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Latashahak Neutral Young Adult Female Black Dragon

Latashahak is an agent of the Chamber. She actually likes the 'lesser races', and by preference won't cause any avoidable harm - but if her assignment demands it, she'll sacrifice whatever or whoever is necessary to complete it. As might be guessed from her name, she is the real Tasha from Kiri's past. One of her tasks was to get Kiri to Caer Shadowfast and make her stay there, which so far is going to plan. She's genuinely fond of Kiri, but if the next task demands her sacrifice, so be it. It'll all be for the best in the long-term. Kiri has no idea of any of this, and would probably be going dragon hunting if she ever found out.

Latashahak is intended as someone for the GMs to use to spice things up with enigmatic interference from the shadows if necessary, or just plain funny. And if it looks like Kiri is leaving Shadowfast on a permanent basis, she'll intervene however it takes to make sure Kiri stays put. It seemed odd that with all the factions plotting we didn't have the Chamber poking their noses in yet.

Pelac - The former mentor of Benjamen Greywood (Deceased)

Michelo- Couatl and mentor to Siber.

Shadows over Cyre