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It's hot. Storm clouds circle the city, lit from within by flashes of lightning. The air is oppressive, heavy, as if anticipating something.

The streets below are busy as ever. Gunshots. Screams. Laughter. Sobbing. Just another night in Roanapur.

The water in the bay swirls as a Gate forms. There. The info was correct. Huy Tran's little cartel was going to try to make a move. The Demon rose out of the gate. Scales. Tentacles. Eyes. Feathers. Bristling spines. An oil-like slick marked its arrival.

A quick glance around. The other girls are ready. That one, with the sword bigger than her. The other, with her Vulcan mingun. You check your own Cutlass Specials, the paired gunswords that are the weapons of your soul. Locked and loaded.

The three of you launch into the air. Time to get paid.

An odd black furred short-haired cat, with three eyes and two tails watches as you go.


Mahou Shoujo: Roanapur was a PbP game on, run by Alice Sara. It was a mashup of dark magical girls and Black Lagoon. The game used the BADASS rules from Stargazer Games, with extensive house rules.

Useful Links[edit]

Episode List[edit]


  • Black Goat Blues: Episodes 1-5
  • Intermezzo: Episode 6
  • Liar's Polka: Episode 7-11

Combat Tracker[edit]

Name Init Bid BP BP Regain Moves Used Combat Options Used BP Spent
Notes Range
Ingrid (Silberschwert) 10 62/0 Attack +2, Defense +1
Julie (Longshot) 10 38/0 Attack +2, Defense +1
Megan (Black Rose Whisper) 17 43/0 Attack +2, Defense +1
Noriko (Blood Maiden) 10 89/1 Attack +1, Defense +2
Riri (Brilliant Lily) 18 121/0 Attack +1, Defense +2
Shizuka (Moonlight Blade) 28 76/4 Attack +1, Defense +2, 3 Setback dice
Yumi (Demon Hunter) 17 94/0 Attack +2, Defense +1
Xiahe (Ghost Flower) 10 67/0 Attack +2, Defense +1
Yuri (Starlight Sentinel) 27 33 Attack +1, Defense +2, Smartass, Ally
Sylvia (Gunner Saint) 12 23/0 Attack +2, Defense +1, Kickass, Ally

House Rules[edit]

  • All magical girls can fly at normal badass speed.
  • All magical girls can run or do awesome parkour at twice badass speed.
  • You get 3 points to divy up between Armor and Weapon. If you have Weapon 0, you fight with normal weapons, but you still don't count as unarmed against supernatural stuff.
  • All Badasses get +2 on combat rolls, not just Kickasses. For stuff other than fighting, they get their bonus only on things that fit. Ideally, descriptions of combat moves should relate to the type of Badass you are (see Awesomeness by Analysis, or Break them by Talking for examples).
  • Normal Badasses and Average Joes count as unarmed when fighting anything supernatural, like a demon or magical girl, and roll their attacks at -2 and don't get any benefit from armor or weapons. Only Magical Girls and Demons can fight on an even footing.

General Sorcery[edit]

All magical girls (mahou or maou) can use magic in a more generalized way. If they want to be particularly good at it, they can pick up a Supernatural Flava to enhance it (see the Supernatural Flava 'Illusionist' for an example). If the type of magic fits their badass type, they can add their badass bonus to any required rolls. Mashous usually have a theme to their magic, reflecting their nature, or their affinity, such as Blood Maiden being focused on, well, blood.

Sorcery works as follows

  • If it just affects you, and gives a role-playing (non-mechanical) benefit, it just works.
  • If it doesn't directly affect another person, it succeeds on a 2d6 roll of 5 or higher (but there can be modifiers, keep reading).
  • If it affects someone else, it's an opposed roll. The target can add their respective Badass bonus if it applies, but weapons and armor don't modify this roll. If they have any Flavas or bonus that might apply, they can add them.
    • Example: Magical Angel Blazer Homura is a Smartass, trying to track a sneaky demon using sorcery, an example of using magic to conveniently accomplish a mundane task. She doesn't have any related Flavas, but it's Smartass related so she rolls 2d6+2. The demon is a Kickass, which applies to physical things, like sneaking, and has the Ninja Flava. It rolls 2d6+5 to oppose Homura.
  • Degree of success (+1 per 4 points above opposing roll or target number) applies, if it makes sense. Some effects will be all or nothing.
  • If the sorcery is outside the scope of the mashou's general theme, they get a -1 on their roll.
  • The broader the effect, and the degree to which it alters the world can make it harder to pull off the sorcery. Generally speaking, if it's just using magic to conveniently do something you could do normally, it's +0 to your roll. If it's doing something that's impossible without magic, but doesn't majorly distort the normal world, it's a -1. If it could be done mundanely, but has a major effect, it's also a -1. If it can only be done with magic, and has a major effect, it's a -2. These modifiers assume a relatively small scope, the extent of a scene, more or less. Greater penalties apply if a mashou wants to go beyond that.
    • Example: Magical Angel Blazer Homura wants to ignite every piece of paper in Roanapur. She has the Supernatural Flava 'Pyrotechnician', which gives her a +2 on her roll, and it's in theme for her, as she mainly uses fire, however it's not Smartass related. It's a major effect, but one that could be accomplished mundanely, so she gets a -1. It's also way beyond the scope of one scene, so the GM scratches her head and decides to assign a further -4. Homura has to roll a 5+ with a total of a -3 on her roll. If she wanted to ignite all the gasoline in Roanapur, the GM would make it even harder!


Any Maou Shoujo, as their name 'Demon King Girl' indicates, can use Sorcery to try to summon and control demons. Awakened Demons or Familiars can only be affected if the maou shoujo is in possession of the corresponding tome.

