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Noriko Netsuke[edit]

Diego Fernando[edit]

Early in Norkio's 'career' as a magical girl, she fought a demon with the power to possess other people, and the final person it chose to take over was the leader of a local Colombian drug gang. Noriko, assuming that her weapon could only hurt demons, ended the possession by bisecting the man at the waist with her naginata (awkward conversation later: "Guys, so, uh, it turns out our weapons work on regular people... ehhhhh? You knew!?") Diego was that leader's second in command and best friend, and he's had it out for Noriko ever since. Diego isn't, by any means, a major mover in Roanapur, but he's got enough guys to make things unpleasant for Noriko with the occasional ambush and just enough resources to pay for the occasional hit squad. He only knows what Noriko's magical girl persona looks like, but he would gladly pay to know who she actually is. Those who know him outside of when he's trying to kill Noriko say he's a devoted father. Noriko thinks of the guy as an inept nuisance (he hasn't killed her yet!) and the trouble he keeps causing her has almost become like comforting background noise to life in Roanapur. Diego has objectively made the world a slightly worse place, as having to deal with the various attempts on her life has helped Noriko come over any objections she had with killing.


An old ex-assassin Japanese martial artist living in Roanapur, 'Sensei' (the only name by which Noriko knows him) has been helping Noriko learn how to fight with the naginata. Or, as he put it the first time he saw her form, "That stance is great if you're trying to win a tournament and will get you killed in a real fight." He has been teaching her the Higo Koryu school style. In return for the training, she's occasionally helped him out with the occasional odd job (which so far have *not* involved violence, just stuff like 'go get my groceries', 'make me dinner', or 'clean this area that I can't quite reach anymore because of my bad back'). He's casually sexist (which annoys Noriko, but she holds her tongue) and she suspects he's mostly okay with teaching her how to use the naginata because it's a 'woman's weapon.' Noriko doesn't think he knows she's a magical girl; he only interacts with her when she's 'off-duty' so to speak. He lives in a little two floor building, with the ground floor being the dojo (and has quite a few weapons on display) and the second floor being his living space.


Officer Buajan[edit]

A Thai national living in Raonapurm he was a freind of Julies father and a fellow police office. Now he helps Julie on occasion supplying information and occasionally bailing her out of trouble.

Anastasie Dupont[edit]

Manageress of a small restaurant that serves a mix of French and Thai cuisine. She runs the place with a firm but fair hand and doesn't suffer fools gladly this means that she can be somewhat harsh with those who messup especially if she considers it a silly mistake to make. That being said she also looks out for her employees and offers good wages, advice and even a cheap place to sleep. Julie works their during the day it pays fairly well and Anastasie rents her a cheap room to boot.

However Anastasie is also a bit of a magic girl fan (Her office is covered in posters and pictures) and wants nothing more than to get pictures with them and even better to find out their secret identities

Megan "BlackRoseWhisper" Webster[edit]

Sister Magdelena of the RipOff Church:[edit]

  • A bubbly, petite brunette of Hispanic descent is a Master Gunsmith of the Church who does the work on Megan's M1911's, Blood and Night, and supplies what ammo Megan needs. Megan pays the Sister with some small jobs and giving her any interesting firearms Megan finds after the jobs.
  • Megan met the Sister when Magdelena was returning to the Church from making a small but important delivery and almost literally ran into Megan and some gangsters she was dealing with. After the incident ended the Sister asked Megan if she needed some work done to Blood and Night, even tho Megan takes good care of them, Magdelena saw that they could used a good and thorough work over and maybe some refinement. That and the Sister wanted the rare WWII German Assault gun one of the gangsters was using. The deal was made and has been that way since.

Zakiya Sanura:[edit]

  • A tall statuesque African woman of surpassing beauty and undetermined age and regal bearing, she is the Madame of a Bordello that deals with mid to high level clients. Who backs her house is not known publicly but her house is considered neutral territory by all involved. She will not deal with certain aspects of her trade and will send those who request them to places they can find them without fear of reprisal.
  • Zakiya met Megan some time ago when Megan was following a lead about the Massacre to her house, and to stop the impending bloody violence and collateral property damage, Zakiya defused the situation, had her ladies take care of the clients and she led Megan back to her office. In return for Megan doing jobs for Zakiya and not bothering the clients while in the House, she would pass on what information that she or her ladies find on the Massacre to Megan.

