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The Lost City


An optional technique, whereby Magic Users can use very minor versions of the mighty spells they struggle to memorize and master.

           Charm Person gives Charming, a single person (as defined by CP) has a reaction of 12 to the character, regardless of former attitude. R:1", D:1 round. 
           Detect Magic gives Sense Magic, where an object must be held for a round. Dur 1 rd.
           Floating Disc gives Holdthere. The MU may place any item up to 10% of the weight allowance of a FD within three feet of himself. It will remain there for 1 rd.
           Hold Portal gives Hinder Portal, which locks or jams a normal door or similar portal.
           Light gives Werelight, a 5' radius dim glow, from the casters palm, finger or staff. Duration 
           Magic Missile gives Sting. Anyone who the mage touches takes 1hp.
           Protection from Evil gives Ward. Acts as prot from evil for one round or attack.
           Read Languages gives Read Words. The mage touches a single word/phrase, which is translated.
           Read Magic gives Note Magic Script. The caster will note if a scroll/written word, etc are magic.  
           Shield gives Parry. Caster wards one blow as if using a shield spell. Takes an action.
           Sleep gives Snooze. One person under 1 hd (or 1hd with a st vs spell), will fall into a waking doze for 1 round. Range 1".
           Ventriloquism gives Noise. Caster can surreptitiously make a single noise within 1". Duration 1 rd.

A Magic User of 1st level starts with 5 cantrips. This decreases by 1 every time the caster learns a new level of spells (3rd, 5th, etc). The effects of Cantrips are increased one step for every point of int bonus. Individual changes of any sort use up an effect 'slot'. for intance, a MU may Sting for two pts at 1" range if they have two int bonuses (16-17 Int), or read three sentences with read languages.

Restrictions on Cantrips. You must know the spell (have it written in a spellbook). Magic users choose their cantrips from known spells, but must take the cantrip of any memorised spell.

For example, an Elf with Int 17 has 7 cantrips at 1st level. He takes the Sleep spell, and has Shield and Hold Portal in his book. His cantrips have to be hinder portal, parry and snooze. If he had more spells, he could widen his cantrip choice.

Cantrips can be changed daily.

Newly generated/created spells of 1st level will have an accompanying cantrip.

Levels Title Effects Cantrips
1 Medium -- 5 + Int Mod
2 Seer -- 5 + Int Mod
3 Conjurer -- 4 + Int Mod
4 Magician -- 4 + Int Mod
5 Enchanter -- 3 + Int Mod
6 Warlock -- 3 + Int Mod
7 Sorcerer -- 2 + Int Mod
8 Necromancer -- 2 + Int Mod
9 Wizard -- 1 + Int Mod
10 Wizard -- 1 + Int Mod
11 Wizard -- 0 + Int Mod
12 Wizard -- 0 + Int Mod
13 Wizard -- 0 + Int Mod
14 Wizard +4 Steps -- 0 + Int Mod
15 Wizard +4 Steps -- 6 + Int Mod