  • Summon: A Sorcery check with a difficulty equal to 5+1/5 BP the summoned demon has. This assumes that it's being done out of combat as a lengthy ritual. The difficulty is increased by 5 if the Summoning is attempted quickly or in combat.
  • Control: An opposed Sorcery check vs the demon to be controlled. The Demon resists with the higher of its Attack or Defense, +1 per 10 BP it has. A controlled demon will generally do what the Maou Shoujo wants to the best of its ability. Control lasts until the next dawn where the maou shoujo is.
  • Bind: An opposed Sorcery check vs the demon to be bound. The demon must be controlled first. The Demon resists with the higher of its Attack or Defense, +1 per 5 BP it has. Attempting to bind a demon costs 10 Awesomeness or Wickedness, whether it succeeds or fails. Bound demons may be summoned or dismissed at will by the maou shoujo, and are permanently controlled. Once per round (or scene out of combat), she can do one of the following:
    • She may spend 1 BP to use any Flava one of her bound demons has (except for True Form/Final Form).
    • She can siphon up to 3 BP from one of her bound demons or transfer up to 3 BP to one of her bound demons.
    • She can release a bound demon. This gives her 1d3+3 BP, but frees the demon from its binding and control.
    • She can spend 1 BP to allow one of her bound demons to use one of her Flavas.
A Maou Shoujo may have at most one bound demon for each Flava of any type that she has. If she wants to bind another demon, she'll need to either release one, or save up enough Awesomeness/Wickedness to buy another Flava first.

The Demonologist Flava grants a +2 bonus to all attempts to summon, control and bind a demon, as well as reducing the Awesomeness/Wickedness cost of a binding attempt by five. Non-Awakened bad guys (hereafter known as summoners) can also take this flava, but this mainly serves to allow the summoner to use Demonology without being Awakened, and does not grant any bonuses.

Combat Options[edit]

These are some optional things badasses can do in a fight, that any badass of the appropriate type can do. Any given one can only be used once per scene.

  • "I Got You Covered!" [Any Badass] Spend 1 BP to take an attack meant for another person within 1 range band. You can do this after the attack and defense have been rolled (you roll your own defense against the attack). This doesn't take an action.
  • "Double Dragon" [Any Badass] You and one other Badass acting at the same initiative can launch a combo attack. Each of you spend 1 BP, and roll your attacks as normal. Use the better of your two rolls to resolve both attacks.
  • "It's Me You Want!"/"It Was Him, Not Me!" [Wiseass] When someone is attacked, you can spend 1 BP to give them a +2 to their defense. The attacker has to attack you with their next attack. This doesn't take an action. Alternately, you can spend 1 BP to make an enemy that's attacking you attack an ally of yours instead (your ally doesn't get a bonus on their defense!).
  • "Finish Him!" [Kickass] When you make an attack on a Badass, you can wager up to 3 BP. If you defeat your target, get the wagered BP. If you fail to defeat them, you lose the wagered BP.
  • "Hey Look, Your Shoe's Untied" [Smartass] You can spend up to 3 BP to reduce a target's single Defense or Attack roll by that amount. You have to be one range band from the target or closer. This doesn't take an action.
  • Staredown [Wiseass] You can spend up to 3 BP to reduce a target's Initiative by that much. You can use this before the fight begins, or during the fight (it doesn't take an action). And yes, multiple Wiseasses can use this move on the same target.
  • No Look Punch [Kickass] When you attack one target, you can spend 1 BP to make that attack count against a mook target (other than one you attacked) as well. Normal range modifers apply (it doesn't have to literally be a punch!).
  • "Just As Planned" [Smartass] When you spend a BP to improve your attack or defense, you can spend 3 BP instead to make the bonus die an automatic '6'.

Custom Flavas (Any Badass)[edit]

  • "I know this place!" - You can spend 1-3 BP once a scene to add some advantageous bit of detail to the location.
  • "You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry" - When you get mad, you get dangerous. You may spend 3 BP to get mad during a fight. While you're mad, you do 1 BP of damage for every 3 points above the roll of guy whose ass you're kicking, instead of the usual 4.
  • Exotic Dancer - +3 to rolls using physical attractiveness to seduce/distract, limited by target's orientation.
  • Everything and the Kitchen Sink - You never count as unarmed. Even if you're stripped naked and tied up... well, then you have a rope, don't you! If you're running on fumes, you can narrate using something improbable as a weapon to regain 1d3 BP
  • Acrobat - You get +3 on your rolls to pursue or flee during a Chase, if you're moving through a crowded or cluttered area. Once per scene, you can spend 3 BP to increase your running movement by one.
  • "Sometimes I'm an X, sometimes a Y, but I'm really..." - You can spend 1 BP to change your appearance instantly. You can also spend 3 BP to also get access to a single Profession Flava that matches your new appearance for the rest of the scene. Actually using the Flava costs twice as much BP as normal, or 1 BP if it's normally free.
  • "Sniper!" - You're a dead shot with a rifle, and you can punish fools like an angel of death. Your range modifiers are -1 at medium through extreme range. If your target isn't in a fight and doesn't know you're there, you can spend 1 BP when you hit to do 1 damage for every 2 points over the target's defense. Naturally, you can only do that once a scene!
  • PhD in Kicking Ass - Pick one Combat Option belonging to a different type of Badass than yourself. You can use it as if you were the right kind of Badass.
  • "Fool Me Twice..." - Once per fight, you can spend 1 BP to use a Combat Option that you've already used in the fight.
  • Roll With It - When you're hit, you can spend 1 BP to raise the number needed to score extra damage by 1 (usually to a 5).
  • Heroic Comeback - The first time in a fight that you roll snake-eyes or boxcars, gain 1d3 BP.
  • Marked For Death - Whoever pissed you off is going to pay. Spend 3 BP to mark your target, once per fight. Every time you hit them, they take an extra 1 BP of damage.
  • "I Believe in You!" - You can spend 1 BP to add a d6 to someone else's Attack or Defense roll. This counts as your once per turn chance to boost a roll. A given roll still can't be boosted by more than 1d6 total, so if multiple people use this Flava (or if the beneficiary spends BP to boost their own roll), use the highest of the bonus rolls.
  • Wily Veteran - Once per round, if you have already spent BP on a bonus die for attack or defense, you may spend 2 BP to gain a bonus die for the other.
  • "Hang in There!" - Once per fight, as your action, you can give up to 3 BP to one of your buddies.
  • Demonologist - This is a Nasty (Villain) Flava. Only bad guys and maou shoujo can take it. They get a +2 on checks to summon, control, or bind demons, and the cost of binding demons is reduced to 5 Awesomeness/Wickedness. Demons can't take this Flava. Non-supernatural types get the ability to use Demonology instead of the usual benefits.
  • Crazy Prepared - During Downtime, you can forgo your chance to regain BP to instead prepare a certain location to give you some advantage in the future. Simple traps, caches of weapons, etc. can be prepared in one Downtime, but if you have the chance to prepare over several Downtimes, you can get really crazy! Work out the details for what you want to do with the GM.
  • Gun Fu - Some people know Kung-fu, but you follow the .44 path. You get +1 to all attack rolls using guns and can make a single gun attack count as 1 BP of damage for every 2 points over the defender when fighting mooks. The +1 with guns doesn't stack with the +1 with weapons from the Soldier flava!

