Merrix D'Cannith III

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Merrix D'Cannith III Lawful Evil Human Male Artificer 9/Aristocrat 1

Appearance: Merrix the Younger fixed most of the genetic flaws that made him portly, bald, and rather unattractive looking. Merrix III is a blonde Adonis that has all of the better qualities of his father but is far more striking. Merrix the Third has exploited these beneficient looks to great effect amongst the female members of the House.

Merrix, curiously, only has one eye. This is due to an encounter with Drake where the young boy attempted to recruit him as an ally against his father.

Personality: Merrix The Third is cool, calm, calculating, charismatic, and thoroughly evil. Unlike his father, he's much more astute at politics with a willingness to let old grudges lie while focusing on manipulating his former enemies into doing his dirty work. Merrix envisions himself ruling Khorvaire by the time he's thirty and is much more likely to achieve it than Merrix the Younger.

Background: Merrix D'Cannith the Third is a Clone of Merrix D'Cannith the Younger. Experimenting with the technology that was used to create Zorlan D'Cannith, Merrix the Younger improved on it. Merrix III possesses all of his older selves' memories and scientiffic knowledge but is physically only the age of 17. He, furthermore, is blessed with enhanced physical attributes as well as intelligence. Most tellingly, Merrix D'Cannith III is the only member of House Cannith with a Siberys Dragonmark.

The younger clone is meant to take over for Merrix when he comes of age and the Older is able to retire in peace to continue his experiments, but 'Junior' has no intention of waiting that long. Every bit as ambitious and ruthless as his 'father', the younger Merrix has been slowly poisoning him for the better part of the last year. The original has a few months left to live, which will allow his 'heir' to finish consolidating his power behind the scenes. At present, he's only halfway done.

Quite a few of Merrix D'Cannith's inner circle are aware that his 'son' is a creation of science rather than the child of his mistress like he claims. Most are uncaring due to the fact that a Siberys Dragonmark is already a powerful claim to the leadership of the House of Creation. In truth, Merrix III has a much easier way to 'unite' the house than his powermad progenitor does. Merrix III is aware he's of suitable age to marry Jorlanna and give him complete domination of the forge.

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