Ingrid Manheim[edit]

Gunther Schmitt[edit]

Owner/operator of Schmitt Import/Export, a rather dodgy business with ties to a lot of criminal organisations. Also Ingrid's employer, generally unpleasant and demanding - but since she did save him from a mob hit when he'd crossed the wrong people one time too many, he's a bit more understanding now.


A waitress who is Ingrid's best friend in Roanapur. Friendly, outgoing, but no-nonsense, and quite capable of defending herself from the normal hazards of living in the city, and tends to know a lot about what's going on from the gossip she overhears at her work. She's the person Ingrid turns to when she needs a drinking partner, or someone to offload her troubles to - both happen fairly frequently!

Shizuka Otomitsu[edit]


An shadowy assassin who, after losing both of their former partners, prefers to work alone.

  • Relationship to Shizuka: The assassin that got away after Shizuka killed their partners in revenge for her parents' murder. She knows barely anything about them, but intends to one day find them and finish the job, no matter how long it takes.

Yefrem Kaminsky[edit]

An affable Mafia lieutenant who enjoys a fine evening of dinner and entertainment as much as he enjoys showing his enemies that he means business

  • Relationship to Shizuka: Shizuka has often been hired by Yefrem for jobs that require a more precise brand of badassery than his men are used to, and Yefrem serves as one of Shizuka's last reminders of the life she used to lead; the two occasionally enjoy a good bottle of wine after a successful job.

Rosella Provenzano[edit]

Somewhat of a self-styled rumormonger and journalist, that publishes weekly gossip paper. Even if her stories weren't completely true, they usually contain some nugget of useful information



One of the girls Cynthia made friends with during her time in captivity, she's now trying to recover and earn a living in Roanapur.

Julie Ling[edit]

A middle-aged Chinese woman who houses and cares for girls who suffered fates like Cynthia and Lucy. This being Roanapur, she is necessarily capable of defending herself, with either martial arts skills or firearms.


Guillarme Dufour[edit]

A fence specializing in unloading objects of art, he's one of Riri's outside contacts. Guillarme used to be a legitimate professor of the arts until he looked a little too closely into a forged painting and ended up crossing the wrong set of people; forced to flee his native France, he's carved out a new niche in Roanapur helping the criminal underbelly understand when they've got something worth selling or when they've been duped. Riri is a modestly frequent visitor to the little gallery that serves as his front, not only to get appraisals or unload merchandise but also just because she likes art. For his part, the frenchman, not knowing her story, largely thinks of her as a sad example of the state of the city and treats her with a certain amount of pitying kindness.

Yuri Kovalchek[edit]

Riri's primary handler within Hotel Moscow, Yuri is a former KGB officer who was responsible for intelligence work regarding North Korea. He largely resents the fact that he's been given the duty of "babysitting" this outsider thief, so he and Riri have a bit of a cold relationship; he only talks to her when he has a message from his superiors or a job for her to do, and she makes faces at him behind his back. She especially hates that he prefers to speak to her in Korean; she considers it an implicit threat to her cover, when in fact it's just because their respective accents make communicating in English difficult.


A waitress at the restaurant where Riri works a day job bussing tables. She has a small soft spot for the "poor naive clumsy kid" who shares some of her shifts, and tries to keep her out of trouble at work by keeping the peace between Riri and the boss when Riri does something wrong. For her part, Riri thinks Janjai is just about the coolest grown-up at her workplace.

Yumi Suenami (Demon Hunter Yumi)[edit]

Sylvia Fan Pei Hsi, the Gunner Saint[edit]

Sylvia is a magical girl who took Yumi under her wing soon after her contract with Kanzoutsukamu and taught her much of what she knows about demons and magic. She's known as the Gunner Saint because of the religious motif of her outfit and her formidable skills with the dual magical revolvers that she favors for fighting demons and rival magical girls. Sylvia most often works with Mr. Chang as a supernatural troubleshooter, with most of Yumi's early jobs having her assisting Sylvia in taking down demons, cultists and the occasional summoner who tried to make trouble for him. She has also lent aid to the Church of Violence on a number of occasions, usually involving taking out rival arms dealers, cultists, and those involved in the underground trade of tomes used to summon demons. She has a very standoffish relationship with Anton Lamonte, who she knows was once a summoner, and doesn't trust the man one bit.