Supernatural Flavas (Any Mahou or Maou Shoujo or Demon)[edit]

  • Illusionist - +2 on non-combat actions involving illusions. This can include stealth, distraction, or whatever else you can think of, as long as you can justify it. If it's a big enough effect, you might have to spend BP on it.
  • Dangerous Forbidden Technique - You spend 2 BP to power up and unleash your secret power! Decide what this means when you take this Flava (consult your GM!). There's always some drawback to using this technique. You can end your technique (if it's a continuous thing) at the start of your turn. You can only use this once per fight.
    • Example: Trigger Form - Once per fight, you can unleash a second form that supercharges your power but puts an enormous strain on your body. You get +2 on attack rolls, but you take 1 BP of damage for every round that you are in this form.
  • Bad Company - For Mahou Shoujo only! You're able to draw on demonic power, for a price. You can now take Demonic Flavas, as well as the Nasty (Villain) Flavas "Behold my TRUE form!", “Just You, Me and My GUAAARDS!”, and Demonologist. You'll need to pick a patron Awakened Demon, Incubator Familiar, Accelerator Familiar, or Benedicite Familiar. Extinctionist and Naturalist Familiars won't want to associate with you, if they know. Using a Demonic or Nasty Flava costs an additional 1 BP, and does not earn Awesomeness. Instead, it earns Wickedness. Wickedness works like Awesomeness, but can only be used to earn more Demonic or Nasty Flavas. If you ever end up with more Demonic or Nasty Flavas than other Flavas, you become a Maou Shoujo. Who wouldn't want to be wicked awesome?

Demonic Flavas (Any Maou Shoujo or Demon)[edit]

  • "Your Soul Is Mine!" - Spend 1 BP when you make an attack. If you do damage, you gain BP equal to the damage you inflict.
  • "You're Worthless and Weak!" - Spend 1 BP when you make an attack. If you hit, instead of taking damage, the target loses access to one Flava of your choice for this scene. They can take a 3 BP Setback to reverse this.
  • "Puny Mortals! I am Invincible!" - Increase the number that attackers have to beat your defense by in order to cause extra damage by 1. So normally they will do 1 BP per 5 they beat your defense by. If they use Martial Arts, they will do 1 BP per 3 past your defense.
  • "Through a Mirror Darkly" - Spend 1 BP. You can uses a Flava that an enemy in the scene has. If that Flava has a cost, you have to pay the BP as usual.
  • "To the Pain!" - If your defense roll and the attack roll are both odd or even (before bonuses or BP), the attacker takes 1 BP of damage.
  • "That Hideous Strength" - Spend 1 BP when you attack. If you hit, the target is sent flying back one range band per BP they take. Normal walls and things won't stop them, but they don't take extra damage from hitting things.
  • "A Whisper in the Dark" - Spend 3 BP when you attack. If you hit the target takes no damage, but loses the use of one Running on Fumes recovery method for every BP they would have taken. Start from the top of the list of moves, and skip ones they've used already.
  • "That Was Not My Final Form!" - You must have already have used "Behold my TRUE Form!" You can only use this Flava once. If you're reduced to 0 BP, gain two more Flavas, and BP equal to the amount of BP you've spent this fight. Familiars can't take this Flava.
  • "Yummy Yummy in My Tummy!" - Spend 3 BP when you attack. If you hit, you do damage as normal and swallow the target whole. While swallowed, they can only attack you. If they do 2 or more BP in a single attack, they break free. While they're swallowed, you can attack them whenever you act, in addition to any other attacks or actions you take. You can't attack them twice.
  • "You're All Alone Now!" - Spend 3 BP and pick a target. Space and time distort such that everyone else in the fight besides you and your target is 4 range bands away. You can attack on the same turn you do this. The other people in the fight can move back and make ranged attacks normally.
  • "I Am Become Death, The Destroyer of Worlds!" - Spend 3 BP when you attack. Make a single attack roll and apply it against every enemy in the fight, Range modifiers apply as normal. You can only take this Flava as result of using "Behold my TRUE Form!" or "That Was Not my Final Form!". Familiars, having by default revealed their true forms long ago, can choose this Flava freely.
  • "We're Not So Different" - If an attack causes damage, spend 1 BP. In addition to the normal damage, convert that much unspent Awesomeness into Wickedness (see the flava Bad Company for details on how Wickedness works).

