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Porting Merits[edit]

Some Merits created for other supernatural creatures might be appropriate for superhuman or heroic characters; perhaps a character's advanced technology could be represented by the "Imbued Item" or "Enhanced Item" Merits from Mage: the Awakening, or a superhuman who enjoys a good reputation among the heroic community could benefit from the "Repute" Merit from Promethean: The Created. Characters who wish to take Merits from other supernatural games are encouraged to speak with their ST in order to decide whether or not such a purchase would be appropriate.

Supernatural Merits[edit]

Players should consider the following merits to be valid powers for More Than Human; Aura Reading, Biokinesis, Clairvoyance, and Psychometry. These are technically supernatural powers, even though they are mechanically merits.

Updated Merits[edit]

New Merits[edit]

New Merits for superhuman and heroic characters. These are purchased in the same manner as normal Merits.

A number of these Merits refer to "effective" Attributes and Skills, usually as prerequisites; this refers to an Attribute's or Skill's rating plus a matching Mega-Attribute or Mega-Skill. For example, a character with Dexterity 3 and Mega-Dexterity 1 would have an Effective Dexterity score of 4.

New Conditions[edit]