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Age (Gender): 25 (Male)
Homeland: The Baracha Isles
Caste (Trait): Corsair (Calculating)
Corsair Story: Left to Vengeance
Archetype: Pirate
Nature/Education: Scheming/Outlawed on the Shore
Pirate Story: Marooned
Social Standing: 1 Renown: 0

Appearance: A bit taller than most, with dark skin, dark hair, sharp features and oddly-light blue eyes. Habitually wears a battered, sun-bleached slouch-brimmed hat. A man who's sailed with the corsairs, to those that know the look.
Personality: Always on the lookout for the next meal, the next bit of gold, the next rung on the ladder, the next step on his path to vengeance. The times he's let emotions get the better of him, he's regretted it. His laughter and his rage are equally cold.
Languages: Kushite, Pirate Code, Argossean

Fortune Points: 3


  • There's an advantage to be grabbed anywhere, if you look hard enough. And if you don't grab it, more fool you.


Bonus Damage: Ranged +1 | Melee +2 | Presence +0


  • Cutlass: Reach 2, Grip U, Damage 4 CD, Qualities (Vicious 1)
  • Knife: Reach 1, Grip 1H, Damage 3 CD, Qualities (Hidden 1, Improvised, Unforgiving 1)

Weapon Qualities

  • Hidden: The attack is easy to conceal or designed to be disguised as something else. When the weapon is hidden, any search of the owning character requires an Observation test, with a Difficulty of X, to locate the hidden weapon. Immediately after using this attack, a character may spend Momentum to conceal it quickly, hiding it. This costs two Momentum for attacks with Hidden 1 or Hidden 2, and 1 point of Momentum for attacks with Hidden 3 or higher. This differs from the Subtle Quality in that it is used when the weapon is concealed, not when it is in use.
  • Improvised: This item is not designed as a weapon but can be used as such in an impromptu manner. It could be a heavy rock, a wooden torch, or a thick leg bone. When damage is rolled with this weapon, it does not score damage when an Effect is rolled. It is possible for an item to have both the Improvised and Vicious Qualities, cancelling out their effects, but both will be noted in case some factor causes the attack to increase its Vicious Quality, or to lose Improvised.
  • Intense: If an Intense attack inflicts one or more Harms upon the target, then it inflicts one additional Harm.
  • Vicious: An attack with this Quality inflicts X additional damage for each Effect rolled.
  • Unforgiving: If the target of this attack was affected by an Exploit action immediately before this attack was made, then this attack gains the Intense and Vicious X Qualities.
  • Stun: inflicts Staggered (must pay 1 Doom to take Standard Action + 1 Fortune to take a Reaction) until end of target's next turn. Target may ignore at cost of 1 Doom for each Effect ignored.

Stress & Harm
Vigor: 13/13 | Wounds: Dog bite to left leg
Resolve: 9/9 | Trauma:

Courage Soak: 0
Armor Soak (padded jerkin): Head 0, Right Arm 1, Left Arm 1, Torso 1, Right Leg 0, Left Leg 0
Armor Qualities: none


Agility: 10

  • Acrobatics: 1/1
  • Melee: 4/4
  • Stealth: 1/1

Awareness: 9

  • Insight: 1/1
  • Observation: 3/3
  • Survival: 3/3
  • Thievery:

Brawn: 11

  • Athletics:
  • Resistance: 2/2

Coordination: 8

  • Parry: 3/3
  • Ranged Weapons:
  • Sailing: 2/2

Intelligence: 8

  • Alchemy:
  • Craft:
  • Healing:
  • Linguistics: 1/1
  • Lore:
  • Warfare:

Personality: 8

  • Animal Handling:
  • Command: 1/1
  • Counsel: 1/1
  • Persuade:
  • Society:

Willpower: 8

  • Discipline: 1/1
  • Sorcery:


  • Sea Raider (Baracha Isles): The Difficulty of all Sailing tests made in your homeland’s waters and of Athletics tests related to swimming are reduced by 1.
  • Naval Discipline (Corsair): Your people have traditionally served at sea, and view the sea as a battlefield. When at sea, gain 2 Combat Dice non-stackable Morale and Cover Soak when fighting alongside at least one other character with this talent that has not suffered any Wounds.
  • Reaver (Corsair): Your people are known for piracy or raiding activities up and down the coast, against your own people, against neighboring countries, or everyone else. +1 Reputation when dealing with anyone with a nautical or pirate background, and you inflict +1 Combat Die damage on Threaten attacks against anyone that has heard of you.
  • Sharp Senses (Observation Tier 1): Can re-roll one die when making an Observation test.
  • Scout (Observation Tier 2): You can survey a new environment quickly. The first time you attempt an Observation test in a location you've never been before, you gain 1 bonus Momentum, which must be used on the Obtain Information Momentum spend.
  • Sailor (Sailing Tier 1): You are an experienced sailor, accustomed to river, sea, or ocean. Can re-roll one die when making a Sailing test.
  • Sea Legs (Sailing Tier 2): You have been at sea for a long time, and are more-than-familiar with the swaying and shifting of the deck, so much so that you may even be a little out of sorts when on dry land. You no longer suffer any penalties caused by the random motion of being aboard a ship when taking any test. Additionally, you may substitute Sailing for Acrobatics, Athletics, or Resistance while onboard a ship or when using a rope.
  • Deflection (Parry Tier 1): When making a Defend reaction, can reduce the amount of Doom added by 1.
  • Tutored Warrior (Parry Tier 2): You can study human foes to learn their weaknesses, drawing them out in combat to see how they react, and thus, learning how to exploit those moments when they are unintentionally defenseless. As a Standard Action, you may attempt a Daunting [D3] Parry test to learn one particular enemy's patterns and weaknesses. If successful, for the remainder of the scene, you may re-roll a single d20 on every Melee or Parry skill test made against that enemy.
  • No Mercy (Melee Tier 1): Reroll # of damage dice equal to total Melee Tree ranks
  • Dirty Fighting (Melee Tier 2, Ranks 2): Pirates rarely fight with any honor, and you’ve learned a gruesome array of brutal and dirty tricks to employ against your opponents. Once/turn after you make a successful melee attack, you quickly follow through with an immediate second attack, an instinctive dirty trick. This costs 1 Momentum and is assumed to be part of the initial attack, though damage is calculated separately. This trick (eye gouge, groin kick, elbow, spit in the eye, etc.) causes X CD damage with the Stun Quality, where X is the number of Ranks in this talent. Fighting Dirty cannot cause a Wound.


Gold: 4 | Upkeep: 4
Encumbrance: 3

  • Padded jerkin
  • cutlass
  • knife, taken from a fallen foe
  • two shark-tooth pendants, carved with incomprehensible symbols
  • a share in a small watercraft, or the proceeds that may come from it
  • rope
  • pry bar

Character Story[edit]

He knows the shark-tooth necklace is how the Shark God knows his own. He doesn't know what the symbols carved in it mean, because the village elder was the only one who knew, and he was carved up by pirate swords while Maro lay hidden under the floor of his family's hut. He was the only one left alive in the village when his aunt and uncle returned from trading in Tortage, so the returned with him to the pirate port, where you schemed for every mouthful of food while watching for knives in the back. The day his aunt told him the story of the village he left for the docks and joined the first crew that would have him - a Kushite corsair, as it happened. He knew he would need to be a pirate to kill a pirate, and a pirate captain to kill a pirate captain.

The days passed, tedium punctuated with sudden death, when a man came about wearing a shark-tooth necklace, carved with strange symbols. Words were exchanged. Knives were drawn. Blood stained the decks, the ship underway, no challenge offered or accepted. For his offense, Maro was marooned on a nameless island. He survived. And survived. And survived. He'd lost track of the days before a soft-hearted Mitran captain paused on his voyage home to Messantia to take him aboard, two shark-tooth necklaces hung around his neck...


Character Questions[edit]

  • Did you sail for any time with the Mitran captain, Maro? How long has it been since he saved you from the island?

Not long. Would've stayed longer. The captain was no fool; he knew who I was, but he still thought no one ought die alone. Would've taken me on as crew, no question. The problem was the rest of 'em. He was kind and generous and they knew they weren't going to find a better man to sail with if some Dagon-damned pirate slit his throat one night. Would've had be overboard, if I wasn't keepin' an eye out. So when we got to port I took my leave 'fore they got lucky. He pressed a few coins in my hand, said Messantia could be rough for a stranger. Didn't laugh out loud. He deserved that much.

  • You grew up in Tortage, a city that hardened naval officers have nightmares about. What are your impressions of Messantia, supposedly the richest port city on the Western Ocean?

Prettier than any port I called on as a corsair, I'll give it that. Sailed enough to know every port ain't Tortage, but it doesn't feel right. Stalls with no guards, and merchants that'll turn their back on you to fetch something. Streets with folks walkin' alone without so much as a knife on 'em. Gives me an itch, like I'm lookin' at bait in a rattrap. I'm sticking to the quarters where the merchants keep a hand on their blade when they dicker and folks watch their backs, like normal folks do.

  • What's next in your plan for vengeance?

Live. Eat, today. Make some gold. Make a name. Can't get a crew 'less you got a name. Gold, too, but the name's the thing. Keep a sharp eye for shark's teeth. Make the bastard talk 'fore I kill 'em, next time.

  • And how in the hells did a no-prospect scoundrel like you fall into a share in the Scato's last ship? Gambling winnings? Paperwork you pulled off a corpse on the docks? Or are you helping Verania Scato earn her family's business back, and a share in the ship was the only way she could pay you?

Gambling, I think. The other player was an illiterate old drunk who thought the valuable thing was the scroll case it was in. Claimed he found it mudlarking. When Maro found out Verania didn't have the cash to buy him out, he decided he's going to have to protect his investment, whether Verania wants it or not. Might be a few bodies in the harbor she doesn't know about.