Player Characters[edit]

Ingrid Manheim[edit]

  • Chaomancer


Defining Moment: Ingrid came to the city as a secretary for Schmitt Import/Export, a shifty German business, and did have some misgivings about accepting the post in Roanapur. She was right to: when the offices were attacked by gangsters, Ingrid was shot trying to keep them from her boss. Left for dead as they chased Mr Schmitt, she pulled herself together and pursued them into the warehouse, and managed to overcome them all one by one. It gave her a new appreciation for the swordfighting lessons her father had pushed on her as a child.

Badass Type: Kickass


  • Martial Artist
  • That All You Got?
  • Marked for Death


  • Huge German Longsword/Massive Handgun +2
  • Nice Suit +1

She tends to dress conservatively, even uncomfortably given the climate. She's tall, blonde, athletic, and somewhat imposing looking, but cheerful and friendly.

Julie "Long-Shot" Johnson[edit]

  • Faustus21


Defining Moment: Julie was the daughter of police officer who had moved to Roanapur he continued working and was known as an honest cop (Or at least as far as Julie was concerned he was, after all it is Roanapur. . .). One day while the family was out, they were attacked by a gang, Julie wasn't sure what they wanted she manged to hide while her parents were killed in front of her. After that she found her dads rifle back home and hunted the men involved down (Probably met Kanzoutsukamu at this point) , ending each with a single shot to forehead.

After that she decided it was her duty to carry on her fathers work and clean up the city. Of course most of the other inhabitants of the city consider her slightly off her rocker for that.

Badass Type: Smartass (+2 to mental rolls)


  • Packrat spend 1 BP to roll 2d6 unmodified to see if you are carrying something you need.
  • "I know this place!" You can spend 1-3 BP once a scene to insert some advantageous bit of detail to the location.
  • "Sniper!" - You're a dead shot with a rifle, and you can punish fools like an angel of death. Your range modifiers are -1 at medium through extreme range. If your target isn't in a fight and doesn't know you're there, you can spend 1 BP when you hit to do 1 damage for every 2 points over the target's defense. Naturally, you can only do that once a scene!


  • Big-Ass Sniper rifle (+2 Weapon)
  • Light Tactical Vest (+1 Armour)

Shizuka Otomitsu/"Moonlight Blade"[edit]

  • violetmythmaker

Picture (normal)

Defining Moment: During a high-society gathering hosted by her family, Shizuka's parents, along with most of the other attendees (the few survivors had run and hid), were killed by a trio of assassins. In a reprisal so seemingly tranquil that it completely hid her rage, she grabbed a sword off the wall and cut them down (barely betraying her cultured image), with the third escaping before Shizuka had the chance to make it three for three.

Badass Type: Wiseass (+2 to Social rolls)


  • Hold on, I think I know someone
  • Kenjutsuka: You can spend 1 BP to alter the damage rules for one melee attack roll so that you deal 1 BP worth of damage for every 2 points you score over the defender instead of the normal 4 points. You may opt to spend this BP after seeing the result of the attack roll.
  • PhD in Kicking Ass: Shizuka can use "Just as Planned" once per battle as if she were a Smartass.
  • Roll With It: When Shizuka is hit, she can spend 1 BP to raise the number needed to score extra damage by 1 (usually to a 5).


  • +1 Katana
  • +2 Cloak (her overall outfit when transformed is similar to this.

Noriko Netsuke (Blood Maiden)[edit]

  • sybrid

Defining Moment: Noriko's father was a reasonably well-to-do courier with his own pilot license. While flying her and her mother in a small seaplane to a vacation in Bangkok, her father received a business phone call and made the decision to make a quick detour to Roanapur to pick up some 'goods' that he would be transporting back to Japan after the vacation. Some organization (perhaps the ones selling the goods, she's not sure) decided to attack her family and steal whatever it was they were transporting (Noriko suspects strongly that it was contraband) and said organization did so with a few thugs and a summoned demon. She managed to escape with her life and kill the demon with the help of Kanzoutsukamu, and she has stayed in Roanapur since partially out of a sense of obligation to Kanzoutsukamu and mostly because she's trying to work out which organization killed her parents.

Badass Type: Smartass


  • Little Did You Know (that I was in X club in school!)
  • Teacher (Honor Student)


Badass Points: 5

Description: Noriko has an athletic build for her 5'2" frame. She tends to dress fairly casually most of the time, preferring clothes like sun dresses and shoes with sensible (but not completely flat) heels. She makes an effort to get along with everyone, but she struggles to keep her own feeling of superiority at bay, and sometimes it cracks through. She's used to be top dog at school and now having become yet another Roanapur gutter rat scampering to survive is taking a toll on her.

Yumi Suenami (Demon Hunter Yumi)[edit]

  • rbingham2000

Yumi, out of costume

Yumi, in costume

Defining Moment: Yumi Suenami's first two days in Roanapur were a nightmare. On the first night, she lost her older sister Yuri to a powerful demon that tortured her and devoured her alive despite Yumi's best efforts to save her, and then hunted her throughout the night with the intent of doing the exact same thing to her. On the second day, she was chased through the city by scumbags, then ridiculed and laughed at by many of the sisters from the sorority that her sister had been a part of when she tried to tell them what had happened to Yuri, culminating in Yumi finally snapping and killing the head of the sorority, Hitomi Nishimura, in a fit of utter rage. Yumi was thrown in jail for killing Nishimura and viciously beaten to within an inch of her life by a band of dirty cops, soon before another demon attacked the police station and started killing and devouring everyone. Yumi, scared for her life, in excruciating pain and at the end of her rope, accepted Kanzoutsukamu's offer of power and awakened as a mahou shoujo, killing the monster without mercy before unleashing herself upon every other demon she could find through the night. The old Yumi died that night, and from the ashes, a new Yumi was born. Granted with powers that enable her to take on the demons on their level, Yumi has made it her sworn mission to kill every last demon she can, as well as those who use them against others.

