where they made furniture and custom orders for high end clients. His two older brothers were also working the business, so not only did Duncan not love the family business, there wasn't enough work to go around.

After his long term girlfriend broke up with him he traveled the colonies to 'find himself.' He ended up on Caprica a few years later where he witnessed the bombing of Maglev-23 by the Soldiers of the One. He joined the Virgon Expeditionary Fleet the next day.


Ward was 30 when he joined the Fleet... not that old in the grand scheme of things, but compared to the 20 year-olds in his flight school he was ancient. After calling one of the other cadets "Kid" he was quickly dubbed "Geezer". Since Ward was also older than many of his Flight Instructors the callsign stuck.

Flight School was difficult for Ward. He quickly became a skilled gunner but he wasn't a natural flyer. He spent many hours in the simulators, but ended up compensating for his 'stiff stick' by learning and adapting the tactics his instructors drilled into them.

Ward has been an active pilot for 7 years and survived multiple skirmishes. Some were with the other Colonies but most were against terrorists or pirates. All too many of his friends and fellow pilots didn't survive however and the weight of that loss has been building for a while. Geezer was even shot down in a dogfight once, and nearly lost his right arm at the shoulder.


Things changed once the Cylons started rebelling. Where before he could go months without seeing an enemy ship on patrol, and only engage in half of those instances, now there were skirmishes all the time and his friends started dropping like flies. Moreover, the 12 Colonies finally started working together, and he was now flying next to Capricans and Saggitarons in what some were calling the Colonial Fleet.