Magicis Puellae in Serena Universi

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Magicis Puellae in Serena Universi is a PbP game on, ruled over by Rabbit Éclair.


Combat Table[edit]

Name Initiative Attack Defense Support Resolve
Chouhime 4 4F/2 7M/0 9H/2 0/18
Ichigo 8 8(H)/7 6(F)/0 5(M)/5 03/22
Laura 5 3(F)/2 7(H)/0 9(M)/3 18/22
Ran 10 10(F)(6) 3(M)(1) 6(H)(3) 9/18
Sakura 3 3(M)/5 6(F)/5 10(H)/3 8/18
Akiko 8 8 5 5 18/18
Shizuka 10/8 10 8 5 10/33
Svetlana 10 10 8 5 ???/???
Yoshie 3 3 4 5 ???/???
Nana 4 4 5 3 15/24
Junko 4 4 5 3 24/24

Setting Info[edit]

The game takes place in the prosperous (fictional) port city of Akabira in Mie Prefecture, a couple of hundred miles Southwest of Tokyo. Unless otherwise noted, all characters go to Akabira High School, which houses grades 7-12.


Contracting is pretty straightforward. Boro approaches a girl and offers her a wish in exchange for helping defend the universe from youma. It's not a very formal process, but he's pretty forthcoming with all of the information listed here. If the girl accepts, she gains her powers and Soul Gem after making her wish. Usually, Boro tries to introduce new magical girls to a more experienced mentor shortly afterward. (Which means that starting relationships between girls who have already contracted are very possible.)

Other Universes[edit]

Every magical girl can see the passageways to other universes, as long as her Soul Gem is nearby. To magic sight, they look like a simple colored circle with a sigil in the center. There are zillions of passages, scattered all over the world, but there are only four different sigils. Presumably, this means that there are only four other universes. Youma come through the gates occasionally, but if any magical girl has found a way to open one and travel in the other direction, she isn't talking.

Soul Gems[edit]

Every magical girl gets one! They're pretty much little glowing egg-things, with small, unique decorations. The decorations usually seem tied into a magical girl's hobbies, interests, personality, or powers. When transformed, Soul Gems turn into some sort of fashion accessory. Apart from their flashier effects, having a Soul Gem lets a girl see passages to other universes, communicate with other nearby magical girls telepathically, and detect nearby magical girls and youma (but not youkai).

Boro usually tells girls pretty early on that their Soul Gems are the conduit for their magic. A magical girl who gets too far from her soul gem doesn't suffer any immediate ill effects, but she's effectively powerless until she gets back to it.


Wishes work pretty much like they do in PMMM. Girls get the result that they asked for, as a reasonable, non-malicious party would interpret them. Of course, what they ask for might not necessarily make them happy anyway. Boro warns girls up front that the universe will reject some wishes that are too harmful, but if that happens, they just get to pick a different wish.


Are evil! They come from other universes to spread misery and suffering. That's really all there is to it. They hide inside Nightmares, which makes them invisible to normal people outside of the Nightmare. Magical girls are warned that letting themselves come to hate the world can turn them into youma. Still, youma from this universe are rare and don't hide in Nightmares.

House Rules[edit]

  • Captured soul doohickies can be used to regain Resolve. Sometimes, this gives girls rather weird visions, so it's kinda creepy, but what else are you gonna do? The Oblivion Seed from a youma or the Soul Gem from a magical girl can be used two times, each restoring 1d6 Resolve to the user. The ??? from a youkai can be used five times. You can expend multiple uses at once. For example, a single use of a fully-charged Oblivion Seed can either restore 2d6 Resolve in one use or 1d6 Resolve twice.
  • When a youma is reduced to 0 Resolve, the attacker who dealt the final blow gets to choose whether she lives or dies. Magical Girls continue to return to their normal form when reduced to 0 Resolve, per the normal rules. A live youma at 0 Resolve cannot take a Revive action and must find some other way to regain Resolve.
  • Once a post is up, that's it, no more taking Overcharge dice for your rolls in it. You may roll your base dice before deciding whether to add Overcharge or not, but once you post, all dice rolls are final.
  • Healing Touch is a free action most of the time. Using it on a character who's at 0 Resolve takes a little more effort and requires you to use your turn. The same rules apply to using an Oblivion Seed in combat.
  • After a successful Revive action, a character doesn't gain hit points until their following turn, at which point they may act normally again. A girl who is healed with Healing Touch regains their Resolve immediately and can act on their next action.

Overcharge and Fallout[edit]

  • When Overcharge results in a change, the player can OOC'ly choose whether to roll for it or just pick something that we think is appropriate.
  • Replace the text of Rage Storm on page 21 with the following:
The released full power of a magical girl's Fury transforms nearby (non-magical girl/youma) humans into weapons for her use,
creating minions. These are statted up as if the magical girl were a PL 3 youma, and have a form thematically appropriate to the
magical girl's element. While the minions are able to communicate with the magical girl and follow simple instructions, they're
too simpleminded to be considered valid targets for a relationship, and any existing relationships are broken. For every 2 
Overcharge expended (round up), one person is transformed.

Minions disappear when a girl is in her normal form, and appear when she transforms. Most minions are destroyed for good when they're killed in battle, but if the magical girl who created the minion had a relationship with the person beforehand, the minion will regenerate every time she transforms.
  • For any Burst-level Fallout, if the magical girl has no relationships or the player feels that the character is sufficiently evil, ruthless, or just plain willing, the magical girl becomes a youma instead of suffering Fallout.

Stuff that needs houseruled[edit]

  • We need an alternative Heart Burst that doesn't create youma from scratch.
  • Clash probably needs a slight downgrade.

Player Characters[edit]