Type: Kickass (+2 bonus to all Physical rolls)


  • You Are Awesome And You Should Feel Awesome - 1 BP to give every allied Badass present for Yumi's speech an extra BP
  • That All You Got? - 3 BP to negate all damage taken in a single instance
  • Dark Angel Nemesis - When in her mahou shoujo form, Yumi can burn 2 BP to enter her Trigger Form, Dark Angel Nemesis. When in this form, she gets a +2 bonus to her attack rolls at the cost of 1 BP damage taken per round until she either ends the Trigger or loses all her BP. She can only Trigger once per general fight.
  • Martial Artist - Yumi can spend 1 BP to make a single melee attack do 1 BP for every 2 points over her opponent's defense roll.
  • Gun Fu - Yumi is utterly deadly with any ranged weapon, but especially so with Dextera, or with her new guns, Umbra and Anima. She gains a +1 to all attack rolls with guns and other ranged weapons, and can make a single ranged weapon attack do one point of damage for every 2 points over defense when fighting mooks.

Gear: Umbra and Anima - Dual Magical Berettas (+2 Weapon), Shadow Armor and Black Cloak (+1 Armor)

Notes: Yumi dresses tough, usually in a leather jacket and black jeans with combat boots, with a red scarf tied around her neck. She is never without a weapon of some sort in her normal form, whether it be a knife or a pistol. Owing to an incident involving an evil kitty's Invocation and an ill-advised use of Soulsight, Yumi has a streak of white in her hair, which is more pronounced when she is in mahou shoujo form. When she transforms, the leather jacket, pants and boots become a nice set of form-fitting leather armor with silver accents, and the red scarf she wears transforms into a black cloak held in place by a gothic silver and ruby amulet. Her skin gets noticeably paler in mahou shoujo form, and her eyes glow a solid gold, especially when she gets angry. Umbra and Anima, her two weapons, are two beautiful guns in the style of the Beretta 92-FS, with a high-polished blue finish, the hammer, trigger and other furniture a mirror-polished steel, solid black wood grips from some otherworldly plane with angels with intricately detailed wings inlaid in silver, and intricate runework on the slides that glow a faint silver when Yumi channels her magic through them.

YAMADA Riri (山田 凛珠), Brilliant Lily (LEE Hyun-Ok (리휸옥))[edit]

  • ShadowWhispers

Defining Moment: Broke out of a North Korean prison camp after her parents died there. Works as a master thief and occasional demon hunter in the much nicer world of Roanapur.

Brilliant Lily in Costume

Badass Type: Smartass


  • Profession: Ninja -- Riri is a thief by trade; sneaking into places she shouldn't be is her primary skill. Plus she knows enough martial arts to protect herself.
  • Meta: BRING IT -- Riri has a reputation for both succeeding even at impossible tasks, and for blowing ordinary ones dramatically. (This flava makes her objectively worse, but infinitely more hilarious; it's a given for her character role!)
  • Meta: Hidden Technique! ____ no jutsu! -- Like any master ninja, Riri can pull new tricks out of nowhere at dramatically appropriate times!
  • Style: Kawari no jutsu -- Riri can survive otherwise damaging attacks by replacing herself with a suitable substitute before the blow ever strikes.
  • Supernatural: Bad Company -- Til the day I die.

Gear: Kodachi: Weapon +1, Master Thief Costume: Armor: +2

Megan "BlackRose" Webster[edit]

  • 13thapoc

[1] In Mahou form, without ears and tail, black hose instead or white.(closest i could find to my view)

Defining Moment: Megan was a Communications Specialist Lieutenant in the US Army, when she was assigned to a listening post near the Golden Triangle to monitor the communications going on between the drug organizations in America's "War on Drugs". The post was 'unofficial' but known and the personnel were all military or "spook" in nature. It was not too hard of a duty until one night, one of the Cartels decided that they wanted to send a message and remove a small thorn at the same time, so they sent a force of Demons and the Cartel's troops to destroy the post. During the attack, Megan, while bleeding heavily from claw gouges in her side and dragging her ruined left leg behind her, holed up in a windowless storeroom with a pair of M-1911's taken off a few bodies. As she sat there fighting to stay conscious from losing too much blood she saw a sudden movement to her left. Sitting there staring at her with 3 bright red eyes sat a strange cat. As it blinked those bright eyes, Megan "heard" a voice, [ Do you want power? Yes/No. This entity can awaken you. ] Without a thought of the cost, Megan whispered "Yes!". All she remembers after this is that the orders for the assault came from a Cartel in Roanapur, so Megan headed there to find out which Cartel ordered the Massacre and return the favor.

Badass Type: Kickass

Profession Flava

  • Soldier

Style Flava

  • Packrat (Megan always seems to have just the firearm, explosive or grenade she needs in her backpack just when she needs it)

Meta : The Doomsinger Queen's Dirge When BlackRose summons Leannan Sidhe, she can also use her to shatter the defenses of her target and make it easier for herself and others send them to Hell. The only provlem is that BlackRose's defenses also fall by the same amount, but it's part of the pact she made with Leannan Sidhe.

It costs 2 BP to activate as normal.

Benefit: If you hit, in addition to doing damage as normal, your reduce the target's defense by the amount of damage you do, until the end of your next action.

Drawback: Your own defense is reduced by a similar amount.