Sylvia is one of the only mahou shoujo who has fought Yumi's enemy, the Creeping Chaos with a Thousand Faces, and lived to tell the tale. She lost her entire team to the Awakened Demon on that horrible night -- Steel Witch Haruka, Fate Guardian Masami, Fire Invoker Ruby Heart, and her sempai, Crystal Warrior Marian, whose death bore a very troubling parallel to what happened to Yumi's sister, Yuri Suenami. Sylvia has never been the same since that night, and Yumi has sworn to avenge the deaths of Sylvia's fallen sisters-in-arms as well as her own sister's torture and the loss of her existence to the Awakened Demon.

Anton Lamonte[edit]

Once upon a time, Anton was a freelance demonologist who hired out to syndicates in need of supernatural firepower for jobs. But when he hired out his services for a demon cult that Yumi was hired to take down, the cult's leader recognized Anton as a former member of a powerful secret society in the occult underground, one which Anton had left after a falling out over their vile practice of torturing people to turn them into vectors for demonic possession. The leader, seeking to curry favor with the society in question, used his sorcery to turn the demon Anton summoned against him, had him beaten to within an inch of his life, and then, as a final humiliation, sought to have Anton sacrificed to the very demon he summoned. Despite Yumi's hatred for summoners (which is equal to her hatred of demons), she saved Anton's life and killed the leader and the demon that Anton helped to summon. He has since become something of a loremaster of things occult and demonic, with his extensive library containing many tomes of forgotten lore about demons, among them a certain volume by a certain mad Arab. Because many of the tomes of Anton's library are quite valuable to summoners, Anton takes their theft VERY seriously, and Yumi will often get hired to retrieve the tomes in question before they are used to unleash big bad nastiness upon the city. From time to time, Anton also feeds Yumi info on various goings-on in the occult underground, including info on demon cults and what they're up to, as well as summoners that Yumi has taken contracts on. Anton knows that he is only alive today because of Yumi, and Yumi has made it very clear what she will do to him if she finds out that he was involved in another demonic summoning, and it's not going to be pretty.

Yuri Suenami, the Starlight Sentinel[edit]

For four long years, Yumi thought that her older sister was dead. One does not normally survive being eaten alive by a demon, much less an Awakened Demon, and especially not over four years. But through an accident of demonic awakening and a sheer refusal to die, Yuri has returned to Roanapur, where she was rescued from scumbags by BlackRoseWhisper and Longshot, and then reunited with Yumi. But while Yumi's older sister is alive, she is not whole. Much of her existence has been consumed by the Creeping Chaos with a Thousand Faces, and most of her memories are gone, but she has fought hard to hold on to the memories she has of her little sister. Because of the nature of her ordeal at the hands of the Creeping Chaos, Yuri appears to be the same age as she was on that horrible night while she is in her normal form, and she bears the distinctive scars of her torture at the Awakened Demon's hands on her back.

As a newly minted and reawakened mahou shoujo, Yuri is possessed of a very strong protective instinct and a desire to save lives. She wants to help her sister how she can in this city, won't hesitate to kill if it means saving and protecting others, and will not tolerate anyone who seeks to hurt Yumi or make her suffer, physically or psychologically. However, she does not share Yumi's desire for vengeance, nor the brutality that her sister sometimes displays in dealing with especially hated enemies -- in fact, the only time she displays anything close to Yumi's level of fury is if a demon or maou shoujo tries to drain off a piece of her soul or that of Yumi or any of her friends, owing to her experience at the hands of the Thing Full of Spiders; or when dealing with abusive assholes, owing to her experience with Mr. Komura, their foster father. That said, Yuri is still a bit inexperienced in the ways of the city, and still needs a bit of help dealing with some things. She does not like the dark or tight enclosed spaces, and owing to her encounter with the Weaver of Lies, she's developed a mild case of arachnophobia.

The events of the Night From Hell, in which Honkukikaori used his Invocation in violation of the Pact to protect Yumi's enemy, Kukibatokubetsu, from Yumi herself, have made Yuri the only person in Roanapur to have been both a mahou shoujo and a maou shoujo. The fact that Yuri is only alive right now because of the bastard that hurt her in the first place is a source of bitter regret for Yumi, who regards the circumstances leading up to it as one of her biggest failures and has sworn never to fuck up this badly ever again.

