Marie Longstrider

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Lawful Good Female Shifter (Longstrider, Planetouched), Cleric of the Silver Flame 2/Druid 1

Appearance: Marie Longstrider is a 11 year old shifter with rabbit traits, long silvery white hair and yellow eyes. She wears worn robes of an acolyte of the Silver Flame. Quite adorable in virtually every single way.

Personality: Marie Longstrider is ridiculously sweet, good natured and very innocent. Though often confused by the complicated actions of adults, she is quite able to understand things once they are adequately explained.

Background: Marie Longstrider's birth is noted in the Dragconic Prophecy as occurring at the same time as Jaela Daran's. Marie was born into a tribe of Longstrider Shifters in Droaam that worshiped the Mockery. Her birth mother left her in the care of a married pair of Silver Flame friars to prevent Marie from becoming a sacrifice.

At 8 years of age, Marie went with her adoptive parents when they returned to Thrane for the ascension of Jaela Daran to Keeper of the Flame. Left in the care of the Order of the Warming Flame, she was presented as a playmate for the young Keeper. There the two girls quickly became close friends.

Few people know why she was sent to Caer Shadowfast and those that do have many secrets of their own.

Shadows over Cyre