  • Twin Matched Set of M1911 .45 cal. Pistols Blood and Night +1 each (+2 total)
  • Light Teflon Flak Vest +1

Wang "Ghost Flower" Xiahe[edit]

  • Katsue

Picture, street clothes

Picture, transformed, not quite the right hairstyle

Background: The daughter of a prominent Party Official from Shanghai, Xiahe's life changed forever when a demonic attack stole her hearing. Despite her handicap, she successfully pursued her studies, and officially works for the Chinese Foreign Ministry. She is nominally attached to the Chinese consulate in Songkhla. In reality, she is an intelligence agent, working not for the ministry but for the Party, and is in Roanapur to investigate the Occult Underground.

Defining Moment: The demonic attack

Type: Smartass

Flavas: Ninja, Cinematic Disability (deafness)

Gear: In her magical girl form, Xiahe wields dual warfans, which count as a +2 Weapon, +1 Armor

Past PCs[edit]

Ashi Tenshi[edit]

  • Raiu

Ashi without her overcoat

Ashi was a well known troubleshooter for the various gangs and concerns in Roanapur, known for getting the job done. Until recently she was partners with her polar opposite, a younger girl by the name of Aria Minisawa, who served as her information broker until a group of gang members, thinking they would get a damn lot of street cred by killing a troubleshooter that had attacked their gang, kidnapped Aria and killed her after having their way with her. Ashi, not knowing this, went to save her. All that can be said that day is Ashi took Aria back and that she earned her nickname then. A name that gangs have begun to fear. Bloody Fist Tenshi.

Stats wise, Ashi is a Kickass Badass, the kind who uses violence when it is an option to get her way. She has the Martial Artist and "Is that all you got?" flavas and has her fists as a +2 weapon and her overcoat as a +1 armor (stacked magazines tend to help as armor). She also has a grave to talk to.

When she goes 'Magical Girl' her fists turn red and her clothing that she wears becomes more sinister looking in color scheme (more reds and blacks) and her skin becomes a bit paler, as if she was becoming a vengeful ghost.

Susan Stripes[edit]

  • jamieth

Sue, in costume

Defining moment: surviving on her own on the streets of Roanapur after her father's death when she was barely 17.

Type: Wiseass (+2 to Social rolls)

Flavas: Gambler, Exotic Dancer (+3 to rolls using physical attractiveness to seduce/distract, limited by target's orientation)

Gear: +3 Tiger Claws.

Backstory: Little Sue was in her father's business sice she was 10 - and her father's business was parting other people with their valuables. From short-con to house theft, there are many ways of stealing that can make use of someone small, light and non-suspicious - and the father-daughter duo used them all. Of course, in Roanapur, there's only so much time you can do something like that before you cross someone you really shouldn't have crossed. Susan was lucky to not be there when her father was killed - if you can call being left alone in the streets of Roanapur at the age of 17 "lucky". But she managed. Currently, she works as a dancer in one of the city's clubs - and when she says "dancer", she means it, as some unfortunate souls who were insisting too hard on extra service found out. Not to mention her second job, which includes using her father's lessons to get somewhere she isn't supposed to be and leaving with something she doesn't own. Not to mention her third job, which consists of ripping demons to shreds... and occasional human or two, as long as the're Bad, capital "B", Humans. Which in Roanapur, gives her a pretty wide selection of targets.

Somchai Rattanakosin[edit]

  • wormmonda


Defining moment: Somchai is a sao praphet song, a girl who was born with the body of a boy. She worked as a singer on the stage of a cabaret show to earn money for her operations, but every day spent in the wrong body is suffering, and she just couldn't earn the money fast enough. That's when Kanzoutsukamu offered her a contract, hunting down demons so she could be herself...without operations.

Type: Wiseass

Flavas: Performer (reskinned Politician), You Are Awesome And You Should Feel Awesome

Badass Points: 5

Gear: +1 Wand of Light, +2 Cloak of Darkness

Somchai hunts demons exclusively. She believes that her power exists to fight demons and the occasional "evil" magical girls, and thus she doesn't use her power on non-supernaturals at all.

Cynthia, the Fury[edit]

  • ajdynon

Defining moment: Cynthia was kidnapped and forced into prostitution at age 11. After witnessing one of the girls she had made friends with tortured and murdered for pleasure by the boss's son, she took revenge by burning down their headquarters. Since then, she has continued to pose as her old profession in order to get close to those sort of people and kill them with fire.
Type: Kickass
Flavas: That All You Got?, You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry (When you get mad, you get dangerous. You may spend 3BP to get mad during a fight. While you're mad, you do 1BP of damage for every 3 points above the roll of guy whose ass you're kicking, instead of the usual 4).
Badass Points: 5
Gear: BURN! (Weapon +2), Cloak of Flames (Armor +1)


Sylvia Fan Pei Hsi, The Gunner Saint[edit]

Defining Moment: When Sylvia was fifteen years old, a band of vicious gangsters working for a 14K loan shark terrorized her family, cornered her in an old abandoned church and beat the living crap out of her before nailing her to the church's big cross. She hung there for nine agonizing hours before Kanzoutsukamu found her and awakened her. She took revenge by hunting down and killing each of the scumbags that had done this to her before blowing the loan shark's brains out. This pissed off the 14K something awful, and when they started sending demons, mahou shoujo and maou shoujo after her, it was all that Sylvia could do to survive. She escaped from Hong Kong to Roanapur after crossing paths with Fate Guardian Masami and Crystal Warrior Marian, who would become her mentors up until their demise at the hands of the Creeping Chaos with a Thousand Faces, and mostly works with Chang, whose Kan Yi Fan syndicate often has to deal with 14K incursions into Roanapur.