Anastasie Dupont[edit]

Manageress of a small restaurant that serves a mix of French and Thai cuisine. She runs the place with a firm but fair hand and doesn't suffer fools gladly. This means that she can be somewhat harsh with those who mess up, especially if she considers it a silly mistake to make. That being said, she also looks out for her employees and offers good wages, advice and even a cheap place to sleep. Yuri Suenami has made the restaurant her new home following her reunion with Yumi, and Yumi has made the place a more frequent stop in order to check on her every now and then.

However Anastasie is also a bit of a mahou shoujo fangirl (her office is covered in posters and pictures) and wants nothing more than to get pictures with them -- and even better, to find out their secret identities. This aspect of Anastasie annoys Yumi to no end.

Susan Stripes[edit]

Olga Tasmanova[edit]

A Russian woman who once made a really bad choice of applying to the agency claiming to seek girls for modelling work abroad. Naturally, the job she really got was as a strip dancer in one of Roanapir's clubs. She is Susan's roommate and colleague, and knows - or, at least, suspects - the latter of making additional income as a cat-burglar. As for Sue being Magical Girl, Olga has now idea... and Sue plans on keeping it like that for as long as possible.

Your #2 NPC[edit]

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Faith No More Blacksmith, Queen of the Bullet Hell[edit]


A giant Russian, heavily scarred from his days as a bear wrestler. Now he runs the animal fights in Roanapur. He also imports various animals for the fights. He met Faith when she killed cultists who were trying to get a white lion for a sacrifice. Grief appreciated this as he never wanted animals to die without a fighting chance.


A hard-bitten ex-special forces Interpol agent given the impossible task of monitoring Roanapur for fugitives on a shoestring budget with a staff of two who are often killed in the course of duty, which has made her incredibly bitter and frustrated and so has become a magnet for certain types of demons; this led to Faith encountering her.

Ashi Tenshi, Bloody Fist Tenshi[edit]


A Japanese man who frequents the Mahjong parlors in Roanapur. He is also known as "Esaki the rat" due to his appearance and his secondary job as an informant. His interactions with Ashi tend to be him trying to make her pay for his information and her threatening to punch him for information.


A hard to find individual who finances Ashi's work on gang busting. He is an older gentleman by the description given by various proxies, but none can pin him down much greater than that. He seems to be high ranking in one of the Mafias in Roanapur, seeing as what is good for one Mafia is bad for the rest, so breaking their plans works out well for him.

Wang Xiahe[edit]

Liu Feng[edit]

Liu Feng is a senior clerk in a well established marine insurance firm. Naturally this places him in a position to know a great deal about the movements of various groups, and sometimes he is prepared to make that information known for the right price. Liu Feng is associated in some way with the United Front Works Department, and it has been made clear to Xiahe that she is expected to cooperate with him.

Jalilah Li Li Yun[edit]

Cook and owner of Jalilah's, one of Roanapur's more popular Malaysian restaurants. It's not exactly a secret, but nor is it terribly well known that in her youth, Li Yun was a guerilla in the Malayan People's Liberation Army, and that she wound up in Roanapur when Malaya (as it then was) became too hot for her. It is well known that causing trouble in her place is a bad idea, and Xiahe considers it something of a refuge. Also, the food is really good.

Somchai Rattanakosin[edit]

Anastasie Dupont[edit]

Manageress of a small restaurant that serves a mix of French and Thai cuisine. She runs the place with a firm but fair hand and doesn't suffer fools gladly this means that she can be somewhat harsh with those who messup especially if she considers it a silly mistake to make. That being said she also looks out for her employees and offers good wages, advice and even a cheap place to sleep. Somchai works there as a singer and performs during afternoon or dinner.

However Anastasie is also a bit of a magic girl fan (Her office is covered in posters and pictures) and wants nothing more than to get pictures with them and even better to find out their secret identities

Chanarong Wattanapanit[edit]

A waiter who works the night shift at Anastasie's restaurant, he is an admirer of Somchai's. He is unaware of the fact that Somchai is a magical girl, but her interest in her combined with the fact that his boss is a huge magical girl fan, there's just no telling how long she can keep the secret.