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Campaign Overview[edit]

Basic Campaign Description[edit]

This is the campaign page for a game set during the First Cylon War using the Tachyon Squadron game system.

The game follows the exploits of the 58th Fighter Squadron during the early years of that conflict.

Cue Ken-Burns-documentary music.

Helpful Resources[edit]

Mechanical Game Information[edit]

PC Information[edit]

Pilot Fate Points Stress Consequences Spaceframe Modular Equipment Zone Viper Damage Effects
Righteous 3 0 Mark II Viper Lightning Bolt
Trick 3 0 Mark II Viper Lightning Bolt
Rush 1 0 Mark II Viper Cyclone Area Denial Pod; High-output Maneuvering Thrusters
Elspeth "Gorgon" Euryales 3 0 Mark II Viper Lightning Bolt
Duncan "Geezer" Ward 1 2 Mark II Viper Cyclone Area Denial Pod; High-output Maneuvering Thrusters Minimize one die on Tactics; Life Support Damaged
Marius "Bank" Ming 2 0 Mark II Viper Lightning Bolt

Maneuver Chart[edit]

Zone Map[edit]


Outside the Field[edit]

  • Clotho's Flying CAP
  • Artemisia Fire Support

Field North, South, East, West[edit]

  • Implausibly Dense Asteroid Field
  • DRADIS-blocking Minerals

Field Center[edit]

  • Asteroid Shipyard
  • Mystery Corvette

Mission Briefing[edit]

To be completed.

58th Squadron[edit]


Current Assignment[edit]

Space superiority and strike duties aboard Artemisia (AC 14), Adamant-class frigate.

Currently flying the Mark II Viper.

Clotho Flight[edit]

  • Major Verna 'Pitchfork' Rhodes, Squadron Commander
  • Rooster
  • Graphic
  • Other Pilot
  • Other Pilot
  • Other Pilot

Lachesis Flight[edit]

  • Righteous
  • Trick
  • Gorgon
  • Geezer
  • Bank
  • Rush

Atropos Flight[edit]

  • Blitz (flight lead)
  • Other Pilot
  • Other Pilot
  • Other Pilot
  • Other Pilot
  • Other Pilot

Modular Equipment[edit]

Artemisia (AC14)[edit]


Ship Sheet [edit]


Commanding Officer: Colonel Kuriko Mitori[edit]

Col. Mitori is a well-regarded officer of the line who is well known for prizing efficiency and effectiveness. She’s not a martinet, but she has little regard for sloppiness. In the ongoing factional conflict within the Fleet regarding whether the Union’s limited resources are better devoted toward expanding and improving the Fleet – meaning ships of the line and escorts – or strike fighter capability, she comes down firmly on the former and is notorious for lobbying the Admiralty in that direction.

Aspects: Player in fleet politics; No time for your nonsense; Frigates over fighters

Executive Officer: Lt. Colonel Vijay Singh[edit]

Col. Singh was, until about 18 months ago, one of the Colonial Union’s premier special operators. Then, he got promoted out of his job and, because of the Colonial Union’s shortage of line-qualified senior officers, was assigned to be XO of the Artemisia. Despite being technically qualified, he hasn’t served on a ship of the line in fifteen years. He’s much more comfortable fast-roping out of an assault Raptor into a firefight than standing in the CIC worrying about watch schedules, and it shows.

Aspects: Former special operator; Technically qualified for his job; Cooped Up and Cranky

Commander, Air Group/Squadron Commander: Maj. Verna Rhodes, Callsign “Pitchfork”[edit]

Major Rhodes hales from one of the countless farming communities on Aerilon and lives up to the stereotype of folks from that colony being plain spoken and direct. While never the best pilot in her squadron, she has an almost preternatural gift for assessing and implementing advantageous tactical dispositions.

Aspects: Plain Spoken, Tactical Genius, War is Work

Deck Chief: Command Master Chief Petty Officer Burke “Red” Carlton[edit]

Command Master Chief Carlton is 64 years young; he served in the old Scorpian navy in the days before Scorpia joined the Union, and then for a short time in the Union fleet after that. He then retired, returned home, raised a family, and worked in the shipyards. “Red” – a nickname derived from the color of the hair that he used to have – left his second retirement to reenlist when the general call-up came after the Cylon attack.

Aspects: “There’s the Navy way, and then there’s way that works;” Scorpian Navy cap; A whole life behind me

Doctor Eleri "JD" Rees, Flight Doctor[edit]

When Doctor Rees checked on-boards she wanted to introduce herself the squadron. What she meant to say was "I'm here to take care of all you fighter jocks." But 'you' came out as 'your' and she was instantly dubbed the "Jock Doc". After time it was shortened to "JD" for common usage. Eleri is a little over 5 feet tall, solidly built with shoulder length wavy brown hair, tanned skin and grey eyes. She puts up a tough and calloused exterior because she's had to listen to pilots whining, faking and doing whatever they can to keep their flight status. Deep down she really does care, and knows the stress and horror that pilots often have to face during battle.

Lieutenant James "Blitz" Beckett[edit]

A univerity Pyramid player who went semi-pro after graduation. He played for six years trying to work up to the Colonial League when he was offered the chance to join up and play for the 'All Fleet' team. Blitz never got his chance because the Cylon War broke out. He spends much of his off duty time on the Pyramid court and his stories and 'bragging' have been known to rub a few people, Geezer included, the wrong way. He's assigned to Atropos Flight.

Important Facilities[edit]


  • Simultaneous declaration of actions, but resolution of actions in accordance with the Maneuver Chart
  • Mechanical effects from damage to PC craft do not take effect until the round after the damage occurs
  • The increasing bonus from Tailing another craft do not take effect until after the Tailed craft has had at least one chance to Shake (the initial +2 bonus does apply).