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MORE THAN HUMAN: A Storytelling Game of High-Powered Adventure

Welcome to More Than Human, an attempt to emulate the world of comic book superheroes in White Wolf's Storytelling System. More Than Human draws heavy inspiration from Aberrant, another White Wolf game, but with power level and system adjustments to bring the game more in line with the rest of the World of Darkness. This game requires the World of Darkness core rulebook to play.

This is a living document; please feel free to make edits or contributions as you see fit, or to send comments, suggestions, or playtest reports to scott.r.jennings at gmail dot com, replacing the "at" with @, the "dot" with ., and removing the spaces, of course.

Mr. Gone, of custom WW sheet fame, has been kind enough to create a character sheet for MTH and make it available on his website. An interactive version is also available.

--Scott Jennings

  • Character - Character creation, the Superhuman template, new advantages, and experience costs.
  • Superpowers - Special abilities that make your character . . . well, more than human.
  • Contributors - Those who have helped contribute to More Than Human.