Badass Type: Kickass (+2 to all physical rolls)


  • That All You Got? - You don't hang from a cross for nine hours without being goddamn tough or touched by the divine. Spend 3 BP to completely negate all damage from a single instance.
  • Gun Fu - Sylvia is a very accomplished shooter, and has only improved under Chang's tutelage. She gets +1 to all attack rolls using guns and can make a single gun attack count as 1 BP of damage for every 2 points over the defender when fighting mooks.
  • Martial Artist - Sylvia is not just a shootist, but can also take you down in hand-to-hand combat as well. She can spend 1 BP to do 1 BP for every 2 points over the defender when in melee.
  • Exorcist - Possession is normally a very ugly affair for mahou shoujo who have to deal with it. Not for Sylvia. She gets +2 to all Sorcery rolls made to drive a demon out of someone it's reaching into. Particularly powerful demons may require the expenditure of BP to exorcise.
  • Heaven's Rebirth - When the going gets truly ugly, Sylvia can unleash her Trigger Form to destroy her opposition. She can burn 2 BP to take on a powerful angelic form that gives a +2 bonus to attack rolls but inflicts 1 BP of damage for every round she is in this form until she ends it. When in Heaven's Rebirth form, Sylvia's hair turns an angelic white, her eyes glow a blazing gold, and her costume shifts into something resembling silver, white and gold armor. She also gains a pair of blazing white angelic wings that can be used to defend and attack.
  • Wily Veteran - Sylvia's been around longer than most mahou shoujo, and has picked up more than a few tricks along the way. Once a round, if she's already spent a BP for attack or defense, she can burn 2 BP to gain a bonus die for the other.


  • Every Gun Known To Man - Sylvia can conjure any archaic to modern small-arm known to man, from pistols to shotguns to machine guns.
  • Healing - Sylvia is a very adept healer, and has patched Yumi and other mahou shoujo up on more than one occasion. She needs to know the nature of the injury in order to heal it, and some wounds, such as those delivered by particularly powerful Awakened Demons, can't be healed.
  • Exorcist - Sylvia can use her magic to exorcise a demon, driving it out of someone it's possessing. This always takes a concerted effort on her part to drive out the demon, since many demons are Badasses in their own right, and can only be fully driven out upon losing all their BP. While she can use this power to free someone from possession, she cannot use it on anyone who has willingly or unwittingly accepted a demon into their hearts (in other words, she cannot cure maou shoujo).
  • Grand Gospel Phantasm - Sylvia can transport herself and others into a pocket dimension where she and others can train full out without danger of dying.


  • Weapons: Aequitas and Veritas, two stylized silver, white and gold revolvers, each barrel as long as Sylvia's forearm, with golden crosses gracing each side of the barrels. Aequitas can transform into a silver, white and gold antimateriel rifle, which Sylvia primarily uses to unleash her Angelic Cross Execution finishing attack. Veritas can transform into a full-on machine gun (think something in the vein of an M-249 in silver, white and gold), which Sylvia often uses to blow apart crowds of lesser demons. In addition to these two weapons, Sylvia also has the ability to conjure any gun known to man, which she uses against more human foes. She most often uses automatics like the Beretta M9s for this purpose. (+2 Weapon)
  • Armor: Sylvia's mahou shoujo costume is a fusion of a priest's garb and a business suit, all in white, golden crosses adorning her cuffs, her belt and her collar. Her battle aura is a bright gold. (+1 Armor)
  • Normal Gear: When in normal form, Sylvia prefers a variety of guns, though her favorites are her twin Beretta M9s.

Yuri Suenami (Starlight Sentinel Yuri)[edit]

Defining Moment: Yuri's life changed forever when she accompanied her friend Maki Shino, her little sister Yumi, and the Delta Kappa Phi sorority on a tour of Thailand on Spring Break. When a bad storm and a wrong turn landed them in Roanapur, by all accounts a wretched hive of scum and villainy, the two tried their best to survive. When they got separated from the main group, the two of them were attacked in an alleyway by a thousand-eyed horror out of nightmare that snatched Yuri up with its tentacles and tortured her with energy attacks and horrible poison needles, while also slapping her little sister down with more tentacles and blasting her with horrible beams. Though Yumi tried her best to save her sister, it was all for naught, as Yuri was devoured alive before Yumi's eyes. For four years, Yuri was slowly drained of her existence bit by bit, fighting hard to hold on to her memories of her little sister. When Yuri was finally released, she wandered the streets of Roanapur alone, and it wasn't long before she was set upon by some scumbags who were after some easy prey. She was rescued by BlackRoseWhisper and Longshot, two mahou shoujo who were friends of the Demon Hunter, who it turned out was her sister, who had spent four long years in the city hunting her devourer and killing any other demon that she came across. But when Honkukikaori intervened and unleashed his Invocation of Lies to save Nyarlathotep from Yumi's wrath, two versions of Yuri emerged. The first one, in Honkukikaori's World of Lies, was taken hostage by Honkukikaori himself, forcing Yumi to let her enemy go to save her life, and was awakened by Kanzoutsukamu as Steel Angel Guardian. The other Yuri, the real Yuri, was left alone in La Colonial, and was attacked by an Aspect of the Weaver of Lies after he was reverted by the Great Tiger for breaking the Pact with his Invocation. With no one else around to aid her, her life and soul were saved by none other than Yumi's enemy, who awakened her as a maou shoujo by the name of Soul Guardian Invoker so she could fight the Aspect. Upon learning that the real Yuri was in danger, Yumi defied the Invocation to offer her aid in her time of need, and Yuri drove off the Aspect and eventually helped the other mahou shoujo in the real world kill it. The two of them reunited in Honkukikaori's Web of Lies, where the two Yuris merged into one. With the powers of both versions of her, Yuri helped Yumi and the others destroy the Weaver and the Creeping Chaos once and for all.

