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The Palace Commons is a large chain of taverns spread across the Tosa/York realms. Recently they opened a Palace Commons in the City of Amber.

These are usually substantial and well appointed Inns that include many of the amenities of a good Las Vegas Hotel and those of a fine Apartment complex.

These places are usually sprawling affairs with dining halls, meeting rooms, fires, stables, practice grounds, apartments, even residential communities. They often offer financial advice, equipment storage and long term animal care. They frequently have hospital or convalescent space as well. Hiring boards, guild arrangements, tailoring, and equipment sales are common as well.

Founded in Wall, Tosa by Lop, a retired adventurer, the need for this kind of space caused the place to grow and franchise to expand.

CHAD-Clean Halls and Dens, is an unofficial guild of adventurers in the sword worlds that the Palace Commons is on. It hires caravan guards, mercenaries and other specialists as needed.

Staff of the Palace Commons. Those listed here are staff of the Palace Commons or are regulars of such frequency that they might as well be staff. Many have served as substitute bartenders, groom, scuts,

H&TE: Hazarda and Timothy Elhue.

Guiness : A traveler and man with wandering feet and an ancient history he tends to ignore.

Ascorbic and Ox : Two travelers that live among the common folks and like it that way.

Venki Fairhand  : A Thrice Crowned Bard out of his homelands. Chad Inner Circle.

Arin and Tarooos  : Arin of Freestate and Tarooos. Niether are CHAD members and they have an attitude about being asked if they are. Yet they have gone on many CHAD sponsored adventures despite thier own complicated history.

Digan : The Ruby Mage.

Fortunadas A Twice Crowned Bard. CHAD Inner Circle. Lop's Junior partner in the Palace Commons.

Tolknor King of York. Forger of York. A CHAD member in the Inner Circle. A frequent visitor to the Palace Commons.

Conf of Shadows

Travout : Officially the Quartermaster of the Palace Commons and the CHAD Grand Hall. Unofficially the chief stevedore. A Warrior Mage who over sees the storage and transport of goods and materials from unit to unit. A logician, and strategist, he removed himself long ago from active warfare and handles the orginization of activities around th Palace itself. Born on Achkolai

Omitoxin: Stevedore. Brother of Travout.

Caland Cardsharp: Son of Alexandir Kos Korag. Pit Boss of the Palace Commons. Oversees all gambling in the company. A clever man, and friendly, but there is a slight edge of panic, or fear in his behavior. Does not like talking about his father.

Vomil Voz Kandif: Leader of the Brute Squad. A big and strong man, simple to the point of stupid, and only slightly more wise. He walks with a Maul as a walking stick and carries a giant bag of beef jerky that he is almost constantly snacking on. Kind in general, he never picks a fight but he frequently ends them. He is an imposing and often frightening presence. For reasons unclear, children seem to like him and he is often kind to them, telling them stories and giving them beef jerky or candy. He is not fond of crowds and usually acts as the Tyler for the Palace Commons or CHAD hall, sitting in his big chair, just outside the door. A friend of the Fairhands, he is often found in the presence of Venki Fairhand, singing softly, smoking, or sharing beef jerky.

Alexandir Kos Korag III Past Commander of CHAD. Current King of Tosa