Masks: The New Disasters

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A game of teenage superheroes using Magpie Games' Masks: a New Generation, GM'd by MrPrim

The New Disasters[edit]


Doctor Lillian Demeter, the Expert

Doctor of Exomycology helping Seed to understand his transformation.

The Gatekeeper, the Sphinx

Mysterious plane-walking hero.

The Impulsives, the Predecessors [Disbanded]

  • Arctic Xtreme: Gave Trigger a chance to be good.
  • Magenta Starshine: Legacy Heroine - Think Green Lantern Corps meets Sailor Scouts
  • Kung-Fuse: Literally a Lightning/Ninja
  • Phantom Sk8er: If Ghost Rider was in his teens and traded his Bike for a Skateboard
  • Makeshift: Super-Genius/Gadgeteer of the team

Patch, the Mentor

Hellion’s Mentor

Reverie, the Sibling

Hellion’s celebri-hero sister


The Academy, the Shadowy Figures

  • The Headmaster: He's in charge.
  • Haspa: Have gun, will travel.
  • Heimleech

Brute Force, the Muscle A squad of enhanced paramilitary types, former special forces unit gone rogue.

Donna Blitzen, the Storm The first villain Copycat fought. Throws lightning bolts.

Fennec and War Hawk Married mercenary thieves. She wears a suit of flying powered-armor; he's got a superstrong exoskeleton and sick ninja moves... plus bombs. They commit crime!

G.R.I.E.V.E.S, the Organization

  • Dr Lena Lindstrom: She was kind to Trigger
  • No.27/Slumber: Trigger’s friend.
  • No.72: The jerk.

The Primordian Dimension, the Danger Zone A Savage Lands dimension where abandoned superhumans became overlords of the ancient civilization