Renouncing the demonic power of Nyarlathotep after his death at Yumi's hands, Yuri has been reawakened as a mahou shoujo by the name of the Starlight Sentinel. She has a lot of power within her as a result of both the merging of her World of Lies counterpart with her and the existence that Nyarlathotep poured into her when Kanzoutsukamu forced him to remember who and what he was (which had the effect of restoring most of the memories she lost at the Creeper's hands), but Yuri still has much to learn about the city of Roanapur. Though she seeks to help Yumi in her efforts to protect the people of Roanapur, part of her feels that she does not belong here, and wants more than anything to go back home.

Badass Type: Smartass (+2 to all mental rolls)

Flavas: As someone who has been both a mahou and maou shoujo, Yuri retains the Flavas of both versions of her, but because of her reawakening, she can no longer use the more demonic powers she could use previously.

  • Martial Artist - While Yuri primarily favors using the nine stars of her Starlight Crown to kick demon ass, she is still as deadly as ever with her sword, and can use what remains of her anatomy lessons to nasty effect.
  • That All You Got? - A Suenami is good at taking punishment, and Yuri has proven to be as tough as Yumi, able to withstand ugly demonic attacks that would fell lesser mahou shoujo.
  • Everything and the Kitchen Sink: Yuri is horribly efficient at using just about anything imaginable as a weapon, and she thus never counts as unarmed. Even if she were to get stripped naked and tied up, well, she's got a handy rope to use! Once a fight, Yuri can use something improbable as a weapon as a Running on Fumes action in order to regain 1D3 BP.
  • Doctor: Yuri has always wanted to help people and save lives, and retains just enough of her training as a medical student for her healing magic to have its best effect on those she heals, though this effort tends to drain her.


  • Aetherius - A gleaming sword originally forged by her sister in the World of Lies and wielded by Steel Angel Guardian, Soul Guardian Invoker (briefly) and Steel Soul Guardian, Yuri remade the weapon using her own power upon her reawakening. Since its reforging in Yuri's hands, it has taken on the ability to negate all but the most powerful of spells and demonic powers used against her and her friends (see Negation below). (+2 Weapon)
  • Starlight Crown - In addition to her sword, Yuri also wears a half-crown of blazing starlight with nine miniature stars that she can use to destroy her enemies and shield herself from demonic attack. (+2 Weapon)

Armor: Starlight Mantle - Yuri eschews the heavy armor she wore in her Guardian incarnations in favor of the sleek white jacket and blue dress she wore as Soul Guardian Invoker. Instead of the white roses in her hair, however, her head is adorned with a half crown of blazing starlight. It is from this crown that the miniature stars she uses in her offensive and defensive powers originate. She can also surround herself in protective magic meant to ward her against most mundane and magical attacks. (+1 Armor)


  • Demon Sense - Yuri can always tell when a demon, maou shoujo, possessed human or malevolent Familiar (Incubators, Accelerators, and Benedicites that awaken too many maou shoujo) is drawing near through the scars on her back beginning to burn.
  • Little Miss Fix-It - Yuri can use her magic to repair anything as long as she knows its general function and how it works. This does not extend to objects that have been irreversibly destroyed (i.e. disintegrated or vaporized with nothing to work with), nor can it be used to bring dead people back to life. It works a treat for, say, healing people and repairing broken bones though, but again, she needs to know the nature of the injury before she can heal it.
  • Starlight Rose Blossom - The nine stars of Yuri's Starlight Crown, upon killing enemies, disintegrate them into glowing white rose petals, which she can use either in a deadly swarm to tear enemies apart, or to heal anyone they touch or repair anything that is broken. The latter generally requires a Sorcery check.
  • Negation - Yuri can use Aetherius with her sorcery to break spells, undo harmful sorcery, and even negate demonic powers for brief periods. This always requires a Sorcery attempt to pull off, opposed by the higher of the demon or sorcerer's attack or defense.
  • Psychometry - A holdover from her powers as Soul Guardian Invoker, Yuri can read the history of anything (or anyone) she touches by making a Sorcery check.
  • Awakened Bond - As long as either Suenami has an item that once belonged to the other (Yuri's scarf for Yumi, Yumi's pendant for Yuri), and as long as either of them are in Awakened Form, the two of them can sense when the other is in supernatural danger, and can use sorcery to affect the other, even if the two of them are in completely different worlds.

Sister Magdelena of the RipOff Church:[edit]

A bubbly, petite brunette of Hispanic descent is a Master Gunsmith of the Church who does the work on Megan's M1911's, Blood and Night, and supplies what ammo Megan needs. Megan pays the Sister with some small jobs and giving her any interesting firearms Megan finds after the jobs. Megan met the Sister when Magdelena was returning to the Church from making a small but important delivery and almost literally ran into Megan and some gangsters she was dealing with. After the incident ended the Sister asked Megan if she needed some work done to Blood and Night, even tho Megan takes good care of them, Magdelena saw that they could used a good and thorough work over and maybe some refinement. That and the Sister wanted the rare WWII German Assault gun one of the gangsters was using. The deal was made and has been that way since.

Zakiya Sanura: Madame of Twilight Manor[edit]

A tall statuesque African woman of surpassing beauty and undetermined age and regal bearing, she is the Madame of a Bordello that deals with mid to high level clients. Who backs her house is not known publicly but her house is considered neutral territory by all involved. She will not deal with certain aspects of her trade and will send those who request them to places they can find them without fear of reprisal. Zakiya met Megan some time ago when Megan was following a lead about the Massacre to her house, and to stop the impending bloody violence and collateral property damage, Zakiya defused the situation, had her ladies take care of the clients and she led Megan back to her office. In return for Megan doing jobs for Zakiya and not bothering the clients while in the House, she would pass on what information that she or her ladies find on the Massacre to Megan.