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This is the wiki for Mass Effect: Transcendence, a tabletop roleplaying game using Mass: the Effecting, an nWoD conversion.

The game is set in late 2183CE, several months after the "geth attack" on the Citadel.

Penumbra Securities[edit]


Penumbra Securities is a private security firm providing a premium, discreet and efficient service, licensed to operate within and beyond Council space.

More details about us and our activities can be found in the links below:

Actual Play[edit]

The podcasts. Here you can listen to the sessions, mostly as they happened (we've only edited out dead air, not the general blather, noise of clattering dice and so on) for yourself. All are broken into two parts for ease of digestion.

Podcast listing. Here are direct links to the podcasts, broken up by story/episode.

The Actual Play thread on RPGnet for Mass: the Effecting - Transcendence. This is where commentary on the game, player reflections and so on will appear. Also in-character reports and the like, anything that isn't as appropriate for this wiki.

Other Resources[edit]

Mass: the Effecting - the rules with which we play the game.
The Mass Effect wiki - all the original source material.
The World of Darkness wiki
Discussion about Penumbra on RPGnet

